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Cheap Marijauna ,compassion.




Marijauna a gateway drug.Well for me it was just the opposite,pot kept me from doing other more dangerous and toxic drugs during my youth.Many people i knew in my high school years back in the 70s did move on to harder very dangerous drugs such as cia cocaine and halliburton heroin,along with big pharm highly toxic and addictive pills.The death list reads like the year book,heart attacks at 45,overdosing and criminal activity and even murder for the want of these toxic dangerous government funded drugs.An amazing number of kids i went to school with are gone,dead or in the system.Me i joined the military traveled the world and puffed some of the best bud on the planet.I never drank,smoked cigarettes or did any other drugs,stopped smoking raised my kids as a single father.I lost my job of over 20 years,and while working on a cash job cutting trees i had an accident and cut through my bicep with a chain saw.Now im not working(cant do the tree job because the arm isnt good)i was given a choice by my doctor between pain meds that are addicting,and highly toxic and upsets my stomach or marijauna.I choose the marijauna.The biggest problem is the cost now because i have no income,unemployment gone long ago,im in pain and very uncomfortable.Is there anyway that i can get the natural medication without cost until i can either get a caregiver or start my own crop.I also lost my home(thank God my kids are grown in college)and dont have a place to grow.Does anybody have leftovers?i can work,just nothing real heavy,for meds or what ever cash anyone can afford.electrician and pipe-fitter by trade,good at any home repairs.Need help folks,im a good person in bad times.call chuck,586-246-2081,or e mail at 4clamb@gmail.com.thanks.



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