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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs
      After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine.
      A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge.
      Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges.
      Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? 
      The new law is similarly worded to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
      Whereas the MMMA says
      While the meaning of "under the influence" was not decided within the MMMA until 2012, with People v Koon, that was 4 years of police arresting patients for driving with marijuana in their blood.
      The court in People v Koon came to the conclusion:
      Ignoring that for a minute, the Michigan State Police have been tasked with sampling saliva during road side stops for a task force on marijuana driving. The task force was created in order to find a nanogram limit for THC in blood, even though 50 years of scientific research on the subject has consistently said marijuana does not affect driving.
      So my advice is, if you are a patient, keep the patient card active until the courts either give up on all marijuana issues, or at least this driving issue , or it is decided by the Michigan Supreme Court.
      Basically, until non-patients get a similar "People v Koon" ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, it is advised that any patients keep their cards to protect them fully under the MMMA.
      "Don't be the first person to test this in court."

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  4. I am a new Caregiver looking for a Patient in the Grand Rapids to Big Rapids area. I grow small batch cannabis in an indoor tent. I grow 100% organic using a super soil and LED lights in a very controlled environment. I currently have Norther Lights available with more in the tent. I have the following seeds you can choose also from. Northern Lights – 50-60 Days – Growers Choice Seeds Auto-Fem = 80% Indica /10% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis, low CBD, 19% THC. Northern Lights auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds offer users deep relaxation that can penetrate and relieve chronic pain and migraines, and alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition to the all-over relaxation created by the strain’s 80% indica make-up, users often experience a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm, thanks to the small amount of sativa present in the plant. Super Silver Haze – 60-70 Days – Growers Choice Seeds Photo-Fem = 80% Sativa / 20% Indica, low CBD, 16% THC. Known for its long-lasting, energetic high, Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds also give a nod to their latent Indica roots by mellowing out further on in the experience. This strain will start you off with a happy, uplifting sensation that will make you want to get moving, leaving all your stress and worries behind you. Stick to daytime use with this invigorating strain Lemon Haze – 65-85 days from seed to harvest – Flash Seeds Auto-Fem = 75% Sativa / Lowrider. The THC level is 17% with a lowly 0.1% CBD, indicating that this is an uplifting, motivational cannabis strain that is euphoric and excellent for social events such as parties. Therapeutically it is a very good day-time medicine that will lift low moods White Widow – 8 weeks Flower - Flash Seeds PHOTO-Fem = 20% THC, 60% Indica, 40% Sativa. White Widow is designed for the utmost potency rather than any complex flavor profile although the smoke is very smooth and satisfying. The initial hit comes on fast and strong, which can leave anyone but the most experienced canna-seur needing to sit down, but this then slowly evolves into a very relaxing high ideal for enjoying music Dream On – Jinx Proof Seeds – Ice Cream Dream + It’s It – 58 – 65 Days PHOTO = Indica/ Hybrid, Getting ready for adventure? You will need to pack this Indica-Hybrid to guarantee fun. This high is flexible, hit it lightly to enhance visuals and to obtain euphoria. Take a few extra to sink into a movie or your favorite couch. Smoke a bit more to take a cozy nap! Hubba Bubba – Jinx Proof Seeds – Fruddo + Bubba Kush – 60-68 Days PHOTO = 24% THC / 80% Indica, For some, this may be more of an evening use as it relaxes muscles and delivers a very heavy body high. An effective sedative for bedtime. But due to its positive mood enhancing effects, it is great anytime of day for the experienced smoker. The uplifting effects are useful for those challenged with insomnia, PTSD, depression, stress, anxiety disorders, muscle spasms and chronic pain. True Love – Jinx Proof Seeds – Juicy Fruit + Norton – 49 Days PHOTO = 70% Sativa / 30% Indica, 23% THC , This strain invokes a mild euphoria while creating a cerebral high that opens the door to creativity. Be prepared to feel happy and uplifted while experiencing a feeling of warmth from the full body buzz. Typically relieves nausea, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety and depression Stud Muffin – Jinx Proof Seeds – Super Lemon Kush + 9lb Hammer 65% Indica / 35% Sativa Sativa Scream – Jinx Proof Seeds – Twisted Tung – Jinx Proof Seeds – CBD Blueberry – Medical, Growers Choice – Photo - 80% Indica 20% Sativa, 7% THC and 7% CBD. Calming relaxing Happy Blueberry – Growers Choice – Auto, 80% Indica 10% Sativa 10% Ruderalis. 16% THC, Medium CBD levels, Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy Cream – Growers Choice – Auto, 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis – 16% THC Medium CBD Levels, Relaxing, Euphoric and Sleepy
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  6. No the young ones are not hearty enough to take it .
