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    Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about her just the other day. As far as the sugar addiction, my thought is that since she was taking steroids, that is what prevented her from kicking it. I have seen first hand how steroids can drastically affect one's appetite and cause much unwanted cravings.
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    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    One or the other. You can't add the totals together. Both laws are 'total possession' of the one person. Pick your path and stick with it, keep your story straight and true. Keep saying that you can't stay in compliance with the plant count too high and they will fix it. Just stay quiet and happily keep your harvest private.
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    cancer cure oil

    My dad was diagnosed with brain tumor in March 2018 and since then we have done chemo 3 times but the cancer stays behind. A few months earlier, I heard about cannabis oil and its healing effect a i contacted him via email at: ricksimpsonoil007@gmail.com And my dad started treatment immediately with the cannabis oil, after using the cannabis oil for treatment at the prescribed time by Rick, He was completely cured and as I write now, my dad can walk around the house without any support from anyone and go out anytime he chooses.contacted him via email at: ricksimpsonoil007@gmail.com
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    Judges in Seattle have decided to vacate the marijuana convictions of hundreds of people who were penalized for pot possession before the state made marijuana legal in 2012. According to the Seattle Times, in April, city attorney Pete Holmes filed a motion asking the city’s seven municipal court judges to vacate the convictions of anyone charged with misdemeanor possession between 1996 and 2010. Holmes, who was elected in 2010, decided to stop prosecuting minor marijuana offenses when he took office. “Inasmuch as the conduct for which the defendant was convicted is no longer criminal,” read the judges’ order, “setting aside the conviction and dismissing the case serves the interests of justice.” Have you been charged with a drug crime or violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act? Remain Silent and Contact Komorn Law Immediately to protect your rights and freedom 800-656-3557. On Monday, all seven judges passed the order (pdf). The order also noted: Possession of Marijuana charges prosecuted in Seattle Municipal Court between 1996 and 2010 disproportionally impacted persons of color in general, and the African American community in particular. Of the over 500 cases involved in this motion, the racial demographics of defendants were: 3% Asian, 46% black, 46% white, 3% Native American, 2% unknown. The Court makes no finding that these numbers are 100% accurate, or that individual defendants were specifically impacted because of their race. City officials estimate that 542 people will be affected by the motion. Those affected by the order will be notified by mail and will have 33 days to object to having the charge removed or request an individualized filing. Those who want the charges removed from their records will have to do absolutely nothing. “For too many who call Seattle home, a misdemeanor marijuana conviction or charge has created barriers to opportunity—good jobs, housing, loans and education,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, About Komorn Law Komorn Law has represented numerous clients through the legal chaos of starting up a business in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Industry. If you or someone you know is facing charges as a result of Medical Marijuana, DUI, Drugs, Forfeiture, Criminal Enterprise, etc. Please contact our office and ensure you’re defended by an experienced lawyer in the evolving laws. Lead attorney Michael Komorn is recognized as an expert on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He is the President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group which advocates for the rights of medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. Contact us for a free no-obligation case evaluation 800-656-3557. Follow Komorn Law Facebook Twitter You Tube – Komorn (Legal Topics and Advice) Michigan Medical Marijuana Association Planet Green Trees (Law Topic Radio Show) Legal Defense Alliance (Pre-paid Legal Assistance) Komorn Law Blogs Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (Forums) The post Seattle Throws Out 15 Years of Marijuana Convictions appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    Michael Komorn

    Anyone seen this?

    Yes, It looks like they will be ready with the new online system very soon.
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    Wild Bill

    Help getting started

    Here's some info to help get you started. http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/ This one in particular will get you started for very little cash. http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/Marijuana BUDS for Less See More Buds.pdf
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    fair caregiver needed

    When you say fair caregiver then mention getting free medication your message is confusing ? Free medicine still costs a lot of money to produce and how is your current caregiver making up for the freebies he is giving you ?
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    Michigan Legalization Commercial

    Coalition To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Michigan Marijuana legalization 2018... feat Steve Miller
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    Further; From what I have heard there's really no State sanctioned grows in Michigan other than a caregiver grow right now. So caregivers are the most legal suppliers of the dispensaries until they start issuing permits to non caregiver grows.
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    For your future reference; When I say 'CAN' it means legally 'CAN' (In MICHIGAN). You 'CAN' let your 2 year old ride in your lap in the car, just like a lot of other foolish things you 'CAN' do. Make sure you get all your duckies in a row if you are going to transfer to a dispensary. Don't be lazy and drop some pounds. Fill out the official LARA paperwork. If your dispensary doesn't have it then find one that does.
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    You are just out of the loop because you are not involved and are guessing. BMMR/LARA has been working with dispensaries to keep them in compliance and supplied in an orderly way like with the acknowledgement for sale form BMMR/LARA made for this purpose. I mean it's right in your face (form) and you can't see it? Get out and find out if you want to be in the loop.
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    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    Of course you can drop pounds, just like always lol. It’s still illegal but so is selling to anyone that is not your direct patient i.e. a shop. As a patient or caregiver you are bound by the MMMA not the MMFLA.
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    The form you put up is enough back-up at face value. The State is way out of compliance or the emergency rules would already be over. There's plenty of backup for a caregiver to sell to a dispensary as long as the correct procedure is followed with documentation. You can't just go there and drop off poundage.
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    The problem is there is no backup documentation on the LARA/BMMR website to indicate that you as the caregiver/patient are ok. Kind of like a transaction with you as a patient buying from the corner drug dealer. You are ok, but not the drug dealer.
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    Yup. The dispensaries know the procedure for it. Just ask them.
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    This is a curious subject. Reminds me of the old "Marijuana Tax Stamp" There does not seem to be any LARA/BMMR documentation on the fact that it is legal to sell to a dispensary yet there is a form for it... https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Acknowledgement.for.sale_634773_7.pdf
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    Per the emergency rules ALL caregivers can sell to the dispensaries until their official supply is up and running. The State has been slow to get the licenses out so the emergency rules are still in effect. Dispensaries will want to see your cards to make sure you qualify to have the amount of overages you have for sale are in your possession legally.
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    Proposal 1

