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    Savvy Patient

    Patient seeking caregiver !$? I'm seeking someone that is receptive to having plant rights for 12 plants for the next 2 years. My requirements are simple I would like an ounce a month green butter when You make a batch and access to genetics that I deem righteous also You will be required to pay for my doc and state fee I realize some will be horrified by my proposal I'm looking for someone else
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    This is why I try to keep tabs at this site. Does anyone remember the 9&10 news story about the young man selling chocolate and gifting flowers online out of Detroit. What's that follow up story I truly hope a happy one. No B.S. I just wish it could be transferred like a roadside veggie stand it would be the biggest job creation in History and a Dime on time if You ask Me
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    Savvy Patient

    is this some type of joke? I'll give you an application to be my patient. I charge a $500 application fee.
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    glued gorilla

    Savvy Patient

    If you already grow your own, and you just want protection of a medical card, why not just pay the $40 to the state and keep your card? Are you just greedy and want someone to pay your way and give you an ounce a month? Will you be donating for meds outside of that ounce? Just seems like you want to take advantage, good luck finding a sucker!... Oops I mean caregiver🤣
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    We pay the piper because of the lobbyists that legally bribed the politicians to make it legal. Go around that and find out what they have dreamed up to keep their cash cow. If you keep in mind what the businesses pay to be able to grow and sell you realize why everyone doesn't get to sell. It all has to add up and make sense. It doesn't make any sense for one person to pay a huge amount to sell and another does it because they want to.
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    Laughing Pat

    Recreational Sales

    Prefer to grow my own. Rather pay 150/oz than whatever they feel like taxing.
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    Resto is correct the purchasing of "caregiver product" has been a sham perpetrated by dispensaries looking to make a quick buck. The simple reality is the state licensed more dispensaries than there was "legal" product for. The MRA caved to the demands of the dispensaries and allowed them to buy "caregiver" overages. It did not take long for folks looking to make a buck to bring in "pounds of "caregiver" overages to the dispensaries. Did these caregivers grow the product? Sure some did, but it was more likely they were large illegal grows or someone bringing product from a Western state. It was all done with a wink and nod by the MRA. They (MRA) created a form to enter the "caregiver product into their tracking system with just a caregiver name and signature. There was no recording of the caregivers card number, address or DL or anything to enable the state or LEO to identify the caregiver. The only interesting restriction at all was the "caregiver" product had to be tested and each caregiver lot for testing could not exceed 15#'s. You had "caregivers" attending the MRA quarterly meetings and complaining about the testing since they had to break their 20#'s of overages into two lots and the test lab approved one and not the other. I wonder how many folks on here have 15#'s plus of overages from their basement grows? Back last March (2019) I was at a small group meeting with Brisbo and about 20 others (Mike K was there). I raised this issue with him as to how as head of MRA he is responsible for the patient/caregiver system and the system does not allow for caregiver sales to anyone other than their patients. His answer was a very measured one. He indicated that under the caregiver/patient system they are only responsible for passing out cards, LEO is responsible for enforcement. Under the commercial laws, i.e. both medical and recreational ,the MRA is responsible for enforcement. In that capacity the MRA can create emergency rules as to who the licensee's can buy from, i.e. "caregivers" but he can't make it legal for a caregiver to sell.
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    Actually, they were buying from the black market and saying it was caregivers. This will be a boon to truth in marketing. Grow your dam weed yourself and sell it dispensaries. Quit lying for money. Do a little work for a change. Find out what work for money is.
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    Wild Bill

    Can someone point me

    I for one didn't respond because I had no pertinent information about the subject. But, if it makes you feel better; I've never heard of that strain and have no idea where one might obtain such a thing.
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    ive recently seen a bunch of websites that sell weed and other products online. none take debit card, credit card or money orders and only take western union, bitcoin etc. Are these real legit websites? I would love to be able to buy online and have it delivered. Is this even possible? one of the websites i was looking at was 4 (no links to outside sales sites allowed in forums ) BUT im scarred that its a scam!!!??? ARe their legit websites you can buy online and have it mailed to you? if so, can you recommend any? Thank you everyone!
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    Perplexed? The people who get legal bribes and sell grow licenses would have to pass it. You think you can bamboozle them Bozo? They pay close attention to their cash cows. People have been trying to bamboozle their way into the cannabis market puffing smoke about hemp for a long time now. It's soooo old. The costume is tattered and doesn't hide anything anymore.
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    Convincing The Skeptical

    I use a volcano vaporizer on a low heat setting for a breathing treatment. Always works great for my wife and I. We both have asthma although mine is in remission now since the breathing treatments, no more inhaler. I had a virus back in October that mimics the symptoms reported from COVID 19 infected individuals. I was working out of town at the time and wasn't near anyone while I was sick. I had been near some folks that had recently been to China. The wife of the man I was near had just died of an 'illness'. Never thought that much about it until it hit the news in December. By that time I was completely over it.
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    Convincing The Skeptical

    Even though the chances are slim you could have COVID-19. It started back in November in China. It's a small world.
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    Laughing Pat

    Recreational vs. Medical?

