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Gro Blue




If there's one store I can recommend in Ann Arbor, it's Gro Blue.


It's perfect for the hobby grower or new medical grower. The shop sells in quantities suited towards the individual grower or possibly the dorm room grower.


They sell small hydroponic systems and starter sizes of many different nutrients, amendments and supplies.


The staff is highly knowledgable.


I purchased earth worm castings, air stones, food grade PH down and a variety of other small products, all for under $20. I paid an average of $4 per product.


It's a great place, Gro Blue!


Located on E. Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor, near the U of M campus.



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That store is OK but if your in the Ann Aobor area you really need to go to the GRO SHOW, now that is definatley the best grow shop in ann arbor or actually in Michigan, and they have a 15% off everything for card holders and there sticker prices are much cheeper that all the other stores, I heard from a buddy that a hydro shop owner from Brighton went in the grow show to check there prices and he just had to say "BRO your prices are way to low"

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