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Cheboygan Dispensary Update




It's true that Cheboygan has passed a favorable ordinance for dispensing medical cannabis to patients. The ordinance is considered additional enabling language that makes legal dispensing possible within the framework of Initiated Law 1 of 2008 (MCL 333.26421-333.26430).


A group that includes patients, caregivers, investors, and me will be opening a medical cannabis dispensing collective in the City of Cheboygan very soon. Our target date for opening is Memorial Day weekend, and we will be located in a very safe area directly across the street from city hall and the police department. We hope to open as a full service dispensary offering dried cannabis, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and other processed cannabis products that are healthy alternatives to smoking.


We will be available to service all legal Michigan cardholders, as well as those patients from all other medical cannabis states who have proper documentation, but everyone will be required to join the collective before they can acquire any cannabis preparations at our facility.


We are working with local officials to hammer out the final details, but we intend to open a facility that complies with the guidelines outlined by the California Attorney General for the safe operation of medical cannabis dispensaries. That means our facility will be safe with a full security system, and it's employees will have been trained for their positions.


I'll continue to post details as they happen. I hope to see all of you this summer "up north"!





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Good for U guys. I would have never figured Cheboygan would be one of the first communities to have a dispensary. How do you get around the issue of 5 patients per caregiver? Are there multiple dispensary owners that are caregivers, giving you the ability to have multiple patients? Or is a better question how do you sell to anybody with a card? Interested in how the whole process works.

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How much does it cost to join?an what will your prices be per oz.

Are you going to charge based on the strain.

Are travelers going to have to join also.

Too bad you charge to purchase meds

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