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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs 3
      Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care!
      My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital.
      While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications you are currently taking", was honest and replied that he uses a topical marijuana oil. He used the oil at the recommendation of his primary care physician to help with his cancer and chronic pain. He had the oil in his belongings when he was brought to the hospital.
      The Registered Nurse at the hospital then called the Hospital Security Officer, who then confiscated the patients medical marijuana oil and called the police.
      Why is the Physician - Patient privileged relationship being violated like this? My client told his nurses that he was a MMMA patient, those same nurses told the HSO and police officer he told them he was a MMMA patient as well.
      So what gives? The police have the discretion to investigate or talk to people instead of making a case out of something. Why waste time on investigating a medical marijuana patient? The police officer sent the topical marijuana oil to the Michigan State Crime Lab for testing, coming back positive for THC. The police officer forwarded the lab report to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office for prosecution. The WCPO then filed charges against this MMMA patient. All for .5 oz of topical oil marihuana-infused product that the patient had in his bag.

      Of course the prosecutors office did not blink an eye, nor did they use prosecutorial discretion. They issued the charges and sent the warrant to me so that I could have my client turn himself in. This is called a pre-arrest investigation at my office. If you ever have a police interaction but are not arrested, it means they are waiting on lab results. After they get the lab results back , they send out the warrant and arrest you wherever they can find you. Be it at your Home, work, school or driving on the road. When they arrest you at Home, they search your house. When they arrest you at work, you may have to explain to your boss what happened. When they arrest you at school you will be embarrassed. When they arrest you on the road, either you have to get someone to pick up your car or they will tow it. They will search your car as well. Then you have to post bond to get out of jail too. So hiring an attorney that will handle all of that, so you can turn yourself in, not speak to the police, and be arraigned and have usually a personal recognizance bond (meaning you don't have to pay anything, just have to show up at your next court date) is helpful in avoiding a bad situation.
      This is happening in Ann Arbor of all places? The city that decriminalized Marijuana down to a $25 civil infraction fine? U of M is state property, since it gets state funding.
      My Advice? If you are a Patient or Caregiver (or not a patient/caregiver) , never admit to anyone that you are possessing marijuana. Marijuana is currently still illegal and currently there are still people who WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU for having marijuana.
      In this case the patient did not have his card at the time he was hospitalized, but registered with the state afterwards. We prepared a Section 8 defense to the crime of possession of marijuana and were ready to battle in court.
      Instead of our Section 8 evidentiary hearing, instead of the prosecutor wanting to cross examine my client's physician, instead of testifying and all of the pain of a Section 8 defense, we went with a quick Section 4 dismissal. The prosecutor was SHOCKED that my client could not be prosecuted due to having his card now.
      Judge agreed and the case is dismissed.

      If you were charged with marijuana possession or manufacture, give me a call. I will fight to get the charges dismissed. 18006563557 http://www.komornlaw.com 

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  2. Have you tried to google the recent studies? There are some good papers posted on ncbi and researchgate. Worth of reading.
  3. I guess this study is quite updated, but still has a couple of interesting insights. Need more.
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  5. On this episode of Let’s be Blunt, Montel talks with Lisa Quarrell, a mother who lives in East Kilbride, Scotland, who has been tirelessly campaigning for a National Health Service-funded prescription that her son desperately needs. Her 8-year-old son, Cole, was diagnosed with a rare form of severe epilepsy as a baby and suffered up to 20 seizures a day. He had undergone brain surgery and tried 20 different anti-epileptic drugs before before he was prescribed a life-saving cannabis oil which has helped him tremendously. The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for her to afford the medic
