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Third Front In The War

Herb Cannabis


Blueberry said, "that we must fight the war on all fronts," and here is what I have come up with:


l. First front in our war is the MMM Act itself, I will always defend it.


2. Second front is the repealtoday.org effort, and I am circulating the petitions.


3. Industrial Hemp - The Third Front.


Thus far I have sent the following letters to my district representatives:


Letter #l)


Dear Mr. Potvin,


I am aware of a lot of vacant farmland in your district that could be put to great use, if you are interested in restoring your farm communities, then I would suggest that you contact Representative Kevin Daley, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee regarding Industrial Hemp. This is not the same as marijuana as it contains very little of the prohibited substances.


I do want to let you know that thousands of products can be made from Industrial Hemp such as high quality textiles, paints, varnishes, paper. As a matter of fact, Henry Ford used Hemp to make his cars, he also used hemp to fuel them.


Did you know that cannabis oil burns perfectly clean, it does. Imagine what the implications are here for Mother Earth!


February 1938 – Popular Mechanics Magazine: “NEW BILLION-DOLLAR CROP”


February 1938 – Mechanical Engineering Magazine: “THE MOST PROFITABLE & DESIRABLE CROP THAT CAN BE GROWN”


In 1942 the USDA produced a short film entitled "Hemp For Victory" encouraging farmers in KY, IL, MI, OH and other nearby states to grow industrial hemp for the war effort.These are but a few of the facts that caught my interest and I hope they will yours as well.


As I said, contact Rep Daley and I'm sure he would love to talk to you about this.


A bill must be introduced sir and every farming district representative should sign on as a sponsor.






Letter #2)


Dear Mr. Potvin,


I am writing to ask your official opinion as to ACT 1 of 2008 (Michigan Medical Marijuana Act). Do you support it and the bills currently pending in committee? I believe that the Act is perfectly clear and unambiguous, it just needs to be implemented (It's a shame that after more than 3 years it still requires us to wait for our cards for up to 5 - 6 months).


As a registered voter in district 35, I urge you to reject all of them as they are aimed at circumventing the will of the people. We are the weak, sick and dying, We are patients, not criminals, we are compassionate not violent. We just want to be able to utilize the medicine of our choice that 63% of the people of this great state agreed that we could.


Your answer to this email is important to me as I need to be informed as to who I will help elect this fall.




I also have sent the same emails to my State Senator as well.


I know that these letters are not perfect, but it is a start and I hope that by posting this that I will inspire others to get up and fight.


Recommended Comments

very nice and no not perfect, neither is any new laws; they all take our work,very proud of your effort. keep up the good work.I'm also working hard to get voters registered and aware of the issuea at hand.while trying to continue my quest for the knowledge of the laws,as they are ever changing


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