  7. Just whatever you think is needed to grow super strong, healthy plants. Healthy plants are the best offense
  8. It would be best to retain an attorney that you trust. It may cost a little more but a good attorney is the only friend you have in the criminal justice system. Why risk jail, fines , probation coasts, community service, drug counseling etc. just to save a few bucks in the short term. Kormorn Law is one of the premier cannabis law firms in the state. If they can't help you then they should be able to refer you to someone in your area. It sounds like any competent lawyer would be able to get the charges dropped or at least reduced. If they are charging him with having cannabis in his system when he has a medical card it should be thrown out of court anyway. Tell the court you aren't comfortable with the lawyer due to what you found in your research and ask for a delay so you can obtain proper representation. If you can't get an attorney before the court date "stand mute" when asked for a plea. The judge will enter a "not guilty" plea in your behalf. In my experience the courts are only shaking you down to see how much cash they can get out of you. Think of it as being way laid by gangsters looking for an excuse to rob you. Extend my best wishes to your son during this stressful time and best of luck fighting for your freedom.
  9. Let's Be Blunt with Montel Montel chats with JJ McKay, the Founder, and Publisher of the award-winning lifestyle platform, The Fresh Toast. The Fresh Toast provides information about culture, weed, celebrity, tech, and medical marijuana. With a mission that includes making the cannabis conversation mainstream, The Fresh Toast is the premier, comprehensive destination for discovering everything you’ve ever wanted to know about marijuana for the canna-curious, canna-newbie, or medical patient.
  10. Hi, my name is Jane. I've been a member of MMMA from the onset. Recently, my son Ethan, who is 19, was driving home to Kalamazoo, MI from Northern Michigan University after it was announced that school was postponed in mid-March. On his way home he was pulled over by police. He has a medical marijuana card, but didn't have any marijuana in his possession. He was given a roadside sobriety test and was taken to the nearest hospital for a blood test. Then he was taken to jail for the night. He has been charged with a OWI and his court date is June 9. According to my son, he was not read his miranda rights, and he was not under the influence when he was pulled over. A friend suggested that I reach out to this group as this may be a familiar situation, and help may be available. Ethan has a court-appointed attorney, but he googled him, and apparently the attorney and the arresting officer are connected socially. I'm not sure how to support my son through this. I don't want a small thing to turn into something that limits his options as he progresses through life. Also, he made the Dean's List both semesters his Freshman year. Thank you.
  11. Woww, I think that it is vrey true
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  13. Prosecutors announced they expect to dismiss possibly 91 more drug convictions tied to an indicted ex-Houston Texas police officer. A look back at botched Harding Street raid… The Harris County DA’s Office had announced in February it would dismiss 73 cases connected to the former officer, Gerald Goines, whose cases are being reviewed following a deadly drug raid. Goines’ work with the Houston Police Department’s narcotics unit has come under scrutiny following the January 2019 drug raid in which Dennis Tuttle, 59, and his wife, Rhogena Nicholas, 58, were killed. Prosecutors allege Goines, 55, lied to obtain the warrant to search the couple’s home by claiming that a confidential informant had bought heroin there. Goines later said there was no informant and that he had bought the drugs himself, they allege. Five officers, including Goines, were injured in the raid. In the 73 cases announced in February, Goines was the only witness to alleged drug buys. In the 91 cases announced Thursday, Goines wrote affidavits that were used to secure search warrants in drug cases. Police stop by your place uninvited? You are going to need a lawyer! Komorn Law handles all types of cases similar to police raids, marijuana arrests, criminal charges as well as DUI and Drugged Driving. Call Our Office 248-357-2550 before you swallow the prosecutor’s “plea bargain” hook, line and sinker. All of the individuals in the 164 cases being dismissed are minorities and the majority are African American, prosecutors said. “We will continue to work to clear people convicted solely on the word of a police officer who we can no longer trust,” said Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. “We