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Leaving The Cannabis Community



Well looks like the state has circumvented our law once again,The Establishment has their own agenda and is obviiously not what 63% of what Michiganders voted for. Who are these people? can't be ELECTED OFFICIALS,elected officials work on behalf of their constituints,who is really putting these people into office? it is not you and I (the People) our votes are supposed to represent the officials we vote in office, sensible, level headed individuals supposedly elected by us the people(63%).Well it is real obvious to me that is NOT the case here in Michigan or elsewhere,look at how the newly elected governors from state to state with big unions have busted legal bargining rights up! I question the valitity of my vote now,I am no longer confident in my government to make rational desicions on my behalf.Where do these supposed elected officials come from and who really is giving them the job to run our states,or our county? With the turning of yet another elected official doing whats on their agenda plate, I will not be voting ever again in this country,I no longer believe in the elective process. It looks like my only alterantive to pain management is going back on the wonderful synthetic based morpheine tablets(oxycontin) . I am saddened that I will become a morphine addict again but the elected officials have taken my rights away to medicate using a non addictive substance and become a responsible memeber of society. Since the law passed legalizing cannabis for medical purposes in the state of michigan I have gottin better mentally, physically and was planning on returning to work and being a contributing member of society,thats all been flushed down the toilet by our elected officials. I AM AMERICAN SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED VETRAN, I PAY FOR OUR RIGHT TO SAY WHAT WE WANT IN THIS COUNTRY I have pain on a daily bases caused by injuries that were sustained in my line of service,Where is my elected officials ?, and why is he and she not protecting my rights by inacting RESAONABLE sensible LAWS? At least if I take the oxycontin I am not in violation of any laws,but I can tell you I will not be a productive member of society now. I wont be able to,I am shamed into being a non functioning member of society due to the wonderfull and insightful reasoning of our supposed elected officials...That my friends is the america we now live in,wonderful is'nt it? THANK YOU ALL for your time and dedication, this old service connected disabled vetran will remember that ! In closing I would like to say to our elected? officials you will not be getting my 100 dollars this year (to think a SERVICE CONNECTED VETRAN of the united states of america) being charged 100 dollars a year to take medication,I scauff at you hipocrytes have a wonderfull day!!!


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Often I have felt the very same way. I really can relate to your position. Before you truly leave us think of this: would any war be won or fought if the troops quit? We have a war here on our hands. A war for democracy. We can not give up the fight! No matter how often we read the casualty count. No matter what tactic's the enemy uses. improvise, adapt, Overcome! I have a lot of time on my hands so I can afford to read and learn. Beware oh practitioner's of deception and subversion. We see your perverse practices and efforts to discount the will of the people!


" Baron we come for you"

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