    Felons can vote! Don't be fooled by the propaganda that they can't vote. Get registered.
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    Patient Grow Rules

    it is settled law in ter beek v wyoming http://komornlaw.com/mmma-court-case-library/ http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Ter-Beek-v-Wyoming-S145816.pdf
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    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    You need to get a MMFLA growers license.
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    Anyone seen this?

    https://www.wxyz.com/news/michigan-plans-online-medical-marijuana-registration ........ It says LARA will start accepting applications online and it should be faster.
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    Michael Komorn

    How to delete

    report the post and a moderator will delete it for you. you can also edit the post and delete the content yourself.
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    Wild Bill

    Affording your medication

    Grow your own.
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    Patients and Caregivers are discriminated upon in many facets of life, be it employment, housing, education, student loans, banking, travelling, medical care, prescription medical care, parental rights... and in this case, Emergency Medical Care! My client is a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient who was having an emergency. An ambulance picked him up, and against his hospital preference, the ambulance took him to the U of M Ann Arbor Hospital. While at the hospital, the patient, my client, in response to the standard medical care question of "list any other medications you are currently taking", was honest and replied that he uses a topical marijuana oil. He used the oil at the recommendation of his primary care physician to help with his cancer and chronic pain. He had the oil in his belongings when he was brought to the hospital. The Registered Nurse at the hospital then called the Hospital Security Officer, who then confiscated the patients medical marijuana oil and called the police. Why is the Physician - Patient privileged relationship being violated like this? My client told his nurses that he was a MMMA patient, those same nurses told the HSO and police officer he told them he was a MMMA patient as well. So what gives? The police have the discretion to investigate or talk to people instead of making a case out of something. Why waste time on investigating a medical marijuana patient? The police officer sent the topical marijuana oil to the Michigan State Crime Lab for testing, coming back positive for THC. The police officer forwarded the lab report to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office for prosecution. The WCPO then filed charges against this MMMA patient. All for .5 oz of topical oil marihuana-infused product that the patient had in his bag. Of course the prosecutors office did not blink an eye, nor did they use prosecutorial discretion. They issued the charges and sent the warrant to me so that I could have my client turn himself in. This is called a pre-arrest investigation at my office. If you ever have a police interaction but are not arrested, it means they are waiting on lab results. After they get the lab results back , they send out the warrant and arrest you wherever they can find you. Be it at your Home, work, school or driving on the road. When they arrest you at Home, they search your house. When they arrest you at work, you may have to explain to your boss what happened. When they arrest you at school you will be embarrassed. When they arrest you on the road, either you have to get someone to pick up your car or they will tow it. They will search your car as well. Then you have to post bond to get out of jail too. So hiring an attorney that will handle all of that, so you can turn yourself in, not speak to the police, and be arraigned and have usually a personal recognizance bond (meaning you don't have to pay anything, just have to show up at your next court date) is helpful in avoiding a bad situation. This is happening in Ann Arbor of all places? The city that decriminalized Marijuana down to a $25 civil infraction fine? U of M is state property, since it gets state funding. My Advice? If you are a Patient or Caregiver (or not a patient/caregiver) , never admit to anyone that you are possessing marijuana. Marijuana is currently still illegal and currently there are still people who WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOU for having marijuana. In this case the patient did not have his card at the time he was hospitalized, but registered with the state afterwards. We prepared a Section 8 defense to the crime of possession of marijuana and were ready to battle in court. Instead of our Section 8 evidentiary hearing, instead of the prosecutor wanting to cross examine my client's physician, instead of testifying and all of the pain of a Section 8 defense, we went with a quick Section 4 dismissal. The prosecutor was SHOCKED that my client could not be prosecuted due to having his card now. Judge agreed and the case is dismissed. If you were charged with marijuana possession or manufacture, give me a call. I will fight to get the charges dismissed. 18006563557 http://www.komornlaw.com
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    Michael Komorn

    Moving north

    All of the ordinances against patients and caregivers are nullified by the state MMMA law, and as upheld by the Michigan Supreme Court in Ter Beek v Wyoming. http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Ter-Beek-v-Wyoming-S145816.pdf and http://komornlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/York-v-Miller-335344.pdf Some cities are still harassing patients and caregivers of course. Even cities that have dispensaries and should know better (Ypsilanti area). So... Do you poke the city's eye with this issue? Get a declaratory judgement like Mr TerBeek did ? Waste time in court etc? It is up to you. Also double check that it is the township that your new home is located in, some of these ordinances are for the city and not the township and vice versa. You could call the prosecutors office there and ask if they are enforcing that ordinance in light of Terbeek v Wyoming. They may not be enforcing the issue and just leaving it on the books in order for the township supervisors to feel better.