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The Crack Down




Unfortunately it looks like Michele Leonhart has a hardon for me and every medical marijuana patient in Michigan. The fact that they are trying to obtain a list of all patients from the state is proof that the DEA is not backing off of states that legalize MM just the opposite, they have appointed themselves the overseers of how this state regulates it's laws.

Apparently my life long struggle with back pain isn't a good enough reason to use Marijuana as medicine. All I did was apply for the card and I am getting harassed already. I never went to a dispensary, never bought a seed, and now I am in their cross hairs? Apparently where I went to get certified is an issue with them. What a waste of tax payer dollars, my dollars to boot. Going to my friends house and harassing her, tapping my phone, reading my email, tracking my internet usage. In fact, I'm sure anyone who reads or answers this blog will be infected with Big Brothers oversight.

I can't figure out if they are doing this with or without the consent of the President. Apparently the underlings in the DEA didn't get the memo or our President doesn't have any interest in controlling that part of the government. Since Michele is a holdover from the Bush administration perhaps it's another concession to the Republicans to let her run roughshod over the state laws so she can institute her own brand of Marshall Law.

I have a lot of respect for law enforcement. I have relatives who were police officers, customs agents, ex-military. I am so glad I can call on them to protect me, my country, and my nation. But when an individual agency loses sight of what is really important for this country I have to speak out. We have a lot of borders to protect and limited resources. The war on drugs is a total failure and always will be but using those precious resources to harass the citizenry is ludicrous. Instead of going after the easy targets that you want handed to you by our state why not go after the hard targets. Stop the influx of drugs coming into the country, shut down the meth labs, hell stop the influx and or manufacture of counterfeit prescription medication. There is plenty to do without getting cheap headlines going after law abiding citizens. I hate to think this a petty attempt at justifying your own existence. You are needed, but you need to prioritize your efforts. Shutting down dispensaries, going after legal growers, and patients is a total waste.





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