  6. Makes no sense. Why give anything away? You are just phishing for personal info.
  7. There's your money grab? You have that backwards because there's no money to be had by VP Harris's comments/stance. It's the legislature's job to decriminalize. All Biden can do is sign an executive order to decriminalize and that just wouldn't be the right thing because it would take the pressure OFF the legislature. Get your target clear, it's not Biden, it's the legislature. Don't waste your ammo on a false target even though it's an easy target. You can cut Biden to ribbons on this and all you have done is diminish his ability to help with other things we need. You play
  8. Zero, are you still looking for a caregiver? I will give you 1 oz free every other month and if you want to buy more, just $100 an onion. That's for the outdoor. The indoor cost a lot of money for me to grow extra. I already pay an extra $250 a month for my light bill lol
  9. Biden Is Too Busy To Decriminalize Marijuana, VP Harris Says. Oh really – Cause there’s your money grab. More news links about Cannabis from Marijuana Moment / TOP THINGS TO KNOW Vice President Kamala Harris, in her first public marijuana comments since the election, essentially said the Biden administration is too busy to follow through on its campaign pledges to decriminalize cannabis and expunge records “Honestly, right now, we’ve been focused on getting people food, helping them stay in their apartments or in their homes, getting kids back to school, getting shots in
  10. Day 42 of flower Room specs : 12 light HPS, 5 ton ac single stage unit, 2 GE 50 pint dehumidifier, 2 20 gallon CO2 tanks plugged into a Grozone controller. Strain: Gelato #33 Verified Breeders cut Nutrient: Heavy 16 A&B Bloom, Massive and MOAP at 1550PPM Grow Media : Mother earth Coco Perlite Room environment: Lights at 1000 watts, Co2 Levels at 700ppm, humidity 50 to 55%, Temp 77 to 80 degrees
  11. If other South Carolina senators move to block a bill to legalize medical marijuana, its sponsor said on Tuesday that he would use his power to stop every other piece of legislation on the chamber’s calendar in protest. “We’re going to get this bill passed,” Sen. Tom Davis (R), who filed the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, said at a press conference with supporters. “And if there are some up on the Senate floor that are still in this reefer madness, drug war mentality and block and stand in the way of this bill, I will exercise my rights as a senator to respond in kind to every sing
  12. Imagine your child is sick…and then you discover that there is something that can bring them relief…BUT you must break the law in order to access that it, and risk the wrath of law enforcement, and worse yet, the threat of Child Protective Services knocking on your door one day and taking your child from you. Would you take the risk to help your child? The new documentary “Weediatrics”, explores stories of families at the heart of this issue. These brave parents went on camera to tell their stories, in hope of creating a greater understanding and empathy for desperate families across the count
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  14. An independent federal agency cited a Michigan credit union for failing to comply with marijuana banking regulations and ordered the financial institution to stop opening new cannabis accounts. American Banker reported that the case involving Live Life Federal Credit Union is believed to be the first time U.S. regulators have publicly penalized a financial institution that handles cannabis accounts. But that couldn’t be immediately verified. The National Credit Union Administration’s cease-and-desist order, though, does underscore that financial institutions must remain vigilant about
  15. What do you get when weed-loving rapper Snoop Dogg, right-wing billionaire Charles Koch and criminal justice reform advocate Weldon Angelos walk into a Zoom room? The Cannabis Freedom Alliance, a new coalition launching Tuesday that could change the dynamics of the marijuana legalization debate, as first reported by POLITICO. The organization includes Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers; the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank; marijuana trade organization the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce; and The Weldon Project, a nonpro
  16. What area are you located at?
  17. Hash Bash Bunker Bash Starts at 8pm - Concerts - Live DJ ------------------------ Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 509 Title – Hash Bash 2021 (50th Annual) Date – 04-03-21 ON THIS EPISODE 11am -1pm Hosts and Reporting from the Diag Live Hosted by Michael Komorn Amanda Joslyn Steve Miller Jim Powers Special Guests Adam L Brook (Mr. Hash Bash) John Sinclair and others Music by John D Lamb Jacob Alan Gibson Ed Dupas Bobby Magyarosi Farmedelica - Madison Morris Pummel The Watusies David Pietrusa The Legendary Mother F#ckers Scott Masson Sponsored by Komo
  18. Hash Bash Bunker Bash Starts at 8pm - Concerts - Live DJ ------------------------ Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 509 Title – Hash Bash 2021 (50th Annual) Date – 04-03-21 ON THIS EPISODE 11am -1pm Hosts and Reporting from the Diag Live Hosted by Michael Komorn Amanda Joslyn Steve Miller Jim Powers Special Guests Adam L Brook (Mr. Hash Bash) John Sinclair and others Music by John D Lamb Jacob Alan Gibson Ed Dupas Bobby Magyarosi Farmedelica - Madison Morris Pummel The Watusies David Pietrusa The Legendary Mother F#ckers Scott Masson Sponsored by Komorn Law Litt
  19. Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 508 Title – I Smoke 2 Joints in the Morning Date – 04-01-21 ON THIS EPISODE - - Guests - John Schlicker - Cannapalooza Worldwide POSSIBLE TOPICS (no particular order) 1-Michaels Random Rant of the Week!! 2-Michigan to spend $20 million from cannabis tax revenue on MMJ research 3-Detroit adult-use marijuana license applications now open to all 4-First penalty for pot banking violations lands on credit union 5-Virtual Hash Bash 2021 SHOW INFORMATION Michigan's #1 show about cannabis legal
