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Health Freedom- Thoughts And Links




Every day our right to choose the health care we want is being eroded,. Knowledge is Power, we must stay informed and active. Here I will list info that may help. I don't have permission from these sites to directly link them, so you'll need to copy and past them into your browser.


Health Freedom is OUR RIGHT, we must know our rights and assert them or we'll surely lose them. The HIPPA is one way we can do that, not only for MM, but regarding privacy and doctors, the following also has many links to info regarding how our medical records are being used, as well as our DNA. The following site has a link to important info on HIPPA and our privacy, when we're pressured into signing the privacy forms at the dr.'s.




Vaccinations may be the leading cause of health problems, they're not as safe as they say, all they do is assure them a steady stream of patients. Some of my problems are likely vaccine related. The symptoms range from mild to severe, and fatal. There is a way to opt out of mandatory vaccinations, but beware the consequences you risk, from the ones that giveth and taketh away.




No one can read all of that, you'd get overwhelmed even worse than me and never read another piece of bad news. Just the little I read sent me into a tailspin. I know it could be worse, but it sure could be a whole lot better, if only people were treated with respect. The idea that a dr. would do no harm has been replaced with a model that allows them to do what they want, without a conscience, claiming it's for the greater good.


Being healthy should always be our first concern, (not just us in this group, but everyone). Whatever you choose for your healthcare, learn about what you're gonna be using, and please be careful, even natural remedies should be treated with respect. Some are very powerful. For me, I don't like being dependent on anything, if I need something, I get the mildest dose whenever possible.


Take the bad news in small dosages, too, it's easier that way. I'm doing my best to do the same thing.

Our health is the most precious thing we have. Let's work with those who are on our side and stand together, not just for MM. UNITED WE STAND!



Sincerely, Sb



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