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Missing The March




Sadly, I missed the March in Lansing today. I was loaded in the car and headed towards the highway, but the trip was just too much. It would have been basically like driving to Chicago for an hour by the time I was underway.


Finished working last night around Midnight and closed up and closed out at 1 AM.


I also passed on the BBQ this evening. It was cold, and I'm done for the week. :D



I'm glad I was able to work 48 hours virtually back-to-back, starting and ending the day with the job, but this week is done and done. Maybe in October or whenever we're back in Lansing. B)



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sometimes even as much as you want things to happen a certain way, they just dont. i too wanted to go in support and to meet up face to face but it wasnt in the cards. there will be other times for sure.


"life is what happens while were busy making plans" John Lenon

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Green, Baby... give yourself a break, man. It's getting done... slowly but surely.


Do what you can... when you can.


I and many others appreciate all that is being done by everyone that contributes... in whatever way they can.


Be well... nothin' wrong with getting a little rest now and then.

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I, too, feel bad we couldn't make it. My wife's back pain was just too much on Fri night/Sat morning. I had 11 signs in the back of our SUV that are now in our second bedroom.

We were honored to go march in Battle Creek for Joseph who was screwed over by Wal-Mart (the worst company in America...and I am proud to say I have not been back inside that store...and will never go back again)

I know the change in the weather was a HUGE factor in us not being able to attend. Her aches and pains are becoming worse and worse. They want to implant a device in her spine to dull the pain and/or another operation.

Thank God for the sunshine today!

Tomorrow is 4/20. Any "shin-digs" going on around Oakland County? Because at 4:20pm tomorrow we all know what we must be doing...! LOL! B) :D:):P;)

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