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    So you got 1lb plants in 2 gal pots? Was it wet or dry weight that you had posted before?
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    GG4. Patients are more than satisfied.
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    Just checked the date and the pics of the buds up close was a week before harvest. Either way. The tricomes were mostly all milky with 15-20% amber, just how I like it.
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    ☝️☝️🤯 Why i stopped visiting dispo and started my own. I noticed a while back that unfortunately i and others of the community know more abt the product than the people selling us the product..
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    you literally have no idea what you are talking about. I can actually finish faster with LED but I'm not getting into a pissing match with you. I couldn't give a sh1t less what you think or say. I'd actually prefer if you left your trolly banter off of my thread. You've noticed with YOUR sh1tty leds you've been trying to sell on this forum that it takes LONGER. The only picture of a bud being held is a harvest bud and its not possible to tell how far along the trichs are in that photograph. These buds are exactly where I want them 20% amber. 60% cloudy and 20% clear. tinkle off somewhere else dude.
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    The boards need a driver to fire them up correct? Either way you got some killer results from your setup kudos .
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    Pretty sure it is illegal, especially if they are out of state. I do think there are some dispensaries in MI that deliver though, and probably have online ordering. A friend mentioned this to me, but I never did anymore research.
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    Wild Bill

    cannabis be legal or illegal

    Everything should be legal. It's none of the governments business what I possess or put in my body.
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    Wild Bill

    Recreational vs. Medical?

    If you go to other states that accept a Michigan card they frequently have different tax rates for medical than they do for recreational.
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    AK 49

    Star Tonic is in flower and a couple more weeks. Small plant as I started flower at 6 weeks veg. Got a clone from the Star Tonic. GMO needs a couple more weeks in veg before taking a cutting. This is new plant for me. I'll hook you up with a couple cuttings soon as plant is old enough. Thanks for offer, I am backing off on plants for the spring. I'm going back to Cream and Cheese CBD, GG#4, and Wizards Glue.
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    Looking good, keep up the great growing!
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    AK 49

    Yeah I ran it one cycle and wasn't impressed and that long finish time turned me off never ran it again .
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    Have an opening for 1 patient currently. Provide flower/ concentrates/ RSO/ edibles.
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    1200w LED tent. I will dial the wattage down some. Trying to land the light intensity right at 1000 PPFD.
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    I'm glad you're figuring out how to dial in LEDs. I've been using these lights for 2.5 years now; have already went through that learning phase. I didn't post any pics of the harvested buds so I'm not sure how you could say it was early. That's all I was pointing out. If you were referring to the pictures with the beer can, then inaccurate assumptions were made that was harvest date. Those were taken sometime pre harvest. I'd have to look at photo dates to be sure. I'll post a pic of the bud later. My heaviest yielding plants were in 2 gallon square pots. 50:50 coco/perlite. drip. drain to waste. Feed every 2 hours for 2-4 minutes.
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    Wild Bill

    Lansing Compassion Club

    As long as you're on private property and no cash changes hands I believe you should be fine. Compassion clubs are primarily to put patients and caregivers into contact.
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    Only if you lie and don't get caught. It's legal to gift them. This 'donation' stuff is just ignorant legally. Still means you sold it.
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    The Michigan State Police says it has discontinued the use of 203 breathalyzer machines, and it’s accusing the contractor involved of possible fraud. The Michigan State Police have opened its own investigation into Intoximeters Inc., who calibrate the state’s DataMaster breathalyzer machines. It alleged “performance-related issues” that could lead to more issues with the way the devices were serviced. The issue could go all the way back to the beginning of MSP’s million dollar yearly contract with Intoximeters, which was signed in late 2018. But several defense attorneys say Michigan State Police should not be in charge of any investigation into the matter, and are accusing MSP of a conflict of interest as they investigate one of their own contractors. The attorneys are calling for an independent investigation into the matter. Michael Komorn a Farmington Hills-based defense attorney whose main focus is on DUI and drugged driving cases says that an independent investigation would also help with the question of what happens to the countless DUI cases that might be affected by this. “If we have a full investigation by an independent body, maybe they would make a recommendation,” says Komorn. “That is a better way of going about it where an independent body identifies those who have been harmed, if people have been harmed, and they put forth a remedy of some kind, some redress for people versus some finding that’s in question.” Related Michigan State Police launch an investigation into breathalyzer test results The post Defense Attorneys suggest MSP May Have A Conflict of Interest Over Breathalyzer Investigation appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    600 watt / 1200 led comparison

