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    Here is my personal take on why the number of MMJ registrants is decreasing. My comment is in response to problems with using marijuana medically, while employers, albeit oxymoronically, can still terminate a person's employment for legally and responsibly medicating OUTSIDE of the workplace and OUTSIDE of working hours; this as a result of using antiquated intoxication detection techniques and also as a result of antiquated Federal US guidelines determining Marijuana scheduling, possesion penalties, use, and intoxication. I am a LEGAL Medical Marijuana patient with a recommendation from a certified doctor in my state. We, the people of this state, have legalized this law via POPULAR VOTE and subsequently its litigation. I have been diagnosed with Meneire's Disease, Osteo Arthritis, and IBS, all of whose symptoms can be tolerated (if not completely alleviated) with a SINGLE dose of Cannabis each evening- one half an MJ cigarette per evening does the trick for me, and the theraputic results can last through the entire next day, while I am certainly not intoxicated or even impaired by the time I awaken. I have been using cannabis since 1977 almost daily, save for a six year enlistment in the US Air Force, where random testing was done and I was forced to abstain. I enlisted in the military for the same reason my father did (who was, ironically, a Special Narcotics Agent for the California Department of Justice): for the love of my country and the notion that I could help maintain FREEDOM in it. I have been a LEGAL, card-carrying Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Michigan since its inception here without a worry and nearly symptom free of all of my conditions for several years now. In 2015, after 27 years of continuous employment with a spotless employee AND attendance record, my employer has been taken over by a very large national corporation in which random drug testing is mandatory on a bi-yearly basis. Employees cannot be certain exactly when such testing will be accomplished; consequently we must all abstain or risk our future employment. This affects MANY people who work there. Several employees with very specific skill sets have since been fired or forced to quit, this to the detriment of the company, while NONE have EVER been accused of being intoxicated on the job. After 27 years at my job, I am only 53 and will not be able to retire for another 14 years. I have been forced to quit Cannabis use or risk my family's health benefits, my pension, and future security. All medications I have taken in the past for my diagnoses have resulted in suffering from more (and worse) side effects than the original problems; i.e., 16 kidney stones over a period of a few years when I decided to stop using MJ and go with prescription meds, continued nausea and digestive discomfort (to include daily diarrhea several times per day), and further deterioration of my skeletal system and the connective tissue in my hips. I now use NO medications at all. All symptoms from my conditions have returned after 3 months of abstinence, and now I just have to deal with them while working 55-60 hours per week at a job consisting of 10 hours per day of manual labor in a factory. I cannot argue the fact that an employer needs to maintain job safety. I am well aware that their respective insurance liability providers may put extra pressure on them to test for workplace intoxication. Remember, I said INTOXICATION. But here are the facts: the corporate detection of marijuana in one's system relies on detecting marijuana METABOLITES, which can be present a month or even two after its last use- NOT actual marijuana intoxication. Let me re-emphasize that- marijuana METABOLITES clearly do not justify a basis for intoxication. Let me ask ANYONE this: have you EVER still been high a month after smoking a joint??? A week??? This is what these tests imply. Conversely, in a common employer urinalysis, the cutoff for intoxication based on THC metabolites is only 50 nanograms. For heroin and other opioids such as Vicodin, Dilaudid, etc. (without the necessity of providing a prescription), the cutoff is 5,000 nanograms, for cocaine 300 nanograms, and for methamphetamines, 150 nanograms. And let's remember that the metabolites of the other aforementioned NARCOTICS are generally not even detected in urine after 48 hours, as they are not bound to fat cells in the body as THC Metabolites are. And in most experts and physician's eyes, these other drugs are much more dangerous to on-the-job performance and are more habit-forming than marijuana. Now, with these facts in mind, is there ANYONE in the scientific community who has (or can) develop an accurate test for Marijuana INTOXICATION??? Can we put something like this to good use IMMEDIATELY??? I will tell you this; along with an employee urinalysis for drug detection, all employees at my company are also subjected to a breathalyzer test for alcohol. I know for a FACT that there are SEVERAL alcoholics at my place of employment who were quite intoxicated the night before (or even the morning OF) the test, and still passed the company's intoxication criteria. Some of them even operate forklifts and other heavy equipment. Certainly, a qualified scientist with his heart in the right place can be found to assist people in my predicament, right? Also be advised, employers, that most people who use medical Marijuana are not completely impaired and useless to society; rather we are reliable, well educated, industrious, motivated people who choose to treat their aliments in the gentle way WE have chosen, NOT the way the US Government currently says we HAVE to. We are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, peers and co-workers. Some of us may have even saved your life at some point, even though you do not agree with our life choices. We are HERE. We are NOT going away. Our numbers WILL increase. We WILL get stronger. GET USED TO IT AND CHANGE OUR ANTIQUATED LAWS NOW!!!!! EVERYONE needs to help- PLEASE!!! Lives are at stake.
