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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs 3
      Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care!
      My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital.
      While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications you are currently taking", was honest and replied that he uses a topical marijuana oil. He used the oil at the recommendation of his primary care physician to help with his cancer and chronic pain. He had the oil in his belongings when he was brought to the hospital.
      The Registered Nurse at the hospital then called the Hospital Security Officer, who then confiscated the patients medical marijuana oil and called the police.
      Why is the Physician - Patient privileged relationship being violated like this? My client told his nurses that he was a MMMA patient, those same nurses told the HSO and police officer he told them he was a MMMA patient as well.
      So what gives? The police have the discretion to investigate or talk to people instead of making a case out of something. Why waste time on investigating a medical marijuana patient? The police officer sent the topical marijuana oil to the Michigan State Crime Lab for testing, coming back positive for THC. The police officer forwarded the lab report to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office for prosecution. The WCPO then filed charges against this MMMA patient. All for .5 oz of topical oil marihuana-infused product that the patient had in his bag.

      Of course the prosecutors office did not blink an eye, nor did they use prosecutorial discretion. They issued the charges and sent the warrant to me so that I could have my client turn himself in. This is called a pre-arrest investigation at my office. If you ever have a police interaction but are not arrested, it means they are waiting on lab results. After they get the lab results back , they send out the warrant and arrest you wherever they can find you. Be it at your Home, work, school or driving on the road. When they arrest you at Home, they search your house. When they arrest you at work, you may have to explain to your boss what happened. When they arrest you at school you will be embarrassed. When they arrest you on the road, either you have to get someone to pick up your car or they will tow it. They will search your car as well. Then you have to post bond to get out of jail too. So hiring an attorney that will handle all of that, so you can turn yourself in, not speak to the police, and be arraigned and have usually a personal recognizance bond (meaning you don't have to pay anything, just have to show up at your next court date) is helpful in avoiding a bad situation.
      This is happening in Ann Arbor of all places? The city that decriminalized Marijuana down to a $25 civil infraction fine? U of M is state property, since it gets state funding.
      My Advice? If you are a Patient or Caregiver (or not a patient/caregiver) , never admit to anyone that you are possessing marijuana. Marijuana is currently still illegal and currently there are still people who WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU for having marijuana.
      In this case the patient did not have his card at the time he was hospitalized, but registered with the state afterwards. We prepared a Section 8 defense to the crime of possession of marijuana and were ready to battle in court.
      Instead of our Section 8 evidentiary hearing, instead of the prosecutor wanting to cross examine my client's physician, instead of testifying and all of the pain of a Section 8 defense, we went with a quick Section 4 dismissal. The prosecutor was SHOCKED that my client could not be prosecuted due to having his card now.
      Judge agreed and the case is dismissed.

      If you were charged with marijuana possession or manufacture, give me a call. I will fight to get the charges dismissed. 18006563557 http://www.komornlaw.com 
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  2. Glyphosate is present in a lot of what we eat and drink, unfortunately. Levels in the vaccines are likely lower than in the pork at your local grocery store. As it comes from the animals( that the geletain in the vaccine process comes from) eating gmo grain. Unfortunately Round up is widely sprayed and has polluted much of our food.
  3. @Restorium2 is the AUTHORITY around these parts as to what the FDA says . I would take what @Restorium2 says with a POUND of salt because he says GLYPHOSATE is safe for human consumption . . . . .
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  5. I recently had a conversation with someone that stated to me alcohol is no worse than cannabis. I was almost at a loss for words because this person is very intelligent and I just couldn't believe they said that.....WOW. What would have been your reply?