    Ever since I started growing I'll never go to a rec shop again, they have chemically blasted weed that just looks good, no true quality about it.
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    Savvy Patient

    Plant rights are meaningless to a caregiver unless they are dealing in the black market nothing is free in life I suggest you grow your own .
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    Savvy Patient

    Nice to see you are still kickin'. This is 2020 and the world has moved on. It's legal. No one needs your plant rights anymore.
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    Seeking Patients in Da UP

    Hello there, I’m currently a grower in the UP looking for patients to name me their caregiver. I’ve been growing for over a year now painstakingly perfecting my medicine to fully satisfy my patients, I hope I can help any medical patients in need please contact me or reply to this thread! I can provide anything from bud to Concentrates to edibles!
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    Hlg 135 rspec

    This video should answer a lot of your questions;
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    They would know because the guy probably starts off his resume saying he owned Triple Ripple Hydro. Google that and they easily find the whole story. Or just look at his facebook page. Everyone is an open book these days if you didn't make an effort all along to keep your stuff private.
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    This is way I read it also. Caregiver's can still have 5 patients and same plant count. No change to caregivers who only sell to their patients.
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    How would a hiring company know about a lawsuit you had unless they dug REALLY deep. I dont see many companies going further than a background/criminal check
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    Total BS. Caregivers were not the source. Caregiver may have been the source of the oil, not the cut.
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    Air conditioning
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    Thank you man!!!! Sorry, Mike I should've posted sooner im all set Great support here!
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    MSP Update on State’s Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Program This morning Michigan State Police (MSP) Director Col. Joe Gasper provided testimony before the state’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on the findings to-date of the department’s investigation into issues with the state’s Datamaster DMT evidential breath alcohol testing instruments. As of 7 a.m., discrepancies have been identified involving eight instruments at the following locations: Instrument Location Period of Time in Question Number of Breath Tests Possible Criminal Act Alpena County Sheriff’s Department 11/14/19 – 1/9/20 8 Yes Beverly Hills Police Department 1/22/19 – 6/21/19 9 Yes Detroit Detention Center 10/10/19 – 10/13/19 6 No Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department 8/23/19 – 8/26/19 1 No Niles Law Enforcement Center 1/15/19 – 2/18/19 7 No Pittsfield Township Police Department 12/20/18 – 8/7/19 5 Yes Tecumseh Police Department 2/15/19 – 6/28/19 12 Yes Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department 11/21/19 – 12/9/19 4 No As irregularities are identified, notification is made to the affected prosecutor regarding impacted breath tests. Prosecutors will review each case on a case-by-case basis to determine what actions to take. On Jan. 13, 2020, the MSP took all 203 Datamaster DMT evidential breath alcohol testing instruments in the state out of service until they could be inspected and verified by MSP personnel. As of 7 a.m. this morning, 37 of 203 instruments have been returned to service following verification by MSP personnel that the instruments are properly calibrated. MSP personnel are re-certifying the most frequently used instruments and those in areas with limited access to obtaining blood samples first, with hopes of returning all instruments to service by the end of February. A criminal investigation by MSP into potential fraud committed by contract employees of Datamaster vendor, Intoximeters, is ongoing. The below timeline of events was also shared with the committee today. Timeline of Events: September 1, 2018 – Effective date of three-year maintenance contract with Intoximeters Inc. Contract is $1.26 million; requires vendor’s three technicians to conduct 120-day certifications of all instruments, perform service calls and routine maintenance, and provide court testimony on the service and maintenance of the instruments. The technicians whose work is in question were hired in September and November of 2018. January 2019 – With the intent to bring the state’s evidentiary breath alcohol testing program into alignment with forensic laboratory standards and work toward national accreditation, the MSP created a new position, Breath Alcohol Technical Leader, within the Forensic Science Division. The accreditation process was expected to take at least 18 months. April 2019 – MSP put additional workflow requirements in place with the vendor to ensure compliance with state law and administrative rules and move toward accreditation. It was after these additional controls were put in place that the MSP began to notice noncompliance by the vendor’s technicians. August 9, 2019 – After identifying repeated failures by the technicians