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  2. First positive dispensary experience.

    Thanks for explaining that difference Wild Bill ... I was curious about the very tight bud structure
  3. POST SEARCH SIGN UP Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed? C 6 • 0 • According to the available information, smoking cannabis shouldn’t prevent you from donating blood. However, if you’re visibly high when you show up to the clinic, your donation may not be welcome! Read on to find out more… What Do We Know? Well, if you’ve read our recent article How Long Do Cannabis Metabolites Stay In Your System?, you’ll know that THC only remains in the blood for around 12-24 hours after occasional use, and for around 2-7 days for heavier, more regular users of cannabis. So, if you really want to be sure that you don’t have any traces of THC in you blood when you donate, you can take a 7-day T-break and give blood at the end of it. But if you don’t take that T-break, can you (and should you) still give blood? Let’s take a look at what existing guidelines state in key locations around the world. In the UK, guidelines state that you must not give blood or platelets if: “You have ever injected, or been injected with, drugs; even a long time ago or only once. This includes body-building drugs and injectable tanning agents”. In the USA, the American Red Cross states that: “Those who have ever used IV drugs that were not prescribed by a physician are not eligible to donate. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis and HIV”. The Australian Red Cross states: “Maybe. It depends on the type of drug and how and when it was taken. If you have ever injected drugs not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, even once, you’re not eligible to donate”. As we see, there is no specific mention of cannabis use as a bar to donation. Furthermore, the reason that intravenous drug use is a bar to donation is more to do with the risk of infections being transferred than any inherent risk arising from the intravenous drugs themselves. So – in the USA & UK, as long as you’re not injecting your THC (please don’t do that…), you’re good to go! In Australia, although the wording is a little more ambiguous, it’s unlikely that cannabis use would be seen as a bar. However, it may be a different story if you’re under the influence of cannabis when you arrive. What If I Turn Up High To The Clinic? So if you’re a regular cannabis user, there’s no particular reason that you can’t donate blood. However, what could happen if you are deemed to be high at the time you show up to the clinic? Well, in Australia at least, they may for sure decline your offer to donate. They are ambiguous on whether recreational drug use in general in a bar to donation and they also specify: “We do not take blood from anyone under the influence of alcohol. This is because being intoxicated can affect your ability to understand and answer the donor questionnaire and declaration”. On this basis, they could argue that you didn’t have the capacity to make decisions if you were visibly high when you appeared. The American Red Cross “does not encourage the use of controlled substances, (but) marijuana or alcohol use does not necessarily disqualify you from giving blood as long as you are feeling well”. So if you’re visibly high, you may be deemed “unwell” by clinic staff. Furthermore, Bloodworks Northwest, another major US blood bank, states: “We cannot accept blood from anyone who is intoxicated with alcohol, cannabis, or prescription drugs because of the possibility of an unreliable history and the inability to give consent for the draw“. But they go on to state that THC testing is not required. The UK doesn’t state anything specific about intoxication. They recommend you don’t drink alcohol: “It is essential to avoid alcohol before and after donating as this may affect hydration levels and delay recovery” – but that seems to be more of a health concern than anything else. So for the most part, unless you are very obviously high, you’d probably be able to donate blood while under the influence of cannabis. But is that the best idea anyway? Maybe not. Cannabis & Hypotension Cannabis use can occasionally lead to the dreaded phenomenon known as the “white-out”, which involves dizziness, shakiness, pale skin, loss of balance, and even fainting. It’s usually temporary and is not dangerous in itself, but the loss of balance can cause injuries if the individual falls over, for example. Furthermore, it’s an unpleasant and worrying experience. So what connection does this have with blood donation? Well, a “white-out” occurs due to a rapid drop in blood pressure, particularly when standing up from a sitting or lying position. This is known as “orthostatic hypotension”. Another thing that causes a drop in blood pressure is, you’ve guessed it – donating blood. Sometimes, the process of giving blood causes effects very similar to a white-out: dizziness, faintness, loss of balance and so on. So, while there’s no direct evidence of cannabis use adding to this effect, it certainly seems to be a possibility. That shouldn’t put you off from giving blood, but it may be advisable to hold off on cannabis use for a few hours before and after donating, to avoid the possibility of ill effects. If you do feel faint after giving blood, whether you’ve used cannabis or not, the best thing to do is drink plenty of fluids and eat salty snacks. If you have used cannabis, sugary snacks may also help, as orthostatic hypotension and cannabis use may also be linked with low blood sugar. rtr
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  5. Cannabis Antedotes ?

