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Mmma Monthly Coffee Hour Meetings W/ The Staff

News and Information



Have you heard about the Coffee Hours that the MMMA Staff will be holding each and every month to help the community with questions and answers that they have and also meet and greet the Leaders of the orginization well heres you shot! Here is a list, That explains about the hours and days, as well as the locations where these events will be taking place.



MMMA staff will be holding in-person meetings, with coffee, twice each month. These meetings will be used to discuss planning for projects, events, and anything the staff or membership wishes to talk about.


These meetings will take place on the first and last Mondays of each month at 11:00 am.


The last Monday of each month (coming up next week), this meeting will be held in Clawson at the National Coney Island, 1331 W. Maple.


The first Monday of each month, the meeting will be held in Lansing at the Gone Wired Cafe, 2021 E. Michigan Ave.


Hope you can make it!




Source: Mmma Monthly Coffee Hour Meetings W/ The Staff



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Thank you to those that showed up today, I hope that we get more and more participants in these monthly events.


Its a great way to get out and enjoy the day plus a good lunch, breakfast or simply as it says a cup of coffee. This is a way to get to know the community on a personal level, sometimes words on a screen just can't express the feeling's and emotions that your going through at that moment.


These meetings are going to play a large role in getting the word out about the events and news that comes to light and will be a great outlet for information that we as a community need to know about, great way to spread the news.


Hope we see more and more join these events, the next one is coming up on July 2nd in Lansing at the Gone Wired Cafe, 2021 E. Michigan Ave.


See you There!

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These meetings are open to the public, Please if you wish to attend then by all mean please do there is no charge there is no catch to this.


I saw a recent post asking if these were open to the members of the community thus this post, YES please come and sit down and get to know the leaders of the community, place a face with the name!


The next meeting is going to take place on the last Monday of each month held in Clawson at the National Coney Island, 1331 W. Maple.


We had a issues where some of the community showed up in Lansing yesterday and didn't know who they were looking for PM a Administrator, to get all the deatils of who will be there on said day, and a desciption of whom you will be meeting and where they will be at the time of the meeting (where they are located, sitting where in the facility). Hope to see you all there!

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