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Mdch Card Errors




A paid member of Berrien County Compassion club received a caregiver card last week after submitting registry paperwork mid-December (4-months). The card had an issue date of January 2010. The problem is that the card's expiration date is listed as 2/1/2010. Card expired before being received.


Errors such as this cause huge delays and prevent patients from obtaining medicine; and subject caregivers and patients to potential legal issues. Senator Ron Jelinek has been emailed seeking his assistance; our contact at WSBT-TV 22 has been contacted also.



Recommended Comments

Caregiver contacted MDCH regarding error this morning. They were confused about her dilemna. After exhaustive clerification by caregiver, MDCH is issuing a new caregiver card today and it will go in the mail tomorrow (they said). When asked about associated patients, MDCH employee said patients' cards would be wrong also; would be re-issued and mailed tomorrow as well.

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