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    This post caught my eye. I was recently in a dispensary to acquire some full spectrum cbd oil to make edibles. I showed them my ID and card, walked inside for my first time. Within 3 minutes of conversation with tender he referred to the caregiver patient system as some sort of back street drug dealing black market! I was floored! This was the first time I had been talked to about it . I felt so betrayed by an industry that is supposed to be based on helping the sick. I can not support in anyway a shop or individual who resorts to stigmatization to profit. But ssdd. I will now be looking for cbd through a good caregiver source. Not some street hustler or any business involved in this degradation of character of Michigan's caregivers. Thank you.
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    Ok Who Fish-Lipped The Joint?

    Eagerly awaiting Bass opening My new spot these days has a plethora of Brook Trout streams also. Huge Salmon too.. Share a picture but I dont know how anymore LOL think I got it.
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    Recreational Sales

    $480 an ounce I stayed in my basement and smoked my own .
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    What I would tell her is you buy a set amount a month and I will give you that free half you are asking for but if she spends nothing with you and just comes back with her hand out once a month thats not a offer that helps you and she is just trying to use you .
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    After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine. A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge. Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges. Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? The new law is similarly worded to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Whereas the MMMA says While the meaning of "under the influence" was not decided within the MMMA until 2012, with People v Koon, that was 4 years of police arresting patients for driving with marijuana in their blood. The court in People v Koon came to the conclusion: Ignoring that for a minute, the Michigan State Police have been tasked with sampling saliva during road side stops for a task force on marijuana driving. The task force was created in order to find a nanogram limit for THC in blood, even though 50 years of scientific research on the subject has consistently said marijuana does not affect driving. http://komornlaw.com/35-years-research-reports-driving-cannabis-marijuana/ http://komornlaw.com/mmma-court-case-library/ So my advice is, if you are a patient, keep the patient card active until the courts either give up on all marijuana issues, or at least this driving issue , or it is decided by the Michigan Supreme Court. Basically, until non-patients get a similar "People v Koon" ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, it is advised that any patients keep their cards to protect them fully under the MMMA. "Don't be the first person to test this in court."
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    Wild Bill

    transporting to patients

    If nothing else if it's in a locked box and they have to break into it to see what's inside they can no longer claim that you consented to the search.
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    I don't know about this product, but would like to offer some advice. I have seen you post a lot of threads, asking about all these different supplements and additives. As a beginner especially, less is more man, a complete base nutes, and maybe a bud booster if you feel froggy is all you need to grow good weed. Focus more on controlling environment and less on figuring out what snake oils work. This is truly in the spirit of helping, please don't take it the wrong way. When I started, I tried everything. I now use a base nute, recharge, and a bud booster, and a little molasses, that's it. I produce 2 plus on a 1000w light of excellent quality
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    I went to the cannabis club in kalamazoo. Ive never seen the place so busy. Must've been 100 people in there. Joints were being rolled on all surfaced and smoked everywhere. Very nice experience.
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    Remnant's Of A Rally

    This covid19 pandemic became a little more 'real' for me yesterday. I checked with a friend to see if he knew anyone sick yet. His wife works at Nexteer. Three weeks ago a guy came to work sick. The first sign. Then another lady got sick before they closed down the factory. So my friend and his wife plus their little dog went to their house up north. They have been there for three weeks. A week ago they both get sick. Shortness of breath. It's not getting worse or better. He never gets sick. One of those types. No underlying weakness. He's strong yet he has it. The part that really made me feel bad was when he let me hear his little dog coughing and gagging. This is seriously deadly and there's a lot of pain and suffering going around that a lot of folks are missing. They don't want that for their families and friends. Yet they encircle the capitol begging for it. The second lady that had it at Nexteer has since died. How many people are dying at home right now? Silently passing away. While thugs pound their chests at the capitol professing how strong they are and they can surely handle the virus. People need to be very careful until we have a vaccine. That will take a year or more.
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    Savvy Patient

