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Fall 2009 400W CMH Coco grow


Fall 2009 400W CMH Coco grow
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400W CMH in Sun Systems Super II hood, cooled by Stanley-type blower.

Coco croutons in 5" square pots. Yeah, ended up with big plants in small pots, but they seem happy.
Watered 1x daily by hand -- well water, H3ad's GH nute ratios, 6ml cal-mag / gallon added also.

A random variety of seeds from seeded outdoor crops of the last 2 years. Original seed stock included Nirvana Durban Poison, and a variety of outdoor stuff from Canadian breeders. Fast Manitoba, Manitoba Poison, Mighty Mite Crosses (small plants, I think I'm all done with those now...). Running this mess of seeds indoors only because my summer outdoor was a complete failure. Damn slugs!

30 plant SOG turned into 4 overgrown girls plus a few runts, after eliminating males (about 4 out of 30), and hermies (about 20 out of 30). Wow- might have to rethink how to apply Mendel's genetics here. I had figured seeds from hermies would be hermies themselves, but only 50%-75% of the time. I actually ended up with about 90% hermies from the hermie-produced seeds.


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