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    On the third day of eating a joint it started to really seem like oil. Took a few days to get into my system before feeling like oil. Later in the day, after eating my joint of strawberry cough, I decided to try a 1/2 joint of 6 month old space dawg. Space dawg is a potent strain, I wish I kept that one. Strangely it hit me like a pill, within 40 minutes. Then I got intense visual effects, which is a character of the space dawg. Really high quality will do that too, (not RSO). The next morning, 4th day, I was too baked when I woke up to even think about eating another joint. I was not able to eat any until after about noon and I was still buzzing a bit then! I am still buzzing right now from it. Eating joints compares to oil when the buds are naturally decarbed, and only that way in my opinion. I have never had any luck with medibles that were cooked in an oven or heated otherwise. Eating 1 to 2 naturally decarbed joints per day, well, I would be high 24/7. This is of course with top shelf buds. I could smoke those same joints and not be high all day. It is a different buzz, like oil, I don't get the red eyes, I don't get anxiety as long as I don't take too much vs. smoking, and you are getting all of the medicinal properties of the flower. If I had cancer or some illness and had no access to oil, I surely would eat decarbed buds. Even if I had access to RSO, if I thought I had cancer, I would still eat the buds along with taking RSO. Preferably ND Sap (naturally decarbed oil). This is really great for health effects. You can figure out what your desired medication is, whether it is one, two, or three joints per day (ingested (eating)), after knowing the desired amount of medication, you can also eat some fresh buds which will not increase the buzz, it may even calm it down. Then you can get even more of the health benefits of cannabis. I actually had no idea that eating cannabis that has naturally decarbed could be just as effective as oil. I am convinced. Give it a try, for at least 3 days.
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    I have suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for over 15 years, in remission for the past 3 years....until this February when I was hit with a Norovirus which activated my UC with the most horrible severe symptoms that would not go away. My son gave me a dose of full spectrum extract oil suspension with no THC. Symptoms were stopped in their tracks, then started coming back after 2 days. I took a total of 4 doses of this medicine over a 3 week period, and completely reverted to remission again with no additional doses needed. My gastro doc is talking removal of my colon with a colostomy as the only option if symptoms continue. This extract literally saved my colon. The only "side effect" I had was that it also took away my hip inflammation.
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    Well, RIU is back online but the journals are not back up yet. So, since I can't go back and copy from where I left off here, I will just put up something new here. Here are some recent QWISO extractions. From now on my strain comparisons are strictly based on extractions. I no longer believe in smoking. For one thing I believe it destroys most of the medicine. Next best thing is vaporizing. I don't compare it to the medicinal value of ingesting RSO, but I think of it as a great medicinal advantage over smoking bud. To be straight up honest, I highly prefer and far more enjoy vaporizing concentrates vs. smoking anything. With this QWISO I just let it fan dry. I preformed the same extraction method as I do with RSO, which is the frozen method. I used 99% isopropyl alcohol for the initial extractions. Here are some pictures of the oil before I winterized. I winterized the oil later with 192 proof grain alcohol. 4-G, you can see the grain of the table underneath. It has a lot of clarity to it. It is a wild strain from bag seed. It is the only oil that I have tried that offers a straight up ganja premium green taste. A powerful ganja taste. This is Querkle. A pinkish tint, she is a keeper. Space Queen dominant Querkle. I have a blog here of my Querkle with pictures. Here is one picture of one of the strains after winterizing with 192 proof polish vodka A few more pictures after winterizing. This QWISO is incredible vaporizing! Winterized and really cleaned up, it is really worth it. Here is all 4 strains mixed in my AeroTank. I used the very best of each strain. All I see in my flower room now is oil!