    Nope. Or I wouldn't still be using the cheap ones. It's all about PAR. You can set up these cheap LEDs to give you just as much or more light the plants need. They are more modular and flexible. All the expensive ones have is hype from sellers and the consumers who spent too much. I thought maybe the cheap ones wouldn't last long. Nope, they are very dependable too. There's really no down side if you buy the right ones. Watch out for the folks that spent too much being crabby about it. LOL
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    you going to grow monster 30ft sativas this year? i hope someone starts a challenge, who can grow the tallest tree....
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    My thought too!
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    Going to try the bush stuff tonight.
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    No argument. Just suggestions. Once you run a bunch of cycles you start to experiment. First few runs with LED finished early. Figured I would see what happens if I let them grow longer since the calyxes were still getting bigger. I went longer and got a better harvest, better quality effects. Patients can tell it's better. Just passing on what I have found from experience. Take it or leave it. No argument. I like the way you point out solid observations and not just personal cutdowns. That's how a normal person reacts to something they don't agree with.
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    I dont recall asking anybody for advice.
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    Yes they require a driver. You can push one board anywhere from 50-150watts and get excellent output. I build a small 240 watt version using 4 boards. It covers a 2x4 area VERY well and the light output is 4x greater than my 8 bulb 4' T5 while using half the power.
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    This kit looks to be expensive and complicated to use. Has anyone used this kit? I'd love to check thc and cbd of different strains. Thanks Resto for the link. Never knew this existed.
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    There are kits; https://www.cannalyticssupply.com/shop/ https://www.cannalyticssupply.com/how-it-works/
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    Update with the new lights. Had a few issues in the room but kept stats dialed in 95% of the time. AC died a couple weeks into the run. Exhaust fan fell from the ducting 6 weeks in. Had a few days get up to 90+ but quickly fixed it. 10 plants in the room Pulled 1.5 grams per watt or around 900 grams per light. One plant, Nasa bruce yielded 666 grams. Average plant yield was 450-550 grams.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    The one on the left produced 20 grams, the one on the right 14 grams of dried bud
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    Continued use of marijuana is also associated with development of tolerance. So, marijuana is addictive and National Institute on Drug Abuse also considers it an addictive drug. However, some people are more likely to develop addiction than others. https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/available-treatments-marijuana-use-disorders Currently, the FDA has not approved any medications for the treatment of marijuana use disorder, but research is active in this area. https://www.addictionrehabcenters.com/drug-addiction/marijuana-abuse-addiction/
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    David kendall


    Caregiver kendall300mag@aol.com contact me if your looking for a caregiver. Kzoo. battle creek area 30 years experience growing. Sativa's. Indica's and hybrids.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    A couple of small buds
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    Next Saturday (1/4/2020) I will cut a lower branch on each plant so that I can see the trichomes better. It is harder to focus in on the buds when they are on the plant. Even when they don't appear to be moving they actually are.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    Two plants. Both Cannatonic. I am still experimenting with growing. I have two plants the same strain. One is a week older than the other. The older one I made into a bush. The younger one I only topped. The younger one (that I only topped) has MUCH bigger buds. The older plant that I made into a bush has a lot more buds, but they are much smaller buds. Both plants were feed the same thing. When I harvest them, I am going to keep the harvests separate to find out what the total yield for each plant is.
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    glued gorilla


    Tincture would be a good place to start. I like MCT oil tinctures, you can use it in your coffee or under your tounge, and usually does not taste too strong. For me, if I am awake and active, I stay that way. If I am tired, they will put me to sleep. Tincture allows you to find an exact dose, start small and work your way up. It also takes effect faster than edibles and is more predictable. Alcohol tincture, works even faster, and is shorter in duration, thus even more controllable. It does taste bad though, and you are ingesting alcohol. There are also tinctures made with different thc:cbd ratios, I like the balanced effect of a 1:1. Also, if you try tincture, and are worried about having too potent of an experience. Get some CBD tincture to have on hand. If you are uncomfortably high, CBD will balance it out for you, and bring you back to earth a bit. By having both a CBD and thc tincture, you can also play with ratios on your own.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    Flush day one
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    Trading clones

    I would like to discuss trading clones too. message cranescraft on Instagram please and thank you. I have a few 1:1 THC/CBD types as well as a decent diversity of Sativa and Indica hybrids. Trading clones would be fun!
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    Studies have found that when you’re high on marijuana, you can have psychotic symptoms. The effect goes away as the high wears off. If you already have schizophrenia and use the drug, your symptoms may get worse. Researchers also have found that if you carry certain types of specific genes that affect brain chemistry, marijuana use can raise the chance you’ll have schizophrenia.
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    Trading clones

