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Harvest at 60 days. Large fan leaves most all died, dry, brown, and crunchy. Why? Pretty sure it was imbalances in calcium and magnesium from starting without pre-treating the coco, then attempting to correct with too much cal-mag. Interesting that this only happened to the large fan leaves, all small leaves looked perfect throughout.


Hey, I'm putting up all the photos here, not just the pretty ones :)

From the album:

Fall 2009 400W CMH Coco grow

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is that the light or the fertilizer burning the leaves?when the leaves are dark green that signify that you are pumping them with nitrogen,yellow indicates you may need potassium or potash the plant actually speaks in color coated sine language being the color of the leaves indicates the fertilizers it needs or will not need as in 2 much.

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About those leaves ... I suppose I was learning a few things about coco and CEC (cation exchange capacity) in this grow. I started with rinsed coco, but I hadn't soaked the coco in nutes or cal-mag before planting. After about 4 weeks of flower these symptoms started to show up, and I was trying to play catch-up by adding plenty of cal-mag to the nute mix. I was likely adding too much calcium, since my well water measures out around 200ppm.


In my next grow (harvest pictures coming soon!) I was very careful to soak the coco in nutes and cal-mag, to start off with the coco's CEC in the right place. In that next grow I never added cal-mag after the initial dose, and never had any nutrient deficiency symptoms. Lesson learned: rinse and pre-treat your coco!


Thanks for the comments we_make_the_laws!

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