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    Thank you very much for that in-depth information. I will keep my card.
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    Has rejected them.
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    And let me add a congratulations to Michael and the petitioners who got those 10 conditions past the board.
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    Great information Consular Thank you The Picture is Charlie and me
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    Hi gg, it's been a while since we connected. Hope you're doing well. Also, glad to see your still hacking away with the vaporizers, et al! LOL! I was a little taken back by your comment about a "vaporizer ban." Would you explain this please? Given the new MI laws that went into effect on the 20th legalizing extracts, edibles, etc., I'm guessing the "ban" you mention is at the Fed. level? I'd also like to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind, regarding RSO, QWISO, etc. In one of your recent postings (which I can't locate now), you mentioned that ISO solvent extractions (QWISO?) is now your favorite method for making oil. Even more so than using 200 proof ethanol? Did I understand this correctly? What is your rationale for this? I'm interested in this as I have been approached by a potential new patient who has cancer, accompanied with severe pain. I've not made any new "oils" in over a year, so as I move forward I'd like to find the best, and hopefully, easiest method. I continue to experiment with "butters" and tinctures for personal use, but I'm not satisfied with the quality, effects, etc. For my own needs, I'm ready to oils again. Along with this, I'm looking for a strain recommendation that produces a good oil. Suggestions? Hope things are going well for you and that you have a wonderful new year!
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    Odd Plant Issues In Veg Stage

    Re-vegged plants will do this as well...
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    Odd Plant Issues In Veg Stage

    Plants can exhibit single leaves or 3 leaves without having any stressors as well. If a cutting was taken during the beginning of the flowering stage (which can even occur before a 12/12 light cycle), it may have single leaves. This is caused by the tight leaf material that protects the calyx sites to straighten out and lengthen from the plant stem. You will still have good bud production, and may or may not have leaves later on that are normal looking. As long as you have leaves, you will be ok, regardless of the number of blades per leaf. Were your cuttings take near the bottom of the plant where there is limited light penetration, or were they showing any pre-flower sites?
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    Odd Plant Issues In Veg Stage

    Personal exsperiance has shown me that "well" water changes throughout the year. EX: note diff ppm in spring rather then fall. SOOO if ppm changes, then the mineral content also will change in an unknowing way obvesouly..Thats why R.O. water always the same. Easy "try", I know it helps to, go to manards and get yourself a Hole house water filter. Better yet get two, a pre filter and the second run the charcoal filter.. Thats the way I set up rooms using well water..
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    2000 Watt Custom Cooled Closet And More

    I am really surprised that this blog has the fewest views considering how long it has been here. Kind of baffles me really. I am going to be making some big changes to this closet-grow room. After running it for about 5 years now I have decided to focus my attention to my grow room since our politicians have chosen not to do their jobs. Actually they are doing the opposite of their job. They are blocking bills and preventing progress in the state of Michigan in my opinion. I have given up on the idea of a larger grow. I shut down my smaller grow room and am confining my entire grow operation into one room. I was using two rooms. It was annoying using two rooms because I had to build a custom gate to block off the hallway and be lockable so I could be legal. (Enclosed, locked facility). Actually, I am kind of glad. I can't say I have ever truly mastered a full grow room. That is after 15 years of consistent growing. I am going to master it now. I am changing the entire ventilation and making it to where the grow room is completely attached to the house, but completely sealed from the house. It is great that I am removing the gate. My house is going to be more like a normal house. I can have visitors that would now have no clue that there is a grow room at all. I am going to have the option to vent air from my house and completely sealed to where it has no effect on the rest of the house. It will require the use of CO2 in the winter with the option of CO2 year round. I would have to add a portable air conditioner to do that though. I have done a lot of construction and made a lot of changes. It is not going to be easy to explain everything with photos and typing, but I will do my best. For now I am just going to show the hallway with the gate open. In the picture you can see a new door at the end of the hallway. It is an exterior door which is triple sealed. It helps with noise from the fans running in the grow room. It also helps with the grow room stink. If I have a bug problem, as long as I am not flowering, I can hang up some HotShotz and not be concerned about any of the poison making it into the rest of the house. Yet, if I choose, I can have the grow room vent through the house, pull all of the air from the house or no air from the house, all under my control. Double and triple sealed. I will explain more about this later. My goal now is to completely master my entire grow in an 11' x 12' room and use all of the space available to the best of my abilities.