  6. It's very difficult for me to believe that you , or anyone else , are really this FU@KING STOOPIT . . . . . . . . . . No need to reply when you have no evidence of what you say . It's all too clear to anyone with more than 2 brain cells @Restorium2 . You're idiotic replies of "THAT'S A LIE , YOU'RE A LIAR" , ARE NOT REALLY ANY KIND OF EVIDENCE as much as they're proof of your complete & total IDIOCRACY . THE MOST SAD PART IS , YOU'RE TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO WHAT THE PEOPLE YOU WORSHIP ARE DOING TO THIS NATION & ARE IN FACT , APPLAUDING/ENCOURAGING/CO
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  8. Episode Date – 6-3-21 Planet Green Trees TV - Episode - 518 Episode Title – Chaos is a friend of mine On This Episode  Topics (maybe – maybe not - depends) 1.Amazon will stop testing most employees for weed 2.Corporate cannabis companies lobby for caregiver crackdown in Michigan 3.Michigan bills look to tighten the definition of marijuana SHOW INFORMATION Michigan’s #1 show about cannabis legal issues, licen
  9. Hey @Restorium2 , if you can tell me all about how , according to the F.D.A. , GLYPHOSATE is safe for human consumption when the rest of the world scientific community say otherwise , I will bow to your superior intelligence & publicly admit that you are the smartest person on this planet . GOOD LUCK You should be HONORED @Restorium2 , this dude named a song after folks like you
  10. Montel chats with Jessica Kent on this episode of Let’s Be Blunt. Jessica is a prison reform, addiction and recovery advocate. She is a recovering addict who has been sober for over 9 years! She served time in New York and Arkansas penitentiaries and stepped out of prison for the last time in 2013. Jessica has become a full-time YouTuber with 445k subscribers, and she received her bachelor’s degree in correctional program support services. She uses her platform to help people better understand addiction and the US prison system. She recently revealed on her YouTube Channel that she uses medica
  11. Grew up working in the fish houses in Cortez fl. While still in middle school wash my clothes 3 times still smell like fish while getting ready in morning old boys had morning fish report on news show would play bluegrass music live had a saying he said every morning If Your to busy to go fishing than Your just to busy. Lol as for smelling like fish catching school bus Scooter and I both had 1 pocket full of smoke the other filled with money.
  12. I wish! Haven't went fishing in years. Sold my boat and that was the end of fishing.
  13. Unsalted canna butter can be used for savoury or sweet recipes, salt can be added but is difficult to remove
  14. ROTFLMMFAO @Restorium2 You really are this stoopit I know you will just call me a liar but it's a TRUE FACT , you can see & breathe a lot better if you remove your skull from your rectum . It's really too bad your family motto negates any hope for you . I @Restorium2 FAMILY MOTTO I really fear for the people like your children that are going to be responsible for your ABJECT STUPIDITY .................. TIC TIC TIC TIC TIC , closing call is rapidly approaching .......................... https://usdebtclock.org
  15. Even judges get demented; Federal Judge Claims the COVID Vaccine Kills More People Than Mass Shootings Do Mark Joseph Stern 15 hrs ago Like| 460 %7B Stelter: Trump's crowd didn't applaud vaccine accomplishments %7B
  16. Demented old people are like little kids who say a bad swear word and look around the room and see who giggles. Then they shart their pants.
  17. "Wrong again @Restorium2 , read it & weep . The link I posted goes right to VAERS . Easy to see how "NEW NORMAL" you are ." Call it what you want. I'm suspicious of everything you post. You are getting a load of propaganda somewhere. You have your finger on the pulse of the stream of steaming horshit and wisecrackers lies. You are locked and loaded full of garbage and not afraid to post all over this site.
  18. Notice I said patient Caregiver verse Caregiver patient. There is no Caregiver without Patient Savvy
  19. Wrong again @Restorium2 , read it & weep . The link I posted goes right to VAERS . Easy to see how "NEW NORMAL" you are . About VAERS https://vaers.hhs.gov
  20. The patient caregiver coalition cool beans on the effort to get support. Truly I'm glad You see the writing on the wall. My question is this where was the concern when felons where excluded from being Caregivers talk about a group of people that have a hard time landing employment. It was a voter initiative by what 63 64 %. Yet the legislature with a 3/4 vote took thier right to help friends and family away at least legally speaking. So why not take action legally with class action lawsuit based on potential lost wages that those people already where forced to lose. My thought is You win that
  21. Hey guys, I’m looking for someone who installs irrigation watering systems for cannabis for residential. I’m new to this and I’m not home sometimes for days. Please let me know if you know a person or company who does this kind of work. Thank you ! God bless you all !
  22. On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with Catharine Dockery, a founding partner at Vice Ventures, a venture capital fund investIng in early-stage vice companies. She founded Vice Ventures at just 26 years old after repeatedly brushing against vice clauses at investment pitches which prohibited investments in traditionally “bad for you” sectors such as cannabis, alcohol, sex-tech, CBD, and more, culminatIng in the idea for the fund which exclusively invests in these sectors. Formerly an investment banker and a chief of staff for Bonobo’s co-founder Andy Dunn, she has raised $25 milli
  23. It's the same thing Prince Philip of France did to the Templars when he owned them too much.
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