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    Saw this on MichiganHempIndustries.com and thought it made sense. MARIJUANA ATTORNEY CLONES The “marijuana” attorney clones are spawning out of mist to hop on the cannabis train that very few lawyers, activists and victims of the system struggled to get a seat on. Those people are the ones that fought all along for the rights of those charged with marijuana “crimes”, fought for medical marijuana and exposed themselves to the public to eventually get marijuana recognized enough as OK to be recreational. These few attorneys know and understand the community and have been part of the community. The lawyers now appearing out of thin air as “experienced” and marketing for a page 1 slot position in a Google search have not been in the trenches. There are some that fought from the shadows and offered support, but they gained no experience from not facing the challenges. Some attorneys viewed these types of cases as a quick income and knew well in advance they were going to plea out. The new marijuana laws are intricate, evolving to adapt and require special attention to understand. You want someone who knows the inner workings of state and local governments and the laws where your business operates. Thinking of starting a cannabis related business in Michigan? Contact Komorn Law 800-656-3557. But first do your homework like the article says. It’s OK we welcome it. Start at the bottom of this page. Finish the article first! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Before hiring an attorney or legal consultant don’t believe the hype they put out. Do your homework and check to see if the lawyer you’re looking at has some connection to the community and has focused their practice around marijuana. It doesn’t mean they should be 100% focused on it but a sizable portion of their practice should be the main focus. CHECK THEM OUT If they claim to be part of the community – check it out. Ask people in the cannabis community who they would refer or go to. Then ask why and what their experience was with the attorney. If the attorney claims victory after victory with little or no information (yes – there are privacy issues) something may be off. One could make stories up all day long. WHAT ELSE DO THEY DO Do they upload videos to you tube? Do they have a radio show? What do their reviews look like? Do the reviews look real? Look into it. This is the person that’s going to be the one who has your back, keep you safe and stand up for you if you screw something up. WORD OF MOUTH This article could go on and on but by now you should have been motivated to do your homework and make some good choices. This article was not made for SEO and Googlized to be #1. It was made make you think and be proactive. Remember word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. The best thing to do is just ask the people who were already there and happy with the results. Then dig deeper. Oh yeah…RIP- Stan Lee. About Komorn Law Komorn Law has represented numerous clients through the legal chaos of starting up a business in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Industry as well as consulting and legal representation for Medical Maruhuana Patients and Caregivers. If you or someone you know has been arrested as a result of Medical Marijuana, DUI, Drugs, Forfeiture, Criminal Enterprise or any other criminal charges please contact our office and ensure you’re defended by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Michael Komorn is recognized as an expert on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He is the President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group which advocates for the rights of medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. Contact us for a free no-obligation case evaluation 800-656-3557. Follow Komorn Law Facebook Twitter You Tube Komorn Law Blogs MMMA Planet Green Trees (Law Topic Radio Show) Legal Defense Alliance (Pre-paid Legal Assistance) Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (Forums) This page is for informational purposes only. Laws, regulations and the world change routinely, therefore we insist you consult an attorney for the most current legal information. The post Do Your Homework Before Hiring the Right Attorney For Your Cannabis Business appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    New info coming in: On the local news they said that 'The Dispensaries' can get medical cannabis from other sources than State sanctioned grows now as a reprieve from having no supply. They said that all the dispensary has to do is provide all patients with the disclaimer that the cannabis doesn't come from Michigan State sanctioned grows. Sounds good to me...
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    Implications for Patients!

    Not really sure what qualifies as "medical grade cannabis", but having your card let's you: 1) use a dispensary (it will take a while for recreational stores to be widely available) 2) pay 6% sales tax, rather than 6% plus 10% excise tax 3) have a better legal defense if stopped while driving and test positive when given a BOGUS metabolite test 4) use your card in other states that don't have rec M but have medical M and reciprocal agreements with MI
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    If you're heating alcohol to do the extraction it should decarb during the process.
