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    6 Defendants, 3 law firms, a "million dollars" of marijuana. The headlines write themselves. Were we in for a fight to the death? Not with me on the case. Other counsel were ready to fight this in circuit court, it was my idea that we should try to get this entire case dismissed at the district court level. The plan worked, all charges dismissed. The judge was also very smart, writing a complete thoughtful opinion so that if this case does get appealed, the issues will be clear. https://www.benzinga.com/government/18/07/12026544/detroit-judge-throws-out-1m-marijuana-case-in-the-interest-of-fairness Read more about how this all started. Why is Detroit raiding businesses that they licensed?? https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/07/detroit-police-gang-unit-raids-black-owned-operated-marijuana-warehouse-and-arrest-6/
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    My Landrace Paki's

    These are being used by 2 breeders currently not sure if either has released crosses on them since I've been outta the loop for a while. One of which is G.O.D. He was given 10 to sort through from a mutual friend with the promise he wouldn't work them. Yea, 6 months later I see them due to release crossed to Aliendawg. Heard the keeper pheno was re-named and has been getting passed around out West. To date of the 20 I gave away I am aware of 5 stellar keeper phenos. All of which having Afghanica characteristics. Pure Landrace from Peshawar Pakistan I'll try to keep this short... So was talking a few months ago at a Dr Clinic at the club and had the opportunity to sit down with an ex marine who was stationed neat Peshawar on the Afgani/Paki border. He described watching the women of the village process cannibis plants all day long. And how the men sat in tents all day pressing and smoking it. At any rate during his time there walking around he ended up near one of the processing piles. This pile was a pile of seeds. He grabbed as many as he could. About a small handful. And managed to keep them safe until getting them back to the states. He promised me a few for preservation purposes. Never thought I'd hear back from him until Wednesday night he strolls into the club and hands me a small ziplock baggie containing 61 seeds. He said he grew one outdoors and it turned purple so he brought it indoors stressing it to the point of death. He felt like bunny muffin for doing such a crappy job and wanted to make sure they were takin care of properly. At any rate was curious if any xxxxxxxx had any exp. With hash plants from this region. Thanks __________________ Friends are like seeds. Run Through Hundreds, To Find A FEW Keepers... UG
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    The University of Michigan is currently enrolling patients in two studies on cannabis and its use in the management of chronic pain to garner additional insights into how cannabis use affects pain management, quality of life, and the use of other pain-relieving medications. https://www.projectcbd.org/sobre-cbd/clinical-research/study-cannabis-and-chronic-pain-management https://oaksterdamuniversity.com/university-of-michigan-medical-cannabis-survey/ Study 1: In this study, you will be asked to complete an online anonymous, confidential survey. Eligibility: Anyone who uses cannabis for chronic pain and has a medical cannabis license OR who uses cannabis medically in a state with recreational cannabis can participate by clicking this link. The password is UMsurvey. Study 2: In this study, you will be asked to complete online anonymous, confidential surveys at baseline (within the next week), as well as 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after the initial survey. Study participants will be compensated after completing each survey: $10 after the first survey, and $10 after each follow-up survey. Eligibility: You are eligible to participate in this study if all the conditions below are met: 1. You are 18 years of age or older. 2. You have a medical cannabis certification in your state of residence. 3. You either have been using cannabis for chronic pain main management for less than six months OR you plan to but have not started using cannabis for chronic pain management. If you think you will not be able to participate at all follow-up points, please do NOT participate in this survey. If you fulfill all these criteria and are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Kevin Boehnke PhD at kboehnke@med.umich.edu.
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    When legalization passes in the fall ANYONE can give/transfer without renumeration up to 2.5 ounces to any other adult.
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    Yes, sink some struts into the ground and weld/tie the dog kennel to the struts and then fill back with dirt and or some bags of concrete, so no one can pull it up.
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    Yes if using a grow tent or pop up greenhouse, a pad lock would be useful on the zippers. But you should have a material "similar" to chain link fence, wooden slats (fence) etc. Strong.
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    If the material keeps out the general public. If the material prevents police or general public from lifting it up and reaching under/over. Is there a mesh size requirement? it has to be smaller than a human hand, or, far enough away from the plants, that no one can reach inside and grab. For example if you used cattle wire, which allows humans to reach through, the plants have to be outside of the reach. It is all about "access".
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    PGT #394 - This Must Be the Place

    PGT #394 - This Must Be the Place View the full article
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    Could Cannabis Help Relieve Symptoms of PsA?

    My grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis and uses marijuana to treat it. makes her fingers and joints feel better. You could always try it and see if it helps for you. Won't hurt anything. Start small and use lotions and balms.
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    PGT #393 - To preserve the public health, safety, or welfare View the full article
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    Changes are afoot at LARA. I suggested this a few times to LARA, that they should use the same online registration that Physicians, Pharmacists and Nurses use at LARA to register for licenses online. Also that we should switch to paper licenses, instead of the hard plastic cards. If the paper licenses are good enough for Pharmacists, Physicians and Nurses, they are good enough for Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers. Why waste time and money on certified mail, lost mail, postage, calling to check on paperwork, missing check boxes and missing signatures and all of those paper cuts and copies? LARA has to scan all of those documents, and keep them forever too. LARA HAS ISSUED NEW PATIENT FORMS , PLEASE USE THE NEW FORMS OTHERWISE THEY MAY REJECT YOUR APPLICATIONS. https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571-472407--,00.html
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    Michael Komorn

    Plant count

    More court cases here http://komornlaw.com/mmma-court-case-library/
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    Michael Komorn

    Plant count

    2 When root balls or root hairs have formed on the cutting. People v Ventura, 316 Mich App 671 (2016) http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/P-v-Ventura.pdf
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    the doctors are not even taught about the endocannabanoid system. I'm not sure how they can even give a diagnosis relating to it when they know nothing about the system. this almost sound like a joke. the problem is your smoking weed you smelly hippy! quit smoking and take a shower and it will go away!
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    Help Finding A Good Vap.

    Stay away from the Vapir One. It is junk. The best I've found is the Volcano.