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SAVE The Caregiver-Patient System from The System

This topic was created out of the need to watch the corporate greed now rising in the cannabis industry and the attempts to monopolize the business for local and out of state individuals and companies. This forum will be highly monitored for factual data.  You are entitled to opinions of course but please do not personally attack an individual or business with out backing it up with facts. 


  1. Opening Statement

    Keep it factual and civilized or your post may be removed.  This forum was created to keep the cannabis industry from being taken over and monopolized by local and out of state corporations and make sure the caregiver-patient system continues.

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  2. Save The Caregiver-Patient System

    The caregiver-patient system is slowly being eliminated behind closed doors by politicians and corporations. Many, many people have suffered over many years to obtain this freedom to use marijuana medically as they see fit instead of pharmaceutical pills. Over regulations and corporate greed was not what the people voted for back in 2008.  Don't let them regulate it back into illegality and money grabs for the courts. Join the caregiver-patient coalition and let's save this system.

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