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Michigan Cannabis Patient Agrees With Mi. Attorney General Bill Schuette



It just keeps coming up in Conversation . People are asking how can we deride the fragmentation that is occurring within the medicinal cannabis movement . Compassion Vrs Profit . It is a good topic to repeat over and over in our minds and deeds .


I hate to say it but after looking at the entire situation I agree with Bill Schuette on one concept . The battle line is over the legalization of Cannabis for everyone but the treatment of medicinal and recreational users must be delineated and requires different approaches and of course it is patients first . We must build our current system in the mold of what is necessary for patients and later let us hope in legalization the caregiver system with its sick and disabled qualified patients will place this group within the realm of capitalistic reward while ending the carnage and waste of Cannabis prohibition .


For patients we must focus on medicinal compassion along with carving out the illegal supply , and the criminal element from medicinal use and you do it by keeping things small under the qualified program with workable rules and education of all citizens . Personal responsibility and the honor system still live in the hearts and minds of the majority of proud Michigan citizens and example can lead the way as in time . Soon after medicinal Cannabis is introduced to a State the novelty wears off and only those that benefit participate in it's use . Abuse but never the importance of the MMM Act will wane . I am personally ( and I hope you will consider the thoughts ) not against subsidized supply from co-op commercial grows as long as it is to create excesses to drive the price down and the current compassionate motivated caregiver / patient system co-exists with even more freedoms and less restriction in practice . Caregivers and patients have to realize reducing the cost is the means to the end for illegal activity , creating a environment of care thus based on compassion for patients , improving access and providing control supply for medical research as it returns . We are legal now ! We have to keep frighting espousing goals that will create a situation where one day patients will no longer hide behind screen names in fear of discrimination and arrest .



This is sure a topic that can make one enemies when ideas are put to paper . I think most people agree on a few concepts , such as , this fight has never been about disregard for Law , nor even about the efficacy of Cannabis but it has been about the right of self determination and comfort for the sick and disabled who often find none . The saddest component to the medical Cannabis movement is if one accepted that capitalism not empathy and compassion would be the driving force for change similar to what created the fall of alcohol prohibition . I am not stating this isn't necessary or as imperfect and in need for money as all citizens are in our society that as usual it wasn't destined to be so - it's just sad . Sad because we all know it is money , not compassion , that also motivates , corrupts and expands the Political , Judicial , Correctional and Failed self serving current Treatment system that needs illegal parameters along with activity to thrive and exist .There would be no profit in illegal operations if Cannabis was treated as before prohibition where people literally gave it to each other because this herbal remedy does grow like a weed ..


If we could place all emphasis on the medicinal aspect of this , creating a system that would keep all production within our borders . A system with rules that were always drawn to support the lowest possible pricing so as to end black market motivation . Rules that would also always serve to facilitate the most flexible affordable access for patients . If we all worked always considering these basic needs along with recognizing the qualified patient and caregiver will be discriminated upon for decades to come and should be involved in the control of their direction by not ever loosing their current unencumbered inexpensive growing rights and having the ability to be part of any legal distribution system that served to fill the above two main parameters of policy ; we just might find how strong compassion truly is as a motivator within the confines of our Capitalistic system of Government .


State wide universally accepted inexpensive easy access to medicinal cannabis for qualified patients and caregivers facilitated by accepted transactions through any qualified participants without tax or increased regulatory costs are what patients need , Further communities state wide formally recognizing the farmers market / locker system of distribution would solve more problems . Then taking down weight limits of plant material on hand or med- ables as long as one stayed within the limits of plant counts are items which would go a long way toward improving conditions for all program participants and it can be handled by addendum without changing one word in the current act approved by the voters .


Patients deserve a working system and respect with over tolerant discretion that takes them off the front lines for felonies and incarceration that can injure them in ways the regular population never is . Excessive penalties that never should of been created for any of our Citizens. Regardless the rules can never take their right to grow away which is the cornerstone of inexpensive , access for comfort and healing . It is worth stating over and over this has never been about disregard for lawful authority , nor even about the efficacy of cannabis which stands on its own merit , but about self determination and unalienable rights . It is about correcting grievous injustices and wrongs written throughout our Countries policies and laws . It is about compassion and patients laying the foundation for bringing back fundamental freedom to medicine as well as reintroducing Cannabis and fairness back into the Pharmacopeia of Michigan , Law , and formulating together a moral , leading example of one of the best ways to replicate that across the entire United States of America . We are not fragmented we are growing and learning how to meet these challenges while combing all our needs , ideas and knowledge in the melting pot that reflects the fairness and compassion of the people comprising the Great State of Michigan .


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