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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs 3
      After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine.
      A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge.
      Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges.
      Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? 
      The new law is similarly worded to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
      Whereas the MMMA says
      While the meaning of "under the influence" was not decided within the MMMA until 2012, with People v Koon, that was 4 years of police arresting patients for driving with marijuana in their blood.
      The court in People v Koon came to the conclusion:
      Ignoring that for a minute, the Michigan State Police have been tasked with sampling saliva during road side stops for a task force on marijuana driving. The task force was created in order to find a nanogram limit for THC in blood, even though 50 years of scientific research on the subject has consistently said marijuana does not affect driving.
      So my advice is, if you are a patient, keep the patient card active until the courts either give up on all marijuana issues, or at least this driving issue , or it is decided by the Michigan Supreme Court.
      Basically, until non-patients get a similar "People v Koon" ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, it is advised that any patients keep their cards to protect them fully under the MMMA.
      "Don't be the first person to test this in court."

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  2. One caveat to dropping your card without a medical card if you get into an accident and they find THC in your system you might get charged for intoxication causing an accident with your card your allowed to have THC in your system at all times not sure if the law has changed since legalization has passed to my knowledge but the state had a zero tolerance policy for THC .
  3. Just before the voting last year I got a call from my mmj doc; $150.00. Now that recreational is legal and my card is about to expire I am seriously considering not renewing... then my doc called; another $150.00. I’m wondering if someone has put together a document that clearly outlines MMJ vs. Recreational and what each means, what changes, etc. Just looking for all the info in one place, if that exists. Thanks
  4. Spot on for most doctors. We are blessed with some doctors who have helping patients as their number one priority. They will be open to cannabis being in their arsenal as treatment for many health conditions that other drugs are 'incentivized' (pushed) for.
  5. Well in addition to cannabis being effective fighting against cancer cell growth, it also assist in the nausea associated with chemotherapy. Often times patients will get too weak to survive because they simply cannot eat. I have several relatives who are in the nursing field, and drug manufacturers(through pharmaceutical representatives) "buy" doctors. Think about it, why would a cancer specialist cut his wages offering an organic treatment, in which was never taught throughout the doctorate program? I think your best bet is to do all the research you can handle on cannabis and cancer cells before making your decision. It sounds like you need to convince yourself a bit more. And best of luck enduring Chemo without cannabis, if you choose to do so. BTW, I am originally from FL. They'd rather flood opiate scripts than other alternatives. Hence why I left there. Doctors are just as bad as street dealers. It's how they pay for the 12 years of college.
  6. Exactly what it does though, in my experience. Sounds like a textbook case of using cannabis oil to it's fullest potential along with conventional treatment.
  7. There is currently a lot of debate and confusion in the marijuana community surrounding the topic of increased or extended plant counts. Colorado Springs residents may not be clear on the rules for MMJ high plant count. The cap on the number of plants applies to each residence, or “housing unit”, regardless of how many legitimate medical marijuana patients reside in the home.
  8. no, I never tried an eclipse vape. Instead, I am using cucumber cooler vape which I bought from ECig-City discount code.
  9. That isn't evidence that the RSO helped (or hurt). Just sayin'.
  10. Last week
  11. Always thought that specific claims re indica effects vs sativa effect were BS.
  12. I am a registered card holding patient in SW MI (Near Kalamazoo/Portage) and I am looking for an experienced caregiver.
  13. This confirms my experience that the difference between the two is not so cut and dried (yuk yuk). https://slate.com/technology/2019/04/indica-sativa-difference-cannabis-weed-science.html
  14. I'm using 3 kinds of smaller led's. (1) 11band Diamond Series clone, (2) 11band 6 pod apollos, and a couple 3000k 300w Cree COB's. I've always had great results using one light per plant. All in all, all LED's work. Some produce a denser flower than others.
  15. At one time I helped someone beat leukemia, and he had a very aggressive form. His health rapidly declined in 4 months, and was darn near bed-ridden. He only needed 10grams of RSO, and used that along with his chemo treatment. Bounced back by the time the oil was gone. Hopefully this helps. Good luck, and trust the plant.
  16. That's a tough question because no one can tell you the correct answer! Not your doctor and not RSO advocates. My 2 cents would be to ask your doctor about what kind of progression you can expect if left untreated by radiation. If it isn't something you have to worry about in the next few months, you may want to try RSO topically and keep monitoring the progression. But you would also need a sympathetic doctor. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  17. Kushfest was today in Clio also. Anyone attend?
  18. Happy 420. Dispo has a 420 discount party with food trucks and raffles in Bay City Mi.
  19. I can get a solid 750 PAR in a 4 x 6 with 3. Meter verified. You can stretch it easily to 4 x 8.
  20. An organic soil can be amended with only a handful of ingredients, such as the following: Compost. An organic base material such as peat moss or coco coir. An aerating agent such as perlite or vermiculite. Begin with mix your base 1 part compost of your choice. 1 part coco coir and/or peat moss. 1 part perlite.
  21. I bet one quantum board would smoke this light. QB288s are on sale for like $50. www.horticulturelightinggroup.com Top of the line LED. 2.6uMol/J not chinese junk.
  22. these lights look like junk and i guarantee their PPFD is nowhere near what a quality LED is. Look at their deceptive marketing practices. 1500w ?? what? No. its 2.3amps, so like 250watts. I wonder what the PPFD is for 250watts. I'm pulling over a lb per HLG 550 and they run 480 watts at the plug and cover a 4x4 area 2.6 uMOL/J. 2.6 uMOL/J. 2.6 uMOL/J. What is the PPFD of these junk lights? dont waste your money.
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