    Patient seeking caregiver !$? I'm seeking someone that is receptive to having plant rights for 12 plants for the next 2 years. My requirements are simple I would like an ounce a month green butter when You make a batch and access to genetics that I deem righteous also You will be required to pay for my doc and state fee I realize some will be horrified by my proposal I'm looking for someone else
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    Had a thought just yesterday that if there wouldn't have been a law against cannabis I would have had a lot less reason to hate law enforcement in my early years. Thinking about that made me realize that younger folks these days, with cannabis legal, may not grow up with the rift between them and cops. Then you get this stuff still going on where cannabis gets blamed for other criminal activity, pure PROPAGANDA remains. Cannabis isn't causing this, people are. Bad people doing bad stuff with cannabis in the background. I see that law enforcement is still missing a HUGE opportunity to mend fences. Sad. Hiding behind federal law still to put people away they hate because they are involved with cannabis. Leave pot out of it and make real cases about real crime. Then you get the real criminals off the streets and quit making enemies of people who understand how bad it is to take away basic rights under false pretenses.
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    Folks, I been blasting Quantum boards for 2 years now. Just upgraded from the stock V1s to the new Rspec boards. Im putting them together right now and here are a couple photos.
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    Recreational Sales

    As long as legalization is left alone and it doesn't affect medical or recreational growers ability to grow I could care less if someones out to make a buck on gullible people its not like anything I can say or do will change a thing .
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    Some do some do some dont I dont tell people to sign on with me by offering free meds but I have given out free meds to my patients at times when I have a bountiful harvest I do give free quarters and halfs away if the patient sends me a lot of donations I dont make the offer all the time though because it is not cheap to grow cannabis electricity genetics nutrients and time spent all cost and I only provide it to those registered to me via the state .
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    Do you talk dirty to your plants?

    I don't know if it helps 'em out or not, but I talk real dirty to my ladies. So much so that my wife would be embarrassed if she overheard. I can't help myself tho. When I see those flowers start bulking up, and getting all juicy, I'll say stuff like: Ohh baby, I love the way you smell, you're driving me crazy. If I had a small enough Johnson, I'd pollinate you my darn self." LOL. They seem to like it. Am I the only one who does this?
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    harvest is done and the colas were the size of 20oz pop bottles wet.
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    glued gorilla

    Problems in the flower room!

    1 gallon grow bags and 4ft plants? Very possible that being root bound is your issue
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    transporting to patients

    Yeah but knowing case law and dealing with some uninformed LEO on the side of the road two way different things id recommend still carrying it in a lock box.
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    Outdoor Plants

    Been budding a couple weeks now. I don't bring anything in from outside. If I did, then I'd quarantine for a couple weeks just to make sure no bugs or mold.
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    Pics of my first grow

    Wonderful aroma. Marijuana doesn't stink. Cooking fish stinks but some love it. Horse shiet stinks but some love it. Even pig shiet, some love it. lol People need to get a grip and quit acting like it's so bad. Life has smells to it.
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    My room with cob lights....taken a week ago at week 5....HJ
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    glued gorilla

    Pics of my first grow

    If you do this, press the stalk between your thumb and forefinger where you want it to bend. You will feel it give, then gently been it over. Very easy and very effective, but without sqeezing first it will break much easier. I broke many before I figured out to squeeze first
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    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    On my third grow with these lights my Headband grew a gazillion bud sites like shrubbery. So I had a gazillion buds, mostly mids. Next time I run that strain I'm going to have to do a better job of pruning for production. When I grew OGKush it didn't do that so much. So it depends on the strain how bushy it's going to get under the LEDs.
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    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    Grow tip; If your plants look like shrubbery then you will have to trim off the small branches on the lower stems. Lollypop them or you will have too many small buds.
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    Caregiver needed St Johns MI.

    Since no one has to pay to grow anymore, it's legal, it does seem silly to act like you want to sell your grow rights.
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    Caregiver needed St Johns MI.

    OK, let me get straight to the point. You, as a patient, seem to think that a caregiver should give you stuff for free in exchange for growing 12 plants. This is probably because you think a caregiver will sell overages to someone else to make it all worthwhile. So I ask you this: How about you sign-up with a caregiver and pay an average price for meds and buy the surplus from the caregiver and then YOU sell it? Put the shoe on the other foot. And bend your mind around this: If every patient out there is entitled to free meds from a CG, why would any person grow for free? Where is this free weed coming from? And where did you get the delusion that every plant produces a pound? I hope you do find a CG...
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    Pics of my first grow

