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Bay Medical Traverse City




I went to my first collective today, Bay Medical at 803 Garfield in Traverse City. Being that this was my first time at such an establishment I was a bit nervous because I don't have my card yet, just paperwork. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a polite girl who said that yes they do accept paperwork. With that I also showed her my ID and had to sign an affidavit stating that I was indeed a registered MMJ patient and my paperwork was not falsified. Then from there I followed a friendly dude into their locked back room where they had a display case filled with glass jars of mj, edibles, oils and pipes. There was also a refrigerator full of edibles as well. Up on the wall they have their current strains listed with prices... reasonable in my opinion. I walked out with 6 grams of 5 different strains and a free container of canna-hummus (which was DELICIOUS) for $80. The guy was totally friendly and brought out all the jars so I could check out each one. The only bummer was that he did not have info on all his strains, such as what type of effects to expect (I had to look some up online with my phone). He weighed my buds out right in front of me on a digital scale, packaged and labeled each one. I would recommend the place and I would certainly go back. I'm happy with what I got and happy with what I spent. All in all a very good experience especially for a first timer.



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