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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs 3
      Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care!
      My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital.
      While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications you are currently taking", was honest and replied that he uses a topical marijuana oil. He used the oil at the recommendation of his primary care physician to help with his cancer and chronic pain. He had the oil in his belongings when he was brought to the hospital.
      The Registered Nurse at the hospital then called the Hospital Security Officer, who then confiscated the patients medical marijuana oil and called the police.
      Why is the Physician - Patient privileged relationship being violated like this? My client told his nurses that he was a MMMA patient, those same nurses told the HSO and police officer he told them he was a MMMA patient as well.
      So what gives? The police have the discretion to investigate or talk to people instead of making a case out of something. Why waste time on investigating a medical marijuana patient? The police officer sent the topical marijuana oil to the Michigan State Crime Lab for testing, coming back positive for THC. The police officer forwarded the lab report to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office for prosecution. The WCPO then filed charges against this MMMA patient. All for .5 oz of topical oil marihuana-infused product that the patient had in his bag.

      Of course the prosecutors office did not blink an eye, nor did they use prosecutorial discretion. They issued the charges and sent the warrant to me so that I could have my client turn himself in. This is called a pre-arrest investigation at my office. If you ever have a police interaction but are not arrested, it means they are waiting on lab results. After they get the lab results back , they send out the warrant and arrest you wherever they can find you. Be it at your Home, work, school or driving on the road. When they arrest you at Home, they search your house. When they arrest you at work, you may have to explain to your boss what happened. When they arrest you at school you will be embarrassed. When they arrest you on the road, either you have to get someone to pick up your car or they will tow it. They will search your car as well. Then you have to post bond to get out of jail too. So hiring an attorney that will handle all of that, so you can turn yourself in, not speak to the police, and be arraigned and have usually a personal recognizance bond (meaning you don't have to pay anything, just have to show up at your next court date) is helpful in avoiding a bad situation.
      This is happening in Ann Arbor of all places? The city that decriminalized Marijuana down to a $25 civil infraction fine? U of M is state property, since it gets state funding.
      My Advice? If you are a Patient or Caregiver (or not a patient/caregiver) , never admit to anyone that you are possessing marijuana. Marijuana is currently still illegal and currently there are still people who WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU for having marijuana.
      In this case the patient did not have his card at the time he was hospitalized, but registered with the state afterwards. We prepared a Section 8 defense to the crime of possession of marijuana and were ready to battle in court.
      Instead of our Section 8 evidentiary hearing, instead of the prosecutor wanting to cross examine my client's physician, instead of testifying and all of the pain of a Section 8 defense, we went with a quick Section 4 dismissal. The prosecutor was SHOCKED that my client could not be prosecuted due to having his card now.
      Judge agreed and the case is dismissed.

      If you were charged with marijuana possession or manufacture, give me a call. I will fight to get the charges dismissed. 18006563557 http://www.komornlaw.com 

