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Growroom Setup Help, Equipment Needed To Start, Estimated Cost




Just starting What is best/ most efficient configureration or layout for 3 area grow operation? ----I have a usable open space in the basement that is 7'W x 22'to 27'L x 9' H ceiling I would like to use, will have two(2) caregivers (120 plant total)----Plan to build room(s) for security/privacy Would like to start with soil but be able to switch to hydro. , Suggested start up equipment, have 740 CFM 8" exhaust fan and 4'sewer pipe at other end, water about 8' away I do have Ed Rosenthal's Grower handbook. but looking for proven help/results in Michigan./b]



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Fire away! I run a grow for myself + 2 patients. I have a two light(1000W) flower room, a 400W veg room and in the veg room I also have a partitioned section for a nursery for fresh cuttings and newly rooted babies. The flower room is exactly 9'x6' and holds 18 plants under 2 1000W Hortilux Super HPS and the veg room is also 9'x6' and has 6 plants under the 400W with all avail additional plants I'm allowed by law grow as babies at all times.


To start off and run a soil operation of 120 plants you will certainly need at least 4-6 1000W HPS lights in your flower room (each 1000W light draws almost 10 amps of current, you will need that info to verify electrical availability). I recommend no more than 9 plants (maximum) under a 1000W lights. If you overload more than this you will be seriously disappointed come harvest time since quantity of plants has nothing to do with quality + quantity come harvest time. I repeat, do not stuff too many plants under a light as you will negate an overall quality yield.


I operate a perpetual harvest which means I harvest plants every 23 days. I have 3 sets of 6 plants in my flower room (18 total at any given time of the year) and each was started 23 days apart from eachother which obviously means I can harvest plants every 23 days once the room is filled 70 days after initial start-up.


Just so you can get an idea or estimate, my garden is a sealed drywall build, fully mud and taped for efficient CO2 use, combine the room build + epuip. for my 3 patient set up and if purchased all from new could cost around $4000-$6000. Lights, ballasts, bulbs, fans, water meters, buckets, grow pots, soil, nutes(expensive), pruning equip.


Starting off can be sometimes discouraging but stay focused and the results will be rewarding right from the 1st harvest. I'll always answer messaged questions if you have any.

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I heard from others that growing more than 99 plants at one facility will bring federal attention.

aka DEA. do some research, find out about how many is too many.

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