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Denali Healthcare of Michigan

Denali Healthcare of Michigan
Dr. Bob
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Dr. Bob
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Photos from Dr. Bob and Denali Healthcare.


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    • Wife is using a 650 ooze pen, not sure of hole size.
    • Since they updated this site, I have hard time finding your sites.
    • Looked on amazon for the ooze vape pens and having no luck. Maybe I don't know what I'm looking for. So I can use the oil extracted with 99 % alcohol for the pens? The oil is a lot thicker than oil we purchase in shops. Any suggestions for a good pen?
    • The carts I'm using have the 2mm holes. Alcohol extracted, 12 hour full extraction with heat, then double winterization filtered cannabis oil. Thick and dark.  Do a double cycle pre heat and it vaporizes great and it's a smooth hit. The only small problem is you have to hit it hard the first time because it's slightly plugging the breath hole until you get air through it. And don't tip it up, horizontal, or it gets on your teeth. Good for a laugh with a newby. Go look in the mirror. lol
      Man have we come a long way vaporizing cannabis oil. I can tell you some stories.. It's so easy now. 
    • A lot depends on the type of pen you are using. As you can see, I have used many different types. I discuss the different methods I use in more detail in my blog. Trial and error, and personal preference also plays a big part in techniques. 
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