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Sour Cherry Blow Pop ( aka Blow Pop OG )

Sour Cherry Blow Pop ( aka Blow Pop OG )

FIRE! SUPER LOUD! Smells Like Sour Cherry Blow Pop, Has a slight OG Chem Fuel aroma and has tasty Kushy undertone, But the Candy is what is def most dominate. The high can be very overwhelming with heavy medicating TRIPY or just a very interesting buzz when medicating lightly. It may cause severe visual distortions with a in and out of faze alignment affect. This is a ancient landrace strain brought here from Cydonia, it is grown by the natives of this region which lies on the the border, of the Arabia Terra highlands. There were 2 seeds found in the 1/2 and 1/4 bag that was purchased for $711.00 smackers at a rave concert at area 51 in y2k. There is only 1 seed left. The freakazoid I got the bag from said it was some of the best tastiest toke at the rave and claimed on the planet as well.

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