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From: Taking Some Response Ability For Yourself




Hello all...

I have went through a few caregivers and found out something, you have to be informed. You have to know what Sativa is and what it does to you and know what Indica is, know what it does for you.

If you have your card, go to a private meeting! Pickup a bit of other strains to try, ask questions about curtain strains. A few grams here, a few grams there and you will soon become aware of what is best for you. Now you convey that to your caregiver and then it is up to him or her to get plants to grow for you... but it should be your job to get out there and help them help you!!

Your caregiver is only the medium between you and your plants. They can help you figure out what you need but it is your call in the end.

Don't just take what they hand you and then yell about it later. Don't be unhappy and just change caregivers either. Talking is a very large part of a union between you and your caregiver being good or not. Tell them you didn't care for that strain or maybe you just loved it! what ever--- TALK!! The internet has many places to go to for information on strains. Read up and then talk to growers at meetings. Become a wise patient! Remember you and your caregiver are a team, they are not the boss and neither are you... so help each other... It's good for everyone!!

Cindy and Bella

So So nice to know I am not alone on this matter. The past year has been a journey of too many choices and strains that work on the different pains and brains. I have 33 varieties going for 5 of us. Tis crazy and sometimes a patient wants to insult the grower! I tell them each seed is an idividual just as we as humans are an idividual and only the "Creator" can decide the strength and influence it has on one's body. If we would look as this "caregiver" as a Physicians Assistant and only can hope that they find the "right plant" for you as they sort thru all the claims that so many "seedbanks" claim. Patients please have some mercy on our pride to do the "best" and don't slam us when a plant doesn't "do It" for you. Regulate your intake,(preventing burnout) and take it only when it's time. If we treat it as the "medicine" that the creator made for us on the 3rd day, it was ready for us on the 6th day. In all it's glory a plant so lovely to harvest to provide mercy and relief for us as a society is justified by the fact their is no such thing as an overdose! Praise the Creator for that. Humans have gone to far with factories creating con-c0xtions to dope us up. So that we adhere to societies rules and stop complaining the doctors stuff us full of opportunities to commit suicide without trying. Let us rejoin in unity under this New Movement to Return to Mother Earth and rejoice when we get an outstanding strain and just shrug our shoulders when she is not what was hoped for! Try some Advanced Nutrients and seeing is believing it rocks!

Thanks for all your tolerance while I investigate the "Condition of my Condition"

The Old Dutch Lady still speaks!

Come see me at Southwest Michigan Indoor Garden on M-40 south of M-43! :jipo:


Source: Taking Some Response Ability For Yourself



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