    I've seen this before. It all comes down to: If you are too high, lie down and have someone squeeze lemons on your face. Still waiting for a chance to try it.
  6. Apollos

    Plants and final product shots .
  7. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    Glaucoma is already a qualifying condition.
  8. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    I don't see glaucoma listed.
  9. New Laws - What Happens to Caregivers?

    you should be fine with your 4 plants then because i think that is what they will try to limit us to.
  10. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    I don't waste the plant. I use all of it - roots and all. I'm a licensed caregiver and have 1 patient with cancer, anxiety and pain - my spouse. So it all started with the buds of course. But while trimming in veg tent, I started eating the leaves and found them palatable. Being Italian and Greek, I come from a long line of cooks who never use recipes. I started adding the leaves to our meals. Then I started using my ninja smooth boost extractor (turns anything into babyfood, including cell phones .... lol) to make the hubby smoothies he could keep down after chemo. To both of our amazement, he started getting better. So I started drinking them. And I started getting better. Its all become a huge snowball. There isn't anything we eat or use that doesn't have cannabis. Edibles. Drinks. Smoothies. Meals and snacks. Even spice blends. Dried ground cannabis is used like parsley. I make soap, lotions, salves, capsules, oils and so on. I even have a vet approved cbd strain I keep in veg for the pets. 10 years battling this illness and decades of pain and issues from a serious car accident as a teen. We don't have one store bought hygiene, medicine or cleaning product. We live as much of an all natural diet and lifestyle as possible. No meat or dairy (because of the hormones and antibiotics), no dining out or prepackaged foods (because of all the poison added for shelf life) ..... End result - 8 months shows healing for me. Hubby has been downgraded from stage 4 to 2. Passionate about cannabis is an understatement. The internet is a plethora of possibilities. But the mind is even greater. Be creative. Go where you never thought possible with cannabis. You will be amazed!!
  11. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    no, please do ramble. its interesting and reminds me of a question. do you use the cannabis roots at all? i am assuming you would pull them out of the ground , remove dirt, grind into a paste and either mix or dont mix it with something to penetrate skin (olive oil?). but i dont know if the roots have the same powers or maybe alkaloids that would upset skin. more research is needed! hah
  12. ran across this article about historical antedotes to cannabis intoxication / side effects. not sure if useful but here you go for funs. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3165946/ Taming THC: cannabis entourage compounds as antidotes to intoxication Various sources highlight the limited therapeutic index of pure THC, when given intravenously (D'Souza et al., 2004) or orally (Favrat et al., 2005), especially in people previously naïve to its effects. Acute overdose incidents involving THC or THC-predominant cannabis usually consist of self-limited panic reactions or toxic psychoses, for which no pharmacological intervention is generally necessary, and supportive counselling (reassurance or ‘talking down’) is sufficient to allow resolution without sequelae. CBD modulates the psychoactivity of THC and reduces its adverse event profile (Russo and Guy, 2006), highlighted by recent results above described. Could it be, however, that other cannabis components offer additional attenuation of the less undesirable effects of THC? History provides some clues. In 10th century Persia, Al-Razi offered a prescription in his Manafi al-agdhiya wa-daf madarri-ha (p. 248), rendered (Lozano, 1993, p. 124; translation EBR) ‘– and to avoid these harms {from ingestion of cannabis seeds or hashish}, one should drink fresh water and ice or eat any acid fruits’. This concept was repeated in various forms by various authorities through the ages, including ibn Sina (ibn Sina (Avicenna), 1294), and Ibn al-Baytar (ibn al-Baytar, 1291), until O'Shaughnessy brought Indian hemp to Britain in 1843 (O'Shaughnessy, 1843). Robert Christison subsequently cited lemon (Figure 3A) as an antidote to acute intoxication in numerous cases (Christison, 1851) and this excerpt regarding morning-after residua (Christison, 1848) (p. 973): Figure 3 Ancient cannabis antidotes. (A) Lemon (Citrus limon). (B) Calamus plant roots (Acorus calamus). (C) Pine nuts (Pinus spp.). (D) Black pepper (Piper nigrum). Next morning there was an ordinary appetite, much torpidity, great defect and shortness of memory, extreme apparent protraction of time, but no peculiarity of articulation or other effect; and these symptoms lasted until 2 P.M., when they ceased entirely in a few minutes after taking lemonade. Literary icons on both sides of the Atlantic espoused similar support for the citrus cure in the 19th century, notably Bayard Taylor after travels in Syria (Taylor, 1855), and Fitzhugh Ludlow after his voluntary experiments with ever higher cannabis extract doses in the USA (Ludlow, 1857). The sentiment was repeated by Calkins (1871), who noted the suggestion of a friend in Tunis that lemon retained the confidence of cure of overdoses by cannabis users in that region. This is supported by the observation that lemon juice, which normally contains small terpenoid