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    gg, here's an update on medicating with my recently made RSO. Last night I filled the larger half of a 00 size gelcap to about ¾ full. Whoa! If there was any doubt as to its potency - forget it! Totally baked! Within 2 hours my legs were so rubbery I wasn't sure I could make it up the stairs to go to bed! I did make it and slept like a rock! The dosage was too much, however. There was a moment or two when I had to talk myself out of thinking that I was about to od. On the edge of paranoia and all that, but I was able to keep my wits about me. So, the next dosage will be a bit smaller.
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    Medical Marijuana Bust

    Spoke with an attorney and he feels we have a great case. Problem is it costs so much to file charges. There are others waiting for the right case to come along to fight these renegade cops and this is the one, but it takes money. Another issue that has come up. Feb. 24 I sent the paperwork to the state for my husband to get his medical card. It was denied because the doctor forgot to put his phone number on the form. I got a new physician form, completed new application that came off of the state's site, sent it in, it again was denied because it was the "old" form. I sent in a third set of documents and just today received another denial because I had put SR. on the application and that does not appear on my husbands license. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Dealing with the state of Michigan is awful. My husband has bone marrow cancer and mitochondrial myopathy (a muscle disease). He has to take all kinds of prescription medicines and we are hoping some form of marijuana may be able to take the place of some of these drugs and stop destroying other organs. Guess the state is paid off by the drug companies.
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    The Future Looks Bleak?

    I have heard about this program where they (state senator? ) are pushing these bills through to give us things we want like CG2CG transfers and laws for allowing dispensaries and laws for allowing extracts then finally a bill for the installation and regulation of pharmaceutical grade mmj to be sold by pharmacies.... once the pharmaceutical system is up and running they're going to pull the home grown/dispensaries carpet right out from under us... taking the money and control and freedom back out of the peoples hands.... the pharmaceutical companies want back the money they're losing to people using cannabis to relieve their ailments. To achieve it they will pay off politicians to pass laws that give them exclusive rights to grow and sell mmj..... only pharmaceutical grade mj will be legal. we must expose this ploy and nip it in the bud!! vote No on Pharmaceutical grade Cannabis!!
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    I have a lot more to add to this blog, but for now, I will cut through the BS and show my two favorite vapes and another one that I like. SVD on the left. My favorite vape is the itazte SVD by: Innokin, http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iTaste-SVD.html it works especially well with my e-cannabis oil. For e-cigarette oils, the metal mouthpiece can have an effect on the flavors. This vaporizer offers the largest, most potent hits. Good news is that there are a lot of different attachments available. Here is a link to where I like to purchase most of my vaping products. www.highdesertvapes.com you will also need a charger and batteries, this is the charger that I recommend http://highdesertvapes.com/products/TrustFire-TR%252d006-Multifunctional-Charger.html There are two types of batteries, small and large. Actually there is a third setting, it will require additional programming to the vape, easy to do. Using two small batteries, which will double the voltage. My preferred small batteries http://highdesertvapes.com/products/AW-IMR18350-700-mAh-Battery.html I recommend two of these. I recommend one of these larger batteries http://highdesertvapes.com/products/AW--IMR18650%252d2000-mAh-Battery.html The SVD clearomizer tank, the unit comes with two, are completely rebuildable, deliver the most fluid to the heating element compared to any unit I have seen so far. Also, it has lasted the longest and consumed the most oil without having to be cleaned. It comes with all the rebuildable parts you need for only $89 (excluding battery(ies) and charger). Here is the second favorite vape set up. It is cheap, convenient, reliable, and somewhat disposable. Not that big of a deal if a part breaks or you lose the vape. That is kind of a benefit for me, I drop and break things a lot. The battery I recommend is the eGo-C Twist, a variable voltage (VV) battery http://highdesertvapes.com/products/eGo%252dC-Twist-650mah-Variable-Voltage-Battery.html for less than $20 it can't be beat. With the VV you can dial the battery right in to the perfect vaping temperature. Now you will need the clearomizer (tank and heating element) http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iClear-16-Dual-Coil-Clearomizer.html this unit is better than ones that look like it. Dual heating coil, quad wick, completely rebuildable/replaceable heating wicking element. I chose a colored clearomizer for stealth. Replacement heating element http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iClear-16-Dual-Coil-Clearomizer-Replacement-Head.html You will need one more thing for this vape, a charger. Less than $6 http://highdesertvapes.com/products/eGo-USB-Charger-with-Cord.html Now these are my two favorite vapes for concentrated cannabis mixed with propylene glycol USP. Also, they are my favorite vaporizers for e-cigarette oil. My third favorite vaporizer is a complete package, comes with everything you need. $25.99 http://dreamvapor.