    24 hours since the transplant and the plants are responding well.
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    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    Well my girls are looking nice and healthy cant wait until they hit flower.
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    Saw this on MichiganHempIndustries.com and thought it made sense. MARIJUANA ATTORNEY CLONES The “marijuana” attorney clones are spawning out of mist to hop on the cannabis train that very few lawyers, activists and victims of the system struggled to get a seat on. Those people are the ones that fought all along for the rights of those charged with marijuana “crimes”, fought for medical marijuana and exposed themselves to the public to eventually get marijuana recognized enough as OK to be recreational. These few attorneys know and understand the community and have been part of the community. The lawyers now appearing out of thin air as “experienced” and marketing for a page 1 slot position in a Google search have not been in the trenches. There are some that fought from the shadows and offered support, but they gained no experience from not facing the challenges. Some attorneys viewed these types of cases as a quick income and knew well in advance they were going to plea out. The new marijuana laws are intricate, evolving to adapt and require special attention to understand. You want someone who knows the inner workings of state and local governments and the laws where your business operates. Thinking of starting a cannabis related business in Michigan? Contact Komorn Law 800-656-3557. But first do your homework like the article says. It’s OK we welcome it. Start at the bottom of this page. Finish the article first! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Before hiring an attorney or legal consultant don’t believe the hype they put out. Do your homework and check to see if the lawyer you’re looking at has some connection to the community and has focused their practice around marijuana. It doesn’t mean they should be 100% focused on it but a sizable portion of their practice should be the main focus. CHECK THEM OUT If they claim to be part of the community – check it out. Ask people in the cannabis community who they would refer or go to. Then ask why and what their experience was with the attorney. If the attorney claims victory after victory with little or no information (yes – there are privacy issues) something may be off. One could make stories up all day long. WHAT ELSE DO THEY DO Do they upload videos to you tube? Do they have a radio show? What do their reviews look like? Do the reviews look real? Look into it. This is the person that’s going to be the one who has your back, keep you safe and stand up for you if you screw something up. WORD OF MOUTH This article could go on and on but by now you should have been motivated to do your homework and make some good choices. This article was not made for SEO and Googlized to be #1. It was made make you think and be proactive. Remember word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. The best thing to do is just ask the people who were already there and happy with the results. Then dig deeper. Oh yeah…RIP- Stan Lee. About Komorn Law Komorn Law has represented numerous clients through the legal chaos of starting up a business in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Industry as well as consulting and legal representation for Medical Maruhuana Patients and Caregivers. If you or someone you know has been arrested as a result of Medical Marijuana, DUI, Drugs, Forfeiture, Criminal Enterprise or any other criminal charges please contact our office and ensure you’re defended by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Michael Komorn is recognized as an expert on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He is the President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group which advocates for the rights of medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. Contact us for a free no-obligation case evaluation 800-656-3557. Follow Komorn Law Facebook Twitter You Tube Komorn Law Blogs MMMA Planet Green Trees (Law Topic Radio Show) Legal Defense Alliance (Pre-paid Legal Assistance) Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (Forums) This page is for informational purposes only. Laws, regulations and the world change routinely, therefore we insist you consult an attorney for the most current legal information. The post Do Your Homework Before Hiring the Right Attorney For Your Cannabis Business appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    Quickest legal way to make money? Open a hydro grow supply store in an area that needs it. Or in a municipality that has opted out / banned dispensaries. A city that bans dispensaries means more people will grow in those areas.
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    Savvy Patient

    is this some type of joke? I'll give you an application to be my patient. I charge a $500 application fee.
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    Bud porn !

    In House Genetics- Black Cherry Jelly Start of week 8. Thinking shes going to be a 9er! I would suggest this strain. Smells great, very hardy and is a good yielder! Cant wait until its done!
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    I am going to make these big and bushy. I am going to train the branches without super cropping.
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    White Widow

    The White Widow buds have been exploding over the past 2 weeks and are just as big as the Snake Oil buds now. They just started slow.
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    Use the ionic as prescribed by the feeding schedule and add a mag supplement if you see signs of magnesium deficiency. You can't just use this and that willy nilly and expect to get great results. You can do better by following instructions with a nute system and then amending that if you see signs for specific deficiencies.
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    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    I am an all LED grower no. I changed over about 2 years ago. It took me a year or so to dial them in but i am now producing more bud that is denser and higher quality. I will give yall tips: Since there is less heat, it is critical to maintain the room at a warmer temperature. I use a IR thermometer and keep the leaf temperature exactly at 83 degrees.
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    Pics of my first grow

    Removing fan leaves is definitely something to keep in mind, especially using led lights. NEVER remove the fan leaves from the top colas, even more so in flower. During vegetative, you can remove several leaves at a time. During flower, you'll want to only remove 3 or 4 every few days. My favorite method for increasing yield is the snap. Basically just snap(BEND) the plant in an L shape, and have scotch tape in case it breaks. This is a HST technique that take several days to recover. So never use HST during flower. If you do the Snap(BEND), all the side branches become colas. No need to pinch or top doing this.
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    Wild Bill

    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    I noticed on my first LED grow that indicas and sativas seem to display their differences more prominently. The sativa dominant strain stretched a great deal while the indicas remained squat and low to the ground. Now that I have two lights I'll be able to adjust the heights accordingly to the different growing habits. I wonder if it would be better to keep the lights for the indicas a little higher at first to encourage some stretch? I may try a SCROG grow next time too. The bushiness and increased bud sites would seem to lend it self to that method. It almost did it by itself anyway.
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    Caregiver needed St Johns MI.