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    There are strains that are high CBD low THC. The Attitude Seed Company has many available. The method you have mentioned can naturally decarb over time, and no longer be non-psychoactive. It would be best to invest into a high CBD strain. THC strains are low in CBD.
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    In my experience, it is much better to decarb after, with one exception, if the buds were already naturally decarbed. Decarbing before vaping, I do not recommend. Vaping oil that has been decarbed first will be more harsh and gag you, and most of the terpenes will be gone due to the heat decarbing process. Winterizing can smooth the hit, but also removes flavor, terpenes, and other medicinal properties. When ingesting winterized oil, it alters the buzz effects, for me, it is more visual. As far as grinding or leaving whole before solvent, that depends on your extraction method. I have never used one of those extracting machines, so I cannot comment on that process. I do everything by hand and leave the buds whole. My buds are bone dry, jarred, and placed in the freezer at least 2 days before extracting. I also put the solvent in the freezer so the temperature will be the same. When I add the solvent to the buds in the jar, they pretty much dissolve off the stems when I shake the jar. Then filter and continue the process. All in all, it boils down to personal preference. Try different methods, and stick with what you like. I have more detailed information about my extracting methods and experience with vaping oils in my blog.
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    https://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/11/legal_marijuana_tax_revenue_wo.html A bill proposed by outgoing Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, would significantly change the voter-approved recreational marijuana program in Michigan, including by drastically lowering the tax revenue the state is set to receive. Proposal 1 passed with 56 percent of the vote Nov. 6. It will take effect next week. Meekhof, R-West Olive, introduced the bill Thursday. In addition to lowering the tax rate from 10 percent to three percent, the bill cuts out Michigan's schools and roads from receiving tax revenue from legal marijuana. The state's six percent sales tax would still apply, said Amber McCann, Meekhof's spokeswoman. "It's disrespectful to the political process and it's disrespectful to the voters of Michigan," said Josh Hovey, spokesman for the coalition behind the ballot proposal, of Meekhof's bill. "The people of Michigan have spoken. They knew what they were voting on." Tax revenue from marijuana sales could reach $287.9 million by the time the market matures in Michigan under the tax structure in Proposal 1, according to a Senate Fiscal Agency analysis. It's unclear how much revenue Meekhof's proposal would draw. State estimates legalized marijuana could bring in $287.9M in new tax revenue New tax revenue estimates from the state show more tax revenue potential in legalizing marijuana. Under Proposal 1, Michigan has one of the lowest tax rates on adult-use marijuana in the country. Under Meekhof's proposed bill, Michigan would have the lowest tax rate in the country. The bill redirects the revenue to municipalities (25 percent), counties (30 percent) and county sheriffs (5 percent) that have marijuana facilities, and 30 percent for state police, police training and first responder disability benefits. Meekhof's bill, Senate Bill 1243, proposes other major changes to the voter-approved Proposal 1; including eliminating the ability for individuals to grow marijuana at home and cutting out a micro-grower's license. Proposal 1 allows for individuals to grow up to 12 plants at home, and up to 150 plants at home with a micro-grower's license. "I personally have concerns with the home grow part of it, we've left that wide open on the back side there," Meekhof said to reporters before Thanksgiving. "I don't know that this state would hire folks or locals would hire folks to go around and see if everybody is only growing 12 plants." Meekhof said he doesn't envision people lining up to pay taxes on marijuana when they can grow their own at home. "I've just thought that was irresponsible from day one," said Scott Greenlee, president of the opposition campaign to Proposal 1, about home cultivation of cannabis. He applauded Meekhof's efforts, and said: "Many real estate folks I've talked to have great concerns about what that will do to housing prices." Of the 10 states and Washington D.C. where adult-use marijuana is legalized, just one state -- Washington -- does not allow for growing at home. "We were trying to move forward in a fair way to allow small business to flourish," said Matt Abel, a cannabis lawyer and one of the authors of Proposal 1. "The Republicans will tell you they support small business; well that's not true. It's clear that the Republicans don't want us to have marijuana until they can sell it to us." Meekhof's proposed bill mainly attempts to make recreational marijuana more similar to the medical marijuana program that's in place: large portions of Senate Bill 1243 have seemingly duplicate portions of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act of 2016. Namely, Meekhof wants to put the control of licensing recreational marijuana businesses under the control of an appointed board and subject applicants to the same stringent licensing application process. The Medical Marihuana Licensing Board has come under heavy scrutiny from industry