titres, is traditionally enhanced in North Africa by the inclusion in drinks of the limonene-rich rind, as evidenced by the recipe for Agua Limón from modern Morocco (Morse and Mamane, 2001). In his comprehensive review of cannabis in the first half of the 20th century, Walton once more supported its prescription (Walton, 1938). Another traditional antidote to cannabis employing Acorus calamus (Figure 3B) is evident from the Ayurvedic tradition of India (Lad, 1990, p. 131): Calamus root is the best antidote for the ill effects of marijuana. . . . if one smokes a pinch of calamus root powder with the marijuana, this herb will completely neutralize the toxic side effects of the drug. This claim has gained credence, not only through force of anecdotal accounts that abound on the Internet, but with formal scientific case reports and scientific analysis (McPartland et al., 2008) documenting clearer thinking and improved memory with the cannabis–calamus combination, and with provision of a scientific rationale: calamus contains beta-asarone, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor with 10% of the potency of physotigmine (Mukherjee et al., 2007). Interestingly, the cannabis terpenoid, a-pinene, also has been characterized as a potent inhibitor of that enzyme (Miyazawa and Yamafuji, 2005), bolstering the hypothesis of a second antidote to THC contained in cannabis itself. Historical precedents also support pinene in this pharmacological role. In the firstt century, Pliny wrote of cannabis in his Natural History, Book XXIV (Pliny, 1980, p. 164): The gelotophyllis [‘leaves of laughter’ = cannabis] grows in Bactria and along the Borysthenes. If this be taken in myrrh and wine all kinds of phantoms beset the mind, causing laughter which persists until the kernels of pine-nuts are taken with pepper and honey in palm wine. Of the components, palm wine is perhaps the most mysterious. Ethanol does not reduce cannabis intoxication (Mello and Mendelson, 1978). However, ancient wines were stored in clay pots or goatskins, and required preservation, usually with addition of pine tar or terebinth resin (from Pistacia spp.; McGovern et al., 2009). Pine tar is rich in pinene, as is terebinth resin (from Pistacia terebinthus; Tsokou et al., 2007), while the latter also contains limonene (Duru et al., 2003). Likewise, the pine nuts (Figure 3C) prescribed by Pliny the Elder harbour pinene, along with additional limonene (Salvadeo et al., 2007). Al-Ukbari also suggested pistachio nuts as a cannabis antidote in the 13th century (Lozano, 1993), and the ripe fruits of Pistacia terebinthus similarly contain pinene (Couladis et al., 2003). The black pepper (Figure 3D), might offer the mental clarity afforded by pinene, sedation via myrcene and helpful contributions by ß-caryophyllene. The historical suggestions for cannabis antidotes are thus supported by modern scientific rationales for the claims, and if proven experimentally would provide additional evidence of synergy (Berenbaum, 1989; Wagner and Ulrich-Merzenich, 2009).
  13. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    Oh most definitely. I'm 500% on board for raising awareness, showing the proof I have of how cannabis heals Psoriasis and helping patients overcome a lifelong battle with a disease that has no cure. I moved back to Michigan 8 months ago with a cane, walker and wheelchair. And drugs that were killing me. Since growing cannabis legally (technically) and creating alternative methods with cannabis that does not involve smoking - I can walk now. I would love to be on top of this topic. Tell me more and I will do it!! Side note - a large part of the healing has been using veg trim leaves daily in my diet. Smoothies, salads, tea etc. I only mention this for anyone reading - if you have a heath problem, eat the leaves. So nutritious and better than store bought vitamins. Sorry for rambling.
  14. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    unfortunately the panel (and various department heads) have indicated a few times that it would absolutely not approve of mental conditions. we'll see how the anxiety petition goes.
  15. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    right, theres a few pieces of research i see. not much but anything is better than nothing. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27164964 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2757311/ there are more. i'll write up a petition. basically, all you have to do is print, fill out and sign page 3 of the petition form http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/lara_BHCS_MMMP_ReviewPanelInstructions_4-1-15_485883_7.pdf and then attach it to the petition i will write (along with the research papers i am getting). then submit it to LARA at the address provided in the above pdf. or you can send the signed form to us and we'll submit it with Michael as a second contact. would you want to do that , 420mama ?
  16. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    Thank you! Sadly, there aren't any studies ongoing right now. I'm very active in Psoriasis research and have participated in over 20 Psoriasis studies. None include cannabis - it's all big pharma meds. The most recent study in process is from Penn State. I'm in that one too. Meds are not the core focus for this study rather it's more of a data gathering from patients regarding what they have done, what works and what doesn't. I thought I would have a cannabis voice for this study but the iinterviews are very rigidly controlled predesigned questions.
  17. New Laws - What Happens to Caregivers?

