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Why The Far Right Wants To Treat Cannabis Like Alchohal In Michigan .




Out of words and energy tonight I will leave you with nothing but the facts :


Michigan allows any City, Village, or Township where there are no retail liquor licenses to prohibit the retail sale of alcoholic liquor within it's borders by passage of an ordinance .M.C.L. Section 436.2109


Hence, it is logical Cannabis would be banned , inkind , similar to the tax stamp strategy of old if Michigan went down this path . The problem for prohibitionists is our act was written very cleverly .


Cannabis is a natural herbal remedy not a by product of a bacterial event . :thumbsu:



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i see you have given this some thought. and your point i belive has a solid basis, but i will take exception to your characterization of the opponets to this happy new freedom of ours as the "far rigt". i submit to you that it's becoming clear to many folks in various walks of life who where in the 60% plus of the citizens to vote for the legal use by chronic medical patients of canabis, that something is amiss with the way the movement has seemingly, to the many and many good folks who consider themself to be other than "far right",been corrupted. for any understanding to come between those "pro" and "con" feelings we in the "pro" faction are bound to identfy real opportunist and root them out. to make this a movement of and by the people like us and to win by example that which i for one cherish as a freedom deserving to all who need.

thanks for letting me tell my opinion...i feel the need for a spell check alas...lol

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