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Help Me Understand

Pom Pom



Well today in the saginaw newspaper i was reading about proposition 19 in cali. My thing is and I am new to the medical marijuana stuff so please bear with me. What is the problem with legalizing marijuana? To me I feel like it will end alot of crime and help with debt issue. Can anyone tell me more about the prop 19.



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The ALCOHOL industry is 100% AGAINST the legalization of marijuana. They have BIG BUCKS to fight prop 19. They also have big bucks to influence politicians to think of Medical MJ as "REEFER MADNESS"!!!

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It seems that California will try and collect sales tax on the Legal Marijuana, but their real cost savings will be in the laying off all of the support law enforcement that processes all of the arrrests of the people who are caught with marijuana. Only problem is that with all these people added to the unemployment doles, I don't think they will save as much as they think they will. Just a thought.

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