    No, this is actually from a seed company in the Netherlands- Not sure if its okay to share links (I'm not affiliated with this company except for being a customer) but its this https://www.seedsman.com/en/bubble-gum-feminised-seeds-t-h-seedsths-s047 Description Bubble Gum was TH Seeds first contribution to the seed world in 1993. Over the last decade it has proven, through numerous awards and world wide fame, that this plant is here to stay. They successfully inbred and stabilised this plant for it's most desirable characteristics, it's fruity smell, thick lingering flavour and short soldier like stature. Bubble Gum breeds true, and has been used by many seed companies to produce award winning hybrids, and will make a great cornerstone for your breeding program. This is a true superplant! EDIT- Just picked up 2 more clones... A 'Chem Skunk' and a 'Sweet Tart'... These come from someone i've never used before and was a 'meet up in a parking lot' situation so I cannot attest to the type since I'm only going by what I was told and not growing from seed or getting it from someone I know well. I'm still going to take clones once these are vegged a bit but if I traded for these I cannot be totally certain they are what I was told (the rest i'm 100% sure of)
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    Patient and Caregiver

    Look at what you can grow legally on just 12 plants;
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    So what's the deal? You fire 'em up yet? I wanna see!
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    Naughty neighbor

    And what kind of nut are you?..lol..where do i say anything about wanting him busted, yet alone narcing on him.all i wanted to do is find out what fine he,d be facing should he get caught, a $ 10, $100 or a $1000 fine with community service.he,s my friend. I,ve been a member of this site forever and now i remember why it is that i haven,t posted for so long.because of members who just don,t think before they post.
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    I usually don't post but this is an issue we should all get behind. Yes - But those protesters should not personally attack the person like saying they hate children and the elderly but should provide factual stats and reasons to start a boycott of these businesses that try to monopolize. Besides what Green Peaks is saying - it's not what was voted for. What was voted for was to have a choice not to be fed more corporate regulations and laws. Those who want certified top shelf product should be allowed to have it and pay extra just like any other commerce. Those who don't should be able to sit back with what they produce and enjoy it (just like home made beer) Can't wait till the billion dollar tobacco corporations try to take over as soon as the feds take it off. It's going to be a never ending struggle. Start a forum for this subject.
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    Any cartridge recommendations?

    Unfortunately it seems that these are few and far between. Mary's Medicinals, Mitten Meds, Claw, seem to be reliable. There is also now a concern of counterfeits and companies are starting to serial number/hologram their products (which are ALSO starting to be counterfeited). Depressing situation. This is really bad news and not just for the immunocompromised.
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    Dont know what you all are growing but ive grown W Ryhno for a year yes the first couple times it wasent up to top shelf standards but once you get it down it is a large bud and hair producer but not a very strong smell but high THC crystal production. ive attained more strains and will deffantly keep the WR going I HAVE FEMINIZED SEEDS 10 SEEDS FOR A $20 DONATION
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    A chocolate lovers delight! Start with Hershey's Premium Baking Bar Unsweetened Chocolate. On the back is a recipe for brownies which includes 1 cup butter, 4 squares of chocolate, 2 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cup of flour, and vanilla extract. Start with dry hemp leaves and grind them in a coffee grinder to a fine powder. Put in a measuring cup until ~75 ml of "green flour" is made. Fill to the 1 cup mark (250 ml) with regular flour. Proceed with recipe on box: Heat oven to 350 F, Grease 13x9x2 (inch) pan. ***Heat butter and chocolate and stir with wooden spoon until smooth. Stir in sugar. Add eggs one at a time. Add vanilla extract and stir in flour mixture. Add nuts if desired (a very nice touch I think) and bake for 40 minutes. It seemed to take 10 minutes longer than the box suggested (30 minutes) to be completely baked through. Makes 3 dozen brownies. Take 2 and wait an hour. Take 4 and cruise for 12 hours. Enjoy! *** In a seperate bowl put the "cannabutter" and chocolate squares in the microwave for 2 minutes, then stir until all the chocolate is melted. Then add the sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla and nuts one item at a time, so it all gets blended evenly.*** Don't overcook it. Use a toothpick in the center (should come out with bits of fudge on it) to see if it's done.
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    I have someone wanting to switch caregivers. She says her current cg gives her a free half oz a month. Is she just trying to get me to give her free meds, or is this common? Do cg give out free meds? If so, whats the standard? Ive been growing just for me and my wife so Im not 100 how the cg program works. But theres alot of cost that goes into growing so to just give it away would actually be loosing money.
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