to meet contractual requirements and the inability to perform the mandated tasks of maintaining and certifying the Datamaster instruments, the MSP asked DTMB Central Procurement to issue a letter to Intoximeters outlining grounds for breach of contract and requesting a corrective action plan. Examples of improper actions include: Not performing timely 120-day certifications in 60 instances. Incorrect recording of important elements during instrument checks; these include dry gas lot numbers and expiration dates, which can create issues in court when the lot numbers recorded by the technicians are wrong, or do not exist. Sharing instrument passwords with jail staff. August 21, 2019 – MSP received a corrective action plan from Intoximeters that outlined their action plan to correct the contractual failures. August 23, 2019 – An Intoximeters technician committed a serious error that resulted in the dismissal of an OWI case in Montcalm County. On August 23, 2019, the technician went to the Montcalm County Jail and signed the Datamaster Maintenance Log. The technician did not notify the MSP nor Intoximeters of this visit and did not submit any paperwork regarding the reason for his visit. Later that day, an MSP sergeant arrested an individual for OWI and utilized that instrument for evidential testing. MSP was first made aware of this technician’s August 23rd visit by the Montcalm County Prosecutor’s Office on November 15, 2019. The technician and Intoximeters were both unable to explain this visit, casting doubt on the reliability of any tests conducted on August 23, 2019 through August 26, 2019 when an accuracy check was performed by the technician. This lack of documentation resulted in the dismissal of this OWI case.October 10, 2019 – Another serious error occurred that resulted in the dismissal of evidence in six cases in Wayne County. On this date, a technician arrived at the Detroit Detention Center to perform a 120-day certification. The instrument failed testing, but the technician did not notice the failure. Consequently, he left the instrument in service until October 13, 2019. During this 3-day period, the instrument was used for six OWI evidential breath tests. Because the instrument was not properly serviced and was left in service, these six cases did not have reliable breath evidence. The MSP sent a notice to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, which decided to dismiss the evidence in these cases. Following discovery of this error, MSP requested removal of the technician responsible, with removal and replacement to occur no later than January 15, 2020. This never occurred due to the MSP actions taken on January 7 to issue the stop work order. December 2019 – MSP began the process of establishing a unit within the Forensic Science Division to oversee the state’s breath alcohol testing program. The unit will be comprised of three equipment technician positions to maintain and certify the state’s breath alcohol testing equipment. January 2, 2020 – During a routine audit of documents submitted by the vendor for the prior two-week period, an irregularity is noticed on an instrument at the Alpena County Sheriff’s Department. The MSP immediately requested the original documents from the technician. January 6, 2020 – MSP confirmed the irregularity was the result of the technician fabricating the paperwork for a required test that was not performed on the instrument. A criminal investigation is opened by the MSP into possible forgery of a public document. This investigation is ongoing.January 7, 2020 – With potential criminal acts committed by an Intoximeters technician, the MSP issues a stop work order with the vendor and secures all equipment and paperwork from the three technicians. January 10, 2020 – MSP finalizes an emergency plan to immediately bring all maintenance responsibilities for the state’s 203 instruments in-house, and notification is made to police and prosecutors of the stop work order and MSP’s new responsibilities. January 13, 2020- MSP personnel continued through the weekend to review records from the technicians yielding additional discrepancies involving a second technician and three more impacted instruments (Beverly Hills PD, Pittsfield Township PD, and Tecumseh PD), in which it is suspected that instrument calibration tests were again fabricated. With this new information, MSP removes all 203 Datamaster DMT evidential breath alcohol testing instruments from service until they can be inspected and verified by MSP personnel to ensure they are properly calibrated. MSP recommends to police agencies that they utilize blood draws rather than Contact: Shanon Banner 517-284-3222 Jan. 16, 2020 The post MSP Update on State’s Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Program appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    Where Can I find thc/cbd cartridges

    lol They are at over a thousand dispensaries here in Michigan. Be American, Buy American. Here in America our carts are tested and clean.
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    2020 Plans

    put them in the ground.
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    CBD and Migraine

    I have been using high CBD low THC (Cannatonic #4) for three years and the result is amazing. That being said, I failed a drug test a couple weeks ago because of it. I have to quit at least until I get a new job and pass the test. I lost a very high paying job because of it. Be warned
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