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52 This one is smaller and prettier, more comfortable and convenient. Works well. All of the vaporizers that I have mentioned here are completely interchangeable. All of them contain the inner 510 threads and the outer eGo threads. Of course, you will probably want some PG USP http://highdesertvapes.com/products/USP-Kosher-Proplyene-Glycol-%28PG%29.html If you really want to go stealth, or just add some some sweet flavor to your oil, this PG USP has sweetener added to it. It adds a nice sweet flavor to your draw and does a pretty good job masking the aroma of your exhale. http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Sweetener-%28by-HDV-5%25-Sucralose-%252d-PG%29.html I don't have any ties to these companies other than making my purchases from them. They seem to have the best prices and High Desert Vapes has the best shipping.
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    Missing The March

    sometimes even as much as you want things to happen a certain way, they just dont. i too wanted to go in support and to meet up face to face but it wasnt in the cards. there will be other times for sure.
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    Could this be the year for Michigan? Let's hope so. Too many people have had their lives changed by the current $ystem.
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    He thinks that all oil users are like tweekers on meth. But someday he will find someone like his mother, son or daughter needs it badly just to live a decent life. Then we will all be good people to him. He will then be 'born again' and a cannabis supporter. Until then we live with this monster as a law maker. Explosions! BOOM! What most of us use to make oil isn't any more dangerous than that bottle of 151 rum on his shelf. If you are going to take away 'making cannabis oil with alcohol' then you need to take away whisky, rum and vodka too. They have a flash point over what he wants to allow us for extraction. If butane blows up houses than quit selling it to the general public. Don't make everyone suffer because you can't quite figure out how to do your job correctly, using a sledge hammer of a law to make a mess of it when a precision guided law would do it correctly.
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    Dana Nessel wins Democratic Party endorsement for Michigan Attorney General! https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/04/15/nessel-democratic-endorsement-michigan-attorney-general/518873002/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    I did my best to answer your questions, they are in bold type above. I wish you much luck in your endeavors!! Please keep me posted. I too hope things are going well for you and wish you a wonderful new year too!
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    Hi gg, wouldn't you know it - as soon as I post on your vape blog, I find your new recommendation here! Sorry about that...... Are the directions for RSO at the top of this blog the most current? Thanks.
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    Felony Expungements Will Be Granted Due To Hb 4210

    Now we need a pain patient bill of rights Pain patients in Michigan are denied their pain medications because they want to use cannabis also . We need protections on this. Many medical mj patient are just dropping their cards because they need the pain medications Cannabis helps but cannabis and pain med.s help the very ill..
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    A sad month for e-cig users. The FDA has pretty much banned all e-cigg products that have been manufactured after February 2007. That pretty much leaves us with nothing, including flavors. It will cost manufacturers $1M to have each flavor approved. It gets much worse. The 499 page document contradicts itself. It says the ban takes place May 10, August, and in 3 years. It is gibberish. When the ban goes into full effect, I don't know, but it could be any day. This is a result of complete tyranny and treason by our government, based upon how I read the constitution. First, they are not honoring the grandfather law. Any ban pre 2014 would be a violation of the grandfather law. You can't just make up any date you want and choose that to be the grandfather date, that is crazy. Here is where i believe heavy duty treason has been taking place. This is not a US law, this law has been implemented by another governing body, the UN. It is treason for any branch of our government to implement laws from another governing body other than the US. All I use in my e-cig mix is VG and natural, organic flavorings. I don't see how that can be considered a tobacco product, especially when there is no nicotine in it. This will put hundreds of companies out of business, and thousands of people will lose their jobs. We are the losers and the victims. Politician and large corporations are the winners. They get all of