  20. Hello I am new to the area and looking for a caregiver with a heavy focus in concentrates.
  21. Hello fellow growers! I guess we all care from where the seeds come. It's very important that the source it's a legitimate one. I'm a recent grower, but I obtained some beautiful results. Being short on money, from the beginning, I started searching for ways of spending a little less I came across this site https://www.sfweekly.com/sponsored/seedsman-discount-code-get-25-off-all-orders-w-code-20as-256495 and it saved me. It has some nice discount coupons, that I think can help everyone. Maybe some of you will find it interesting.
  22. Yeah, me too! There is a misunderstood concept about marijuana that it's bad and harmful, and I wait a lot already but people are being blind still. Man, it's nothing about your health, it's even improving your health and general condition. It’s really sad that there are lots of people who just don’t understand it. It’s not heroine, it’s simply weed, a thing that gets you relaxed. Why this https://www.mailorder-marijuana.com/ is considered bad and harmful, but beer and other alcohol that is slowly killing your nervous system is considered ok? I really hope that someday everything will change d
  23. I'm just waiting for the legalize to happen!
  24. First I read about the strain I'd like to grow and gather all information, something like https://askgrowers.com/strains/purple-sunset-strain-review. And after this I look through differnet forums and Facebook groups to find where I can buy. And yes, GLG in Michigan is a good palce to get high-quality seeds.
  25. Looks good. My friend also grows marijuana at home, and he seems to be the happiest person I've ever seen. He has been growing weed for a year already. He gave me a joint once, but I didn't feel any effects. He said it was okay because it was my first time smoking marijuana. The second time I smoked weed, I felt the relaxation and peacefulness my friend talked about. It was awesome. Since then, I often buy weed at a Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Morris. There are a lot of gummies, balms, pastilles, etc., with CBD oils and THC. Of course, you must be over 21 to smoke weed legall
  26. On this episode of Let’s be Blunt, Montel talks with Gina Vensel and Elizabeth Sheldon, the Co-Founders of the Plant Media Project, a boutique marketing company specializing in services for plant medicine and wellness businesses and co-hosts of the Vine podcast, aimed at providing an insightful look into the world of plant medicine. They discuss everything from their personal experiences with cannabis as patients to regulatory advocacy to business practices. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Reg5Jgj0SKw
  27. The answer all along has been to make opioids less accessible. Give them the stigma they deserve. All kinds of people out there committing suicide and murder because of opioids. Practically selling their souls to get more pills. Breaking into elderly folks houses to steal from their medicine cabinets. Sometimes stealing from their own relation because of the opioid addiction. Get rid of extra opioids. Throw them out. Raise cannabis up above the stigma it doesn't deserve because it is helping people off these terrible drugs that need to be very limited to get us past this situation.
  28. I agree, it's only giving more motives to people that are skeptical about the whole situation. I can only suppose that the main reason that people swap cannabis with opioids is the lack of resources available, so why not make it more accessible? By accessible I mean cannabis, not opioids. If it were easier to access marijuana, and almost impossible to find opioids, don't you think we would start seeing results? It's not cannabis that's the problem here. I have a dream of saving up enough so I can open a dispensary. I did a lot of research on what it all means, you can visit this page for a mor
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