    Thank you for responding. I would think there would have to still be caregivers for those who reside in rural areas and in areas without approved dispensaries.
  18. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    glad to hear it 420mama. arthritis is already a petition. hopefully it will cover all kinds of arthritis. i will look for studies on psoriasis + marijuana right now. the petitions will be submitted very shortly.
  19. BOB! hey bob! i got an idea tell the grower group to ban all pesticides and go for the clean system. basically use diatomacceous earth instead of pesticides. stick to worm castings and rock dust and compost tea , ignore synthetic nutrients!
  20. Yesterday
  21. nothing in the current law changes anything to do with caregivers. future is unknown. arizona made a new law banning home growing within 25 miles of a dispensary.
  22. need caregiver near Canton

    please contact me No private emails in open forum please contact poster via the private message center here at the website.
  23. high, looking for caregiver who can supply not only flower but, simpson oil for my tumor thanks
  24. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    I would like to be on the petition. Additionally, would love to see acute psoriasis (more than 70% of body affected) and Psoriatic Arthritis on the list. I've conducted my own studies and have visual proof both topical and internal treatment with cannabis works!! Considering I was on a $16,000 shot every 10 weeks for 8 years, now have no immune system, have to be tested for TB and cancer every 6 months because that shot causes both - cannabis should definitely be a medical choice for both of these lifelong debilitating and crippling illnesses. Image - left side of photo is of my leg for last 10 years. My entire body has looked like this for 10 years. Right side is result of 8 months of my own created topical cannabis salve and swallowing my own created cannabis capsules - daily. It works!
  25. Hello. New member here. I'm a licensed caregiver/patient with 1 additional patient - my spouse. I do not provide services to the outside to other patients although ive considered it and would like to. I do not grow more than 4 plants per cycle. I provide and use all medicine for ourselves in both dry, edible and concentrate formats. Basically, I grow for myself and my spouse patient - that's it. I set up this cycle to only support our internal medical cannabis needs. I do not advertise and no one knows what I do even though the state of Michigan recognizes myself and spouse as legal. I do not charge my patient (spouse). No money exchanges hands. There are no sales of any kind. So - my question is - when these dispensary laws get straightened out and put in place as law - what happens to me, the caregiver? And my patient, my spouse? Will i have to apply for a business license to keep doing what I'm doing? Or will I become illegal if I don't? Will we have to cease our own grow needs and purchase at dispensaries? I need to know so I can decide if we are moving out of state in January or are staying put in Michigan. Thank you in advance for any knowledge you can present. Anna
  26. Security Camera's

    They are the 1080p and 1 TB HDD system. I'll look for link and post. Link: https://www.lorextechnology.com/wireless-security-systems/wireless-security-camera-system-with-1080p-recording-resolution/LW1080-44W-1-p
  27. First positive dispensary experience.

    I only purchased some candy and some shatter. The herb I looked at seemed decent although some of it had clearly been mechanically trimmed so their were no visible trichomes. Smooth round nuggets instead of normal buds. I'm guessing that was where the jars of kief came from.
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