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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs 1
      As the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, I testified before the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel earlier today in support of the 21 petitions submitted by our patient and caregiver educational non-profit organization as well as other researchers, patients and caregivers, physicians and parents who combined resources to work on the petitions.
      There is another meeting for the panel to vote on these conditions NEXT WEEK Friday, May 4th ,2018 at the same location. I do not think there will be additional comments, but by being present you may sway the panel members.

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  2. One of my plants has had rather rough looking leaves since it was a small clone. The leaves were all green, they just didn’t have the normal smooth appearance. It has progressed as normal as is the same size as all the identical clones beside it. The roots look gorgeous. Some of the leaves have become browned and dried up. I am hoping it is over fertilization (I just changed the water today). Please help! Thanks! Pics here: https://www.growery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/833531
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  4. caregiver123

    Roots refusing to recover

    Thanks for the replies. I have recloned the ones that were struggling. They are standing tall, hopefully they will root soon.
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  6. Wild Bill

    Roots refusing to recover

    Make sure you have lots of air pumping through the water. A little hydrogen peroxide might help too.
  7. I had a similar black spot on neck, used RSO and tincture to get rid of 80% of the mole. Would put some on a small band aid and leave on area for a couple days at a time. Then let air for a couple day and repeat. Yes, it does work.
  8. Guanotea1

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Punkie, My Name is Peter and I run Grassmatch. You can reach me at peter at grassmatch dot com or the support email. I'm not sure if you read this whole thread or not, but the net-net of what went on here was that we outed a patient that was repeatedly robbing caregivers with a little more of his information than was absolutely necessary for people to avoid this guy. Once we're done with your card / id we get rid of it. We've been keeping your selfie so we can roll out a safety feature so that caregivers can check verify that the person that got verified on Grassmatch is the person that they are meeting up with. But that will only be shared with your explicit permission to single caregiver at a time. I'm not really sure why this all generated so much controversy. We are legitimate, we've been around for years, we've matched thousands and thousands of patients with their caregivers. We've intentionally stayed out of the public eye for a long time, while we've slowly build a system that works really well. I hope you find what you're looking for, where ever you look for it!
  9. Punkie

    Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Oh Schmidt! I just got my 1st MM Card, I uploaded nmy license & my MM card! What a dumb schmidt! But I live in the U.P. One dispensary up here. But that's even an hour from me I ended up going down to Lewiston, which was nice, but small, new & growing (I hope!) I also went to Lansing. I am looking for a tincture or even something I could vape. Cuz the buds, everyone can smell it. That's when the judge comes out in everyone in a small town where you are related to 95% of them!! It's probably too late to remove the uploads of my cards now, isnn't it?
  10. Anyone who knows or has met Matt has seen this giant spot on his head. Just recently he has been hitting it with some cannabis oil. Check out that before and after picture! What other skin creams can pretend to do this for you? Sure it is anecdotal evidence. When you get thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people , with visual before/after proof, its hard to ignore that this plant actually heals skin and other conditions, quickly and without any serious side effects, plus marijuana is non-toxic! If the facebook plugin is not working, here is a screenshot. facebook.com/attorneyabel/posts/10155840087148165 http://komornlaw.com/scientific-studies-cannabis-annihilates-cancer/
  11. Kingdiamond


    Why wouldn't you be ?
  12. zanza300

    Looking for star tonic-growing caregiver

    Me too. Thank you for looking. I haven't had any luck getting leads from dispensaries as to who their suppliers are when they do sell star tonic. There has to be someone else growing it out there, maybe, but I just have no idea how to find them.
  13. Historic world wide news, Canada is the second country to legalize marijuana. Although Uruguay "legalized" a few years ago, you had to register and buy from specified pharmacies, so it was not true "legalization". Plus they banned selling marijuana to the foreigners. Will Canada allow sales to Americans? Will Americans want irradiated marijuana from Prairie Plant Systems? http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cannabis-pot-legalization-bill-1.4713839
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