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If It's Chemical... How Can You Use It?




I've wondered something reading about the ways people treat and use their MM.


I see some people advocate using chemicals in the manufacturing of meds and for cleaning devices used for consuming.

Like butane for honey oil, or chemical cleaners for bongs.


It also seems like most people that prefer MM like it greatly in part because it is more natural, not some crazy chemical from the lab.


So... If one does not like the pharmaceutical chemicals... I would like to think no one here would huff butane or cleanser...


Why use a chemical to process MM into something that is consumed? If you wouldn't huff butane, why use it to make oil? If you wouldn't like to put your mouth right over a bottle of cleanser and deeply inhale, why would you clean an inhaling device with it? (I know, rinse well, but still)


If it is not a substance you would readily eat, drink, smoke, inhale, rub into your skin.. Why would you use it in the preparation or consumption method?


Isn't that kind of like saying.. Hey pharmaceutical companies, I don't want your chemical cocktail, I'll blithely use my own.



I know tons of people prefer "natural" forms. Have fiscal and legal reasons for preferring MM too... I've just seen enough chemical users that it makes me wonder...


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Let's face it, the introduction of chemical compounds into our bodies is part of human existance. Everything we buy at the supermarket is chemically treated or enhanced in one way or another. Did you know that almost all commercially produced chicken is dredged through a strong solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP) to kill any bacteria? TSP is a commercial floor cleaning product!


If the process is performed correctly, there should be no chemical residue left behind in the processed cannabis, just as there in none in our chicken. Refining cannabis into oils, and especially tinctures, produces a more effective and longer lasting medication for many patients and is a method of ingestion few could argue is recreational.

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