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Feeling Sad




It's cold and raining. And I'm thinking about a friend of mine that died from cancer.


I started missing him and feeling sad about it. I miss his laugh.



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Once I grieved over losing my loved ones... I tried to something in their name.


And I'm still doing it now... I'm making an effort to change the 'cannabis' use laws because I know for a fact that while they were alive they got tremendous relief from it.


Do something that you know would make your friend smile.


It's probably the best you can do for him... AND for yourself.


And remember... smile even if it hurts... it does help.



Peace to you and your friend.



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hello greenleaf, I'm sorry you lost your friend. It'll take time to heal from the loss. Grieving is a natural part of life, let it go through you, then let it go... The memory of your friend's laughter will help you. Sincerely, Silverblue

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I'm so sorry for your loss.I lost two close family members this past year and have not been able to grieve for them yet, I just keep shoving it inside and try not to think about what happened because I am a very lonely person(mostly by choice and circumstances), and I keep telling myself it's because I don't have anyone to grieve with, but I've always been honest with myself and known that this isn't true,I have friends and family,I just don't like to burden them with any of my personal issues even though that's what they are there for,especially in a case like this.

Sometimes I start the process but I just end up shoving it farther in.The thing I like to remember is one the deceased liked to drink Faygo Rock n Rye soda pop most of her life and I like to purchase a bottle for myself and some others who knew her to remember her(I never really liked it much while she was alive but it tastes so sweet now).

Thanks for putting down your thoughts as I am going to try to start the grieving process again thanks to your words and others(hopefully I can sustain it through and not keep putting it away)It's almost time for her first birthday since her death so it's hard,but I hope to get through the process because it's not a good thing to start crying everytime you think about a person who played so important a part in your life,it's not fair to their memory.

Keep remembering his laugh and maybe some other things about him and a part of him will always be with you(those things were not with you before you knew him so a part of him actually remains with you).I hope it gets better for you as spring is here and the cool rainy days will be ending soon and the life that has started to come back will soon be in full bloom.

I hope you find solace as I am now seeking.

Kind Regards,


P.S., May they all remain in our thoughts so a part of them can continue living and teaching us until it is our time to do the same.

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Losing ones we love really sucks. I've seen people die too young, others die needlessly and one,maybe two, for sure, died after a fruitful inspiring life. Blessed are the mourners, for they shall be comforted. But, actually, it's the mystery of death that should be a degree of comfort. It's hard to describe. One "friend" who died would have been a fantastic grower. my successes I offer to this individual. My time for tears is passed.

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Losing loved ones always hurts.. I feel for you greenleaf.


Think of it this way... If you believe in the human soul at all. Wherever your friends soul came from, that place missed them while they were here sharing their good companionship. Though you grieve here for them, they have been welcomed back gladly as sorely missed on the other side of the veil. And perhaps you will be able to share their companionship again one day.

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