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      Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care!
      My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital.
      While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications you are currently taking", was honest and replied that he uses a topical marijuana oil. He used the oil at the recommendation of his primary care physician to help with his cancer and chronic pain. He had the oil in his belongings when he was brought to the hospital.
      The Registered Nurse at the hospital then called the Hospital Security Officer, who then confiscated the patients medical marijuana oil and called the police.
      Why is the Physician - Patient privileged relationship being violated like this? My client told his nurses that he was a MMMA patient, those same nurses told the HSO and police officer he told them he was a MMMA patient as well.
      So what gives? The police have the discretion to investigate or talk to people instead of making a case out of something. Why waste time on investigating a medical marijuana patient? The police officer sent the topical marijuana oil to the Michigan State Crime Lab for testing, coming back positive for THC. The police officer forwarded the lab report to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office for prosecution. The WCPO then filed charges against this MMMA patient. All for .5 oz of topical oil marihuana-infused product that the patient had in his bag.

      Of course the prosecutors office did not blink an eye, nor did they use prosecutorial discretion. They issued the charges and sent the warrant to me so that I could have my client turn himself in. This is called a pre-arrest investigation at my office. If you ever have a police interaction but are not arrested, it means they are waiting on lab results. After they get the lab results back , they send out the warrant and arrest you wherever they can find you. Be it at your Home, work, school or driving on the road. When they arrest you at Home, they search your house. When they arrest you at work, you may have to explain to your boss what happened. When they arrest you at school you will be embarrassed. When they arrest you on the road, either you have to get someone to pick up your car or they will tow it. They will search your car as well. Then you have to post bond to get out of jail too. So hiring an attorney that will handle all of that, so you can turn yourself in, not speak to the police, and be arraigned and have usually a personal recognizance bond (meaning you don't have to pay anything, just have to show up at your next court date) is helpful in avoiding a bad situation.
      This is happening in Ann Arbor of all places? The city that decriminalized Marijuana down to a $25 civil infraction fine? U of M is state property, since it gets state funding.
      My Advice? If you are a Patient or Caregiver (or not a patient/caregiver) , never admit to anyone that you are possessing marijuana. Marijuana is currently still illegal and currently there are still people who WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU for having marijuana.
      In this case the patient did not have his card at the time he was hospitalized, but registered with the state afterwards. We prepared a Section 8 defense to the crime of possession of marijuana and were ready to battle in court.
      Instead of our Section 8 evidentiary hearing, instead of the prosecutor wanting to cross examine my client's physician, instead of testifying and all of the pain of a Section 8 defense, we went with a quick Section 4 dismissal. The prosecutor was SHOCKED that my client could not be prosecuted due to having his card now.
      Judge agreed and the case is dismissed.

      If you were charged with marijuana possession or manufacture, give me a call. I will fight to get the charges dismissed. 18006563557 http://www.komornlaw.com 

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  2. Restorium2

    new law

    If it's any consolation the lazy lot they have running the cannabis business will mostly just chase their tails and not make all that much money. After all, it takes work to produce great cannabis and they don't want to work for money, they want money for nothin'.
  3. Wild Bill

    new law

    It's not discrimination. You get what you pay for. Go out and invest in the purchase of a few politicians. Your life will be so much easier after that! 😊
  4. zeebudz

    Cannatonic 4

    Read what I said again. I didn't call you irresponsible. I said it would be irresponsible to distribute a strain to folks who want high CBD unless it tested as such.
  5. tigereins

    Disabled Vet looking for caregiver in GR

    I am a 60 yr old D Vet also lived in Colorado and wish I could go back. I too need a caregiver. I don't know how to do PM?
  6. tigereins

    Caregiver looking for patients in the UP

    What area? I live in Kentwood, Mi
  7. tigereins

    Grand Rapids caregiver has one opening.

    my name is raymond and I now live in kentwood. and i am trying to find a caregiver i know the vote is coming but in the mean time i am suffering. i have been trying so hard to do it the legal way but I am having no luck in finding someone to help me I am 60 yrs old Disabled Veteran.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Restorium2

    new law

    About all you can do is be self sufficient. Grow some plants. Offset what they would make if you had to buy it. That's winning.
  10. allanworks

    new law

    I am happy it will pass but it is BS that only the upper class will make money in the weed business. it sounds like discrimination of the lower class to me.
  11. Restorium2

    new law

    Better yet, start some plants. Some dammed LEGAL plants! Filthy pigs have had us restrained for decades under false pretenses just for job security. If the shoe don't fit then don't take offense to my filthy pig comment. You know who you are.
  12. Albertus Magnus

    Cannatonic 4

    I don't understand being called irresponsible right out of the gate, could make a person not want to come back and post. I asked if anyone had any knowledge about this strain of Cann 4 because, I think the one I have has higher THC in it than the Perkins cut. Not a lot more but some more. The plant grows super slow and smells like skittles on steroids. These are the test results of the ISO my Stage 4, Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer patients gets. It has saved/prolonged his life and the Cancer Institute of America has it documented. This same dose helps 2 patients with Parkinsons who like the THC. This is a combination of two refined grain alcohol extractions (filtered to 1 Micron) mixed together and tested. The alcohol is reclaimed using thermal dynamics under full vacuum at low temperature so the cannabinoids are not activated. Dabs of this tastes like cherries and will mess you up. Good for pain also. I will get a picture of the plant later tonight when my lights come on. Maybe that can help ID it. Test Compounds CBDV THCV CBC CBD Δ8 THC Δ9 THC CBG CBN TOTAL Amount N/D 0.3 1.7 27.0 0.2 36.0 2.3 N/D 67.5%
  13. allanworks

    new law

    sorry, I thought it goes into effect beginning of next year but this is better I can get stoned on Christmas. deck the halls everybody woot-woot 😁👍
  14. Restorium2

    Caregiver Attempting to Obtain Trim

    They are trying to sniff out leftovers from large outdoor grows. Very dangerous for the grower.
  15. Restorium2

    new law

    Wrong. It's 45 days after it gets voted UP^^^^^^!!!! Every day matters just like it did with Medical. I saw the doctor for medical on the 45th day after it was voted UP. Had my doctor rec that day.
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