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Study: When Medical Pot Is Introduced, Alcohol Consumption Drops

Michael Komorn



Study: When Medical Pot is Introduced, Alcohol Consumption Drops


Posted by George Prentice on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 10:16 AM




“This is old news but a study that needs to be read by every Legislature in Michigan,please make sure it is read by anyone that opposes the implementation of the MMMA and will of the People of the State of Michigan.” Michael Komorn


One of the more interesting journeys of 2011 (and we had a few) occurred last March, when we visited a spot called the 45th Parallel,right across the Idaho-Oregon border. That's where we found a medical marijuana dispensary, offering such varieties as chocolate chunk, blue dream and purple wreck.

What we discovered was an increasing number of Idaho clients who had recently bought property in Oregon, just so they could have legal access to medicinal pot for AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and major skeletal injuries.


Moscow Republican Rep. Tom Trail told us that he was carefully crafting something called the Idaho Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, which is expected to surface again when the Idaho Legislature convenes in a couple of weeks.


Anew study, reported in today's Missoulian, indicates that states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a decrease in traffic fatalities and beer sales, as pot became a substitute for alcohol. To date, 16 states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana.


The report, authored by D.Mark Anderson of Montana State University and Daniel Reese of the University of Colorado, is under review by the Journal of Law and Economics.




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Not only is it proven that the legalization of Medical Marijuana reduces traffic fatalities, the medicinal properties have helped me quell the urge to drink alcohol. I have been battling alcoholism for over 20 years. I have been in treatment for alcohol numerous times. Jailed numerous times. I am a text book case of a chronic alcoholic, it debillitates me. I was drinking almost 1/2 gallon of vodka daily. I was unemployable, out of work and hopeless. After getting off of probation, for one of my multiple drunk drivings I talked to my wife, yes I am still married, I wanted to start medicating myself. I started smoking marjuana and the urge to drink has slowly started to dissipate. Since I gave up the drink and picked up the pipe life has change drastically. I own my own restaurant, pay may taxes and am a productive member of society. Coincedence? I don't think so. Is alcohlism an approved medical condition treatable by Medical Marijuana??



If this is not the right place to ask could you maybe direct me on where to ask.

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