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Follow-Up To My “I Am Not A Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Expert” Blog

Ms Chocolate



This is written as a follow-up to my “I am not a Michigan Medical Marihuana Act expert” blog. Just as dispensaries are not written into our law, neither are any other businesses. This was not conceived as way to bring the State out of its depression, any more than I was designed to stop a foreclosure or repossession. Some people may be surprise to hear that the legislation was for the patient.


Open any newspaper, magazine, or online article and you will read about the business of marijuana. There are ads for doctors, grow stores, and caregivers looking for patients. As you drive down the roadways, you’ll find billboards of all sorts. Turn on the evening news for stories of cities developing rules and regulations. What you don’t hear about are the patients. You don’t hear about the AIDS group that educate their clients about the possibly of relive that might be found from the use of cannabis. When have you heard of the hepatitis or MS patient who because of their recent marihuana use, they are less confined than they were in 2007? Do you remember the Cancer or Arthritis Foundation spokesperson promoting cannabis use, based not only stories from members, but actual studies?


Search; see if you can find these positive stories. Search for the outreach that group like the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA) has done. I still looking for the PSA produced by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), informing Michiganders about the availability and process of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP). Is it not the duty of the MDCH to inform the residences of the programs offered? I hear that there are patient friendly/ advocacy groups out there. Are the patients being reached, or is this marihuana program designed for a selected group? The State of Delaware tacked a note on their law that stated, “Low-income patients will not be able to afford medical marijuana.” I could be wrong, but it seems to me that a person with a serve or chronic ailment is not one working, or not working at the high-end pay scale. With all the talk about the businesses, are those who could be benefiting from the use of cannabis able to afford it? That is if they, the poor and underclass, know about it!


We need to pay greater attention to the under-served, and less on the business outlets. There are those among us who cannot afford the high asking price of cannabis. Hell, the only reason we can afford the prescription meds is because of Medicare or Medicaid. Maybe we should develop a Medibis program.


We need to share information about free or low-cost health care, food and feeding programs, transportation services. We if must talk business, let’s talk in a way that will help all our people, not just those with businesses.


As for you caregivers (if this shoe does not fit you, don’t be trying to squeeze your feet in it), caregiving is not a business. It is the process of one person providing aid to another. It’s about the patient having someone to help them during a time of need, not your finding someone to fulfill your desire.


The newspapers, magazines, and online articles will always look for the sensational to draw readerships, let us provide them with stories that are less sensational, but more human interest.


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Develop a Medibis program? Great Idea! There is always a way to help people in need. I am on board. If and when dispensaries are running properly and without all the bad hassle, a program could easily be put in place. For example each dispensaries could follow Hill Burn Program. Once qualified they would receive their medicine free.

I come in contact with more people that really need it but can't afford it and can't seem to grow it. Something to set a goal for once everything gets ironed out. Meanwhile we are all left with doing for others what we think is the right thing to do.

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