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  2. STEVE HAGAR: "There are 50 million pot smokers in America ... and unless the government takes us all out and shoots us, we're not going to back down," he said. "We know the truth about marijuana We'll die for this cause”. A scarcity of internationally grown outdoor equatorial cannabis smuggled into the USA replaced by cocaine, created a demand for a domestic market… a Domestic indoor market…a Domestic indoor market identifying the hidden demand in the black market and monitored users and cultivators from start to finish‘The Government pushed growers indoors," sa
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  4. The concept of the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/ Suppression Program (DCE/SP) began in 1979 with combined Federal, state, and local eradication efforts in Hawaii and California. The DCE/SP has involved participants in all 50 states. To encourage participation in the DCE/SP, DEA provides financial assistance to state and local agencies that support the program. The participants shared $3.8 million in each of the past three years. During 1987, indoor cannabis cultivation emerged as a significant and increasing problem. During 1988, DEA deve
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  7. Yep, that is a pretty useful info for the guys that are just at the beginning of this beautiful road.
  8. That is the information I was in need, thank you man!
  9. Hi guys I’m back looking for some direction on finding reliable cuts from a local source. Please reach out if you can help. Thank you
  10. On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt with Montel, Kyle Kazan joins Montel to talk about his transition from education, to law enforcement to becoming the CEO of one of the most successful vertically integrated private cannabis companies, Glass House. Kyle began his career in education, then moved on to law enforcement where he developed an expertise in gang and drug identification and eradication. Soon thereafter, he became an advocate to end the war on drugs. In 1991 He began investing in distressed real estate and launched a total of 23 private equity funds. Today he is the CEO of Glass House,
  11. Please contact the poster via the private message area of this website poaching patients from others caregiver ads threads not cool .
  12. We are a grower of medical grade and looking for new patients and will help with getting your card. Any ideas on how to find new patients?
  13. PLANET GREEN TREES TV - Episode 486 Title - Tegridy Law Date – 10-15-20 ON THIS EPISODE Guests: Eric VanDussen – Videographer and Freelance Journalist – Benzie County Topics (no particular order) 1. Michael’s Rant 2. Lawmakers, police, governor warned in May about armed militia, threats 3. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Marijuana Case Challenging DEA’s Restrictive Classification 4. Om of Medicine employees allege toxic workplace environment 5. Senate Bill 858 - Introduced by Senator BARRETT - A bill to amend 1976 PA 390, entitled "Eme
  14. PLANET GREEN TREES TV - Episode 485 Episode Title – Steady As She Goes Episode Date – 10-08-20 On This Episode Topics (no particular order) 1. Michael’s Rant 2. CANNABIS BUSINESS LICENSE APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED EARLY 3. Ann Arbor, Michigan, decriminalizes magic mushrooms, psychedelic plants 4. Federal Workplace Drug Testing Proposal Could Discriminate Against People of Color 5. CDC Meets with Medical Marijuana Patients to Discuss Cannabis as an Alternative Pain Therapy 6. Cannabis Life Advice: When is it time to smoke less weed? S
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  16. Most likely it's just someone borrowing the name to make money off BS story.
  17. You can't find it because it's not true. It's like all the other BS flying around that's not true. Congratulations on educating yourself. Now if we could get rid of the rest of the BS we could all live happily in a society that doesn't thrive on total BS. Living on BS is not sustainable.
  18. How do you have any idea of what you are getting? Here in Michigan most everything you buy now at a real store is tested. Some online scam artist could send you some of that fake marijuana spice stuff.
  19. I cannot find the amount that each patient receives for free each month. I've read that everyone is allowed up to 10 ounces per month. I thought I read someplace that each patient gets like 1 or 2 ounces free per month from caregiver.... can someone plz validate this?
  20. I was just looking at this strain online at 315.. Choice Pinconning Paralyzer Sungrown Flower, is what they have. Same strain?
  21. Well, i am not really sure if these sites are legal, however there are tons of sites, where you can buy marijuana, and any kind of marijuana products. I actually used the services of a couple of these sites, and everything went just fine. However, recently i moved to Toronto, and i didn't know where the locals actually get the stuff. So i googled for some websites where i can order some weed. So i found mygreenmerchant.com, and i can tell you that they are really great, the stuff is awesome and the staff is really kind!
  22. Convenient maybe but can they deliver by mail within the hour?
  23. Just in case anyone is skeptical about what I wrote in the previous post about your cannabis limit. Here's a published quote from the Detroit News where attorney Matt Abel advises: Can I grow my own? By law, people can grow up to 12 marijuana plants per household, and if you grow your own, there's no limit to how much marijuana you can possess. The 12 plants should be indoors, or outside in a locked enclosure that is not easily visible from public areas. Growing on rental properties is subject to landlord approval.
  24. It depends on how long they are in the freezer. They slowly dry and expel their moisture onto the glass. I have had jars come out of the freezer that need very little dry time because they were in there for a year. I take the buds out of the jar right away and lay them on a flat surface. Within a few minutes you will be able to tell how much more dry time they need. Most of the time the buds need some more drying. I found that the best part about this technique is you don't have to worry about mold. Once those pounds are in the freezer it's like you put them in the
  25. I will try this drying technique on next harvest. Only a jar or two though. After taking out of freezer, will I need to finish drying the buds? Or do the buds slow dry while in freezer?
  26. Buying online it's much more convenient and faster than going to the store for it. I've been Smoking marijuana for 2 years. For the last six months, I've been buying marijuana online at a very cool place the best massachusetts cannabis dispensaries with the best prices. I started Smoking it because my doctor prescribed it for medical purposes. I didn't sleep very well, I had mood swings very often, and I was always stressed for reasons I didn't understand. So the doctor ordered me to smoke weed in small doses and I don't smoke often, but even so, it helped me a lot. I stopped suffering from in
  27. I have my own cryo cure procedure that I have been perfecting for large crops, poundage. First you wet trim off the large leaves and the small leaf tips sticking out of the buds. Then you place the buds on screens in a room with approximately 45 % humidity for two days or until you just start to feel the outside of the buds getting dry. Then you place the buds in jars in your freezer. You can leave them like that for just about as long as you want to. It's an ultra slow cure. You have to be careful when you take the jars out of cold storage. You must remove the
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