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This is a really easy to spot herb. Soft velvety buds heavily coated in trich's. Usually finishes within 8 weeks and turns light shades of lavander and purple towards the end. Droppin temps to 60 really pops the purple out, but probably takes a little out of the yield. This is another strain that absolutly MUST be topped in order to get any yield out of her. Single cola super cropped does work, but I have found actual topping and fimming to be the best. My experience with any Blueberry strain or cross has been like this, it needs to be topped. The pheno I have doesn't have a lot of the Blueberry taste but you can for sure tell its a widow cross. I find widow, kush, diesel, and anything sour has a very distinct taste trait. This is the same. Great for pain relief, insomnia, and muscle cramping. Tends to be a bit potent, the smoothness of it really tricks you into thinking otherwise. Nice quick effects.

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