are committed to making sure the criminal justice is fair and just for everyone.” Nicole DeBorde, Goines’ attorney, accused Ogg of using the ex-officer’s case for political gain. Ogg is up for re-election in November. HARRIS COUNTY D.A. KIM OGG DIDN’T DELIVER ON HER PROMISE OF REFORM. NOW ANOTHER ONE OF HER FORMER PROSECUTORS IS RUNNING AGAINST HER. Read More Here At Click2Houston Related News Reports Video Playlist of News Reports Latest News Reports 91 more cases connected to former HPD officer Gerald Goines could be overturned – May 21, 202091 additional drug convictions connected to officer charged in Harding Street raid to be overturned – May 21, 2020Looking Back – Individual Video News Reports HPD RAID: Harris Co. district attorney review widens to 2000 cases – Mar 4, 2019Timeline: What led to a botched HPD raid? – Mar 19, 2019Video by neighbor who witnessed portions of deadly botched drug raid in Houston – Apr 2, 2019Botched drug raid: Autopsy results – May 2, 2019Allegations of uncollected evidence after botched drug raid – May 6, 2019Harding Street raid fallout: District Attorney one-on-one – Aug 29, 2019Forensic investigator reveals his findings on the Harding Street raid – Nov 6, 2019The ex-husband of the woman who called 911 prior to the deadly Harding Street raid said she could be vindictive.Family of Harding Street raid victims want more answers from police – Nov 21, 2019The post 91 More Drug Cases Tied to Ex-Texas Cop to Be Dismissed appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
  14. I have 4x8 tents in both bedrooms. In bloom with temps too high in low to mid 80’s. Installed window a/cos and rooms are freezing, but didn’t make much difference. I run my lights at night. Two 600w HPS with air cooled reflectors, in line duct fans both sit on top of tent. One intake just blows air into the tent through ducting and the carbon filter is hanging with ducting from filter through both lights and out through exhaust fan and into bedroom. Another issue, why are both of my tents exhibiting positive pressure? They look like big balloons about to burst!
  15. Grow your own or get a caregiver either way will save you a ton of money over the storefront prices.
  16. I noticed the election bots are back. Just lookin' to start an argument.
  17. All of those treatments should only be applied topically to the plant, and only should be used to treat a problem that already exists (not prophylactically). Don't treat for fungus if you don't already have fungus. I only apply treatments to my vegetative plants, and never to my flowering plants. You don't need to apply anything to the soil.
  18. Growing cannabis was one of the most fun and rewarding things I have ever done. I highly recommend it.
  19. I would recommend that one or both of you get medical/caregiver cards. Then it becomes 12 plants per patient rather than 12 plants per household.
  20. I really hope that gun laws don't change too much in the US because I really love hunting and I don't want anyone to take that away from me. I own a few guns and I plan on having more and I only use them when I'm hunting My model is ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X and it is really good. I haven't paid too much for it and it really does a great job as a night vision scope. It is also good while using it at daytime and it's HD sensors really give you full HD resolution system. You can check out this hunting scope on ATN website, they sell a lot of different ones and they are all great quality.
  21. If you have the room to do it I would suggest you try growing your own. It saves you money and you always know where your meds came from and can be sure nothing harmful has been sprayed on it.
  22. I think recreational marijuana has more THC than medical. Medical hemp has more CBD use, and I think this is the main difference. When I was in Canada, I smoked a lot of recreational marijuana, and you know what? It helped me to understand a lot of hidden secrets about me. Actually, when you buy online from dispensary Toronto the weed is more effective. It gives a good high, that you feel like you are jumping in the sky. I've used this hemp with my gf, and I'm glad that this hemp gave us a lot of pleasure during the night...
  23. Antiseizure meds really are not very good for pets, they can make your dog aggressive and naughty. I had the same situation with my dog last year, he was suffering with seizures after a terrible fall in the garden. I had a lot of problems with him, but I didn't even think about antiseizure meds, because of it's impact. Goldendoodles are very pretty and energetic dogs, sincerely, I couldn't chose between this breed and labradoodles. For me it was a hard decision, but now I love my pet and will do everything possible to make him feel better!