operators, as the medical program has been slow to launch and is barely functioning. Medical marijuana shortage pushes officials to consider breaking their own rules Lawyers say it's an ironic suggestion that could land caregivers in jail. The bill also proposes changes to the way municipalities decide whether to allow businesses to open up shop, and would remove the ability for citizens to challenge their local government's vote by placing an initiative on the ballot. "I think it's a Hail Mary attempt to satisfy some big business interests and wealthy donors who want to get into the industry," Hovey said. It will be a heavy lift for Meekhof to get the votes needed to change Proposal 1. Once the people of Michigan vote to put a law in place the legislature needs a three-fourths vote to change it, instead of the simple majority that is usually required. Republicans have majorities in both chambers but would need votes from Democrats to get to that number -- particularly in the House of Representatives. "Those others who are starting new terms in January should think twice about tinkering with this without consulting those of us who wrote it," Abel said. "The sentiment in the community is no way in hell is [Meekhof] going to get the votes in the House." That math is part of why the legislature earlier this year proposed adopting the measure themselves, making it easier to amend with a simple majority. But ultimately Republicans in the House didn't support the plan, and it fell apart.
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    Only thing you have to watch out for is dose. If you see a large bottle of cbd oil in the store, it can be a lot of filler and only a few hundred mg of CBD. you need something at least 200mg 2-3x day of CBD to even have a therapeutic effect. CBD + THC can take less of because they work in tandem. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30402932 There are hundreds of compounds found in the marijuana plant, each contributing differently to the antiepileptic and psychiatric effects. Cannabidiol (CBD) has the most evidence of antiepileptic efficacy and does not have the psychoactive effects of ?9 -tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD does not act via cannabinoid receptors and its antiepileptic mechanism of action is unknown. Despite considerable community interest in the use of CBD for paediatric epilepsy, there has been little evidence for its use apart from anecdotal reports, until the last year. Three randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials in Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome found that CBD produced a 38% to 41% median reduction in all seizures compared to 13% to 19% on placebo. Similarly, CBD resulted in a 39% to 46% responder rate (50% convulsive or drop-seizure reduction) compared to 14% to 27% on placebo. CBD was well tolerated; however, sedation, diarrhoea, and decreased appetite were frequent. CBD shows similar efficacy to established antiepileptic drugs. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS: Cannabidiol (CBD) shows similar efficacy in the severe paediatric epilepsies to other antiepileptic drugs. Careful down-titration of benzodiazepines is essential to minimize sedation with adjunctive CBD.
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    Drug-sniffing dogs that are trained to detect marijuana are complicating searches where pot has been legalized. That’s forcing some into early retirement. The article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/24/business/marijuana-legalization-police-dogs.html
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    It's not the taxes that will take away our rights. It's the very shaky foundation it's all built on when they lie about the ingredients. If they know it or not they are pushing the 'all you want to do is get high on THC' and 'you can't drive with THC in your blood'. When you succumb to false accusations and bad double standards, no matter what you get out of it, you go backwards in the long run.
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    After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine. A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge. Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges. Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? The new law is similarly worded to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Whereas the MMMA says While the meaning of "under the influence" was not decided within the MMMA until 2012, with People v Koon, that was 4 years of police arresting patients for driving with marijuana in their blood. The court in People v Koon came to the conclusion: Ignoring that for a minute, the Michigan State Police have been tasked with sampling saliva during road side stops for a task force on marijuana driving. The task force was created in order to find a nanogram limit for THC in blood, even though 50 years of scientific research on the subject has consistently said marijuana does not affect driving. http://komornlaw.com/35-years-research-reports-driving-cannabis-marijuana/ http://komornlaw.com/mmma-court-case-library/ So my advice is, if you are a patient, keep the patient card active until the courts either give up on all marijuana issues, or at least this driving issue , or it is decided by the Michigan Supreme Court. Basically, until non-patients get a similar "People v Koon" ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, it is advised that any patients keep their cards to protect them fully under the MMMA. "Don't be the first person to test this in court."