    First off lets keep this civil You cant force anyone to give you a single bud for free the 12 plants that you allow a caregiver to grow is purchased cared for and harvested by the caregiver unless you paid ahead of time or gave him the seeds or clones the plants do not belong to you in fact your not legally the owner of your plants since you signed away your plants rights to your caregiver. Taking all of what I just said all in please understand a ton of work goes into growing cannabis, its a daily task and the majority of caregivers I know personally do not grow the entire limit they are allowed in the law case in point I have plant rights to 5 patient cards and a personal patient card that is 72 plants in the 10 years I have grown not once have I ever exceeded 30 plants in both veg and flower most times its less then 20 for all of my patients and I only provide to those assigned to me via the registry. My advice to you is to find a caregiver and discuss matters and quit thinking that your 12 plants entitles you to anything but a good product at a fair price which at $100 to $125 is clearly a steal in today's market and if the caregiver chooses to give you free medicine which at times I do be grateful for that and quit acting like your entitled your clearly not .
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    1500 watt x 2 LED grow

    Thanks to Resto and KD for openly helping our community. I read some reviews on Amazon, and only one review was negative. I'm just not ready to make the shift; it's more of an attitude of "ain't broke; don't fix it." And maybe there is a learning curve with these lights? maybe not. It's hard to make a major change in one's grow. And I'm an old dog, so new tricks aren't my thing. Good luck KD. Thanks for the discussion of experience, Resto.
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    Need to locate meds for patient.

    GTrick, If you are a registered Michigan medical marihuana patient and are seriously seeking medication...You can find a licensed provisioning center here on WEED MAPS ( https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/in/united-states/michigan). CALL THE DISPENSARY BEFORE YOU GO! If you are just looking to score street drugs... you are in the wrong place. Please keep your posts civil and relative to the MMMA mission. We value your membership. The MMMA Team
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    Timers for lights

    The one that I put the link to is a 40 amp. It's built like a tank. Totally metal enclosed. You would need to wire a plug and outlets on it. Buy a short heavy extension cord with multi outlets. Cut it in half and use the two pieces, one for the plug, the other for the timed outlets.
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    mishigami bear

    How Much Weight Can I Grow?

    Here is some more inspiration. Imagine having this in your backyard. Just keep it to 12.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    microbusiness questions...?

    Can you get the felony set aside? I got my felony set aside a few years ago and was then able to be a caregiver. Prior to that I had to hide behind my wife being the caregiver. It was a pretty easy process and in all, I didn’t pay an attorney to help me with just followed the steps mandated by the state. Everyone at the courthouse even the judge were super helpful and supportive.
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    Help with question!!!

    Bump; Basically the same for me. I use an ounce of quality bud and make 2 cups of coconut infused oil. I use a magic butter appliance. Those 2 cups gives me enough for 120 cookies. (I make 60 at a time) I'm not sure of the mg. per cookie but they do the trick for my severe MS leg pain. And the good thing is the consistency. Every cookie is nearly the same strength. If the pain is too bad on any particular evening, I just vape about 3 to 5 hits. This works for me, results may vary... : )
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    If you had been here about 2 years ago, yes. You are quite late to this. I'm watching the weak and late have their businesses fail. Lots of used grow equipment for sale these days. Large lots of it. Now caregivers are just that, caregivers for sick people close to them or just growing for themselves. Not in it to make money. Just in it to help people and save money on their personal.
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    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    One or the other. You can't add the totals together. Both laws are 'total possession' of the one person. Pick your path and stick with it, keep your story straight and true. Keep saying that you can't stay in compliance with the plant count too high and they will fix it. Just stay quiet and happily keep your harvest private.
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    Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about her just the other day. As far as the sugar addiction, my thought is that since she was taking steroids, that is what prevented her from kicking it. I have seen first hand how steroids can drastically affect one's appetite and cause much unwanted cravings.
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