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This Tea Sure Has A Kick.






I shouldn't have underestimated the Power Plant. Nothing special.


yeah right.


best visuals in years! straight through the vape. kind of reminiscent of a certain magical mushroom.


To be fair, I was toking a bud from the main cola of some great gear previously, and it was a bud near the top of the Power Plant. But, I can't pick the whip back up, and it's ear to ear smiles and it's very visual.


There's probably a salad bowl effect happening, but if this is the Power Plant, I LOVE it.


Funny thing was, I wasn't impressed and was going to make butter out of it and ditch it from the line-up. Maybe not.


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I kept a Power plant for a few years and loved it the whole time. I sure wish I had her back now. Nirvana or what breeder was the stock from?


Enjoy your tea



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