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    It can identify cognitive impairment but not from what. Interesting idea but why is it linked to marijuana? There are millions of things that could impair a person. Marijuana is way down the list. Better start at the top of the list with most all pills. Once you weed out ALL the pills then make your way down the list and check marijuana. At that point you will have already eliminated 90 % of the impaired drivers. The rest are texting. eating, picking their noses, or retrieving things off the floor. People are bad drivers and marijuana is a good drug. Why hook the two together?
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    No doubt EVERY adult can have 10 ounces beginning Dec. 6th. That part doesn't need any 'playing out'. It's the law. I don't think adding another 2.5 is going to be helping many people. It's a pretty small window, 10 -12.5. So there really isn't much to 'play out'.
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    Some of us grow high CBD stains for our patients. I have a seizure patient who uses Cannatonic to help with the seizures. Sometimes mixing with a high THC strain. Star Tonic is another one for a high CBD content. Most growers do not bother with the high CBD as the demand is very low. CBD has been a staple in my garden for years.
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    I watched the YouTube unboxing video. Looks good. The guy suggests a Buchner filter set up to make filtering quicker and easier. You can get all the parts for that on eBay. I use a seal-a-meal for a vacuum source. You would want to make sure your cannabis is as dry as possible before the wash because the alcohol will pull water out of cannabis and that will/may end up in your oil.
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    I would rather just share my successes and how I did it. Very simple and positive. That's how I like to live. If you have problems and make some oil that you don't like I can help you improve it. I have had great success with all types of oil and processes. Some ways are a little more challenging than others. I felt bad for you when you wrote about your failures. That's why I gave the advice. Not for some sort of 'measuring contest'. Just honest to goodness free help.,
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    I guess what I left out is you definitely can make some terrible oil that doesn't work good for anything.... Some blame the process if they haven't had success with that process. If you haven't made a lot of oil a lot of different ways you might have some misconceptions about what works and what doesn't from failures due to things outside the process. It's easy to make oil that gags you or makes you feel bad. But that's what we are trying to avoid with advice from people who have had success.
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    Them Blues Singing Their Sweet Sound

    Good to see you Taj
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    Just spewing vagueness again. Put your big boy pants on (and a belt). Go to a real dispensary. Start with Dispo. Actually go in the door. Take your time and pick something out that looks good to you (with your infinite cannabis knowledge). Then do a real report. If there's mold then prove it. Otherwise you are just a wisecracker liar for money. Look; We have had an endless stream of wisecrackers saying their caregivers are not covering them. I'm sick and tired of it. So dispensaries helping out with that are a Godsend. I have made sure that what they are selling is worth having. Went out of my way and spent some serious time and money to find out. So we have an alternative to bad caregivers (if there actually are any). Found a way around all the biotching and moaning. Now you come here and try to smear the best avenue to help patients who can't get/find a caregiver. I don't give two hoots whether any of y'all are real. I do care about the fact that I have found a viable alternative to combat the problem whether it's real or not. So we have a solution, I know that for a fact because I went to a bunch of dispensaries and found out. No way you are going to spoil that here.
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    Wild Bill

    Bud porn !

    This is a freebie from Canuk Seeds. Their version of White Widow. A very pretty plant.
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    If you look at how the expensive designer drugs work you will see that cannabis does the same thing in the same way. Advair for asthma, cannabis does the same thing. Entercepts for arthritis, cannabis does the same thing. They have been mimicking what cannabis does for a long time whether they know it or not. Look to the artificial drugs they have invented to see how they work to learn about how cannabis works with your body.