  24. The Michigan AG filed charges against two technicians contracted to service all the DataMaster DMT breath alcohol testing instruments for the Lower Peninsula One device is at the Beverly Hills Police Department in Oakland County, the other at the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office. Michigan State Police’s Breath Alcohol Program says it found problems when conducting a routine review of records early on Jan. 2, Nessel’s statement said. They issued a stop order on the Intoximeters contract on Jan. 7. “Discrepancies in some submitted diagnostic reports came to light during a routine technical review by MSP’s Breath Alcohol Program on Jan. 2, 2020. Specifically, it is alleged that two of Intoximeters Inc.’s three technicians” Nessel’s statement said. If you feel like your datamaster breathalyzer test was done on a faulty machine or was false and would like to hire an attorney that will fight for you. You found him. Michael Komorn – provides DUI, drugged driving and criminal defense passionately an aggressively. Call Our Office 248-357-2550 or visit KomornLaw.com Michigan AG News Release May 22, 2020 LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday filed charges against two technicians contracted to service all the DataMaster DMT (DataMaster Transportable) breath alcohol testing instruments for the Lower Peninsula. The DataMaster DMT (often referred to as a breathalyzer) is the evidentiary instrument used by law enforcement across Michigan to measure the alcohol level of motor vehicle drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. The Michigan State Police (MSP) entered into a contract with Intoximeters Inc. that began Sept. 1, 2018 to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs, as well as 120-day on-site inspections on each of the 203 DataMaster DMTs in the state. Each technician was required to physically visit each site to conduct various diagnostic verifications, calibrations and repairs. Discrepancies in some submitted diagnostic reports came to light during a routine technical review by MSP’s Breath Alcohol Program on Jan. 2, 2020. Specifically, it is alleged that two of Intoximeters Inc.’s three technicians — Andrew Clark and David John — created fictitious documents to show they completed certain diagnostic tests and repairs on two DataMaster instruments for which they had responsibility for calibration and performance—one incident involved the DataMaster DMT instrument located at the Beverly Hills Police Department and the other incident involved the DataMaster DMT instrument located at the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office. Upon discovery of this issue, the MSP temporarily removed all instruments from service and launched an investigation, notifying both its criminal justice partners and the public of its discovery. The MSP promptly began working with the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Unit, continuing to demonstrate a steadfast belief that public trust and accountability are essential in government. The combined efforts of the MSP Breath Alcohol Program, MSP Fraud Investigation Section and the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Unit have culminated in the charges announced today. Following a four-month investigation led by the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Unit and the MSP, a total of nine felony charges were filed against David John, age 59, of Kalamazoo, and a total of six felony charges were filed against Andrew Clark, 53, of Oxford. Specific charges are as follows: Andrew Clark, charged in Eaton County: Two counts, forgery of a public record, a 14-year felony charge; Two counts, uttering and publishing, a 14-year felony charge; and Two counts, use of a computer to commit a crime, a 10-year felony charge. David John, charged in Kalamazoo County: Three counts, forgery of a public record, a 14-year felony charge; Three counts, uttering and publishing, a 14-year felony charge; and Three counts, use of a computer to commit a crime, a 10-year felony charge. “Those who hold positions of trust and responsibility at any level within our overall system of justice must be held to a high standard. When that trust is betrayed, it is incumbent upon my department to ensure accountability on behalf of the people of our state.” Nessel said. “I’m grateful for the Michigan State Police’s assistance in this investigation, and I know that the MSP and my Public Integrity Unit have handled this matter appropriately and in the public’s best interest.” “From the time we first uncovered discrepancies, the MSP was committed to conducting a complete and thorough investigation, and to being as transparent as possible regarding the outcomes of this situation,” stated Col. Joe Gasper, director of the MSP. “We recognize the critical role these instruments can play in drunk driving convictions and we are confident that a properly calibrated and maintained DataMaster remains an extremely reliable instrument.” Certified MSP staff have been performing the ongoing maintenance, repairs and 120-day inspections for all DataMaster instruments since Jan. 10, 2020, and will continue to do so. The State of Michigan’s contract with Intoximeter’s Inc. was officially terminated effective April 9, 2020. Clark has been arraigned in the Eaton County District Court and was given a personal recognizance bond. He is scheduled for a probable cause conference at 4 p.m. June 1. John will be arraigned at a later date due to reduced court operations related to COVID-19. Click here to view video from Attorney General Nessel. Note: A criminal charge is just an allegation and that the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. Related Operating the DatamasterDatamaster-DMT Acquisitions Recent Posts Charges brought on two technicians who allegedly faked tests on breathalyzer machines. Initial Study Says Cannabis Might Help Prevent COVID-19 Infections Scientists launch clinical trials to see if cannabis can be effective against the coronavirus Could Zoom jury trials become the norm during the coronavirus pandemic? Timeline in Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith Corruption Case Tags 2020 autism BMMR cannabis CBD corona virus corruption. prosecutors covid-19 DEA detroit dispensary DUI expungement forfeiture ginnifer hency hemp komorn komornlaw lara LARA ALERTS LARA Bulletin LARA FAQ Law law enforcement abuse laws legal Legalization marijuana medical Medical Marijuana Michigan MMFLA MMMA MMMA Regulations MRA news police politics Recreational Cannabis Remote science shattuck supreme court Traffic Stop Vote The post Charges brought on two technicians who allegedly faked tests on breathalyzer machines. appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
  25. Should I add some kind of bug killer, fungus killer or anything prophylactically to my soil prior to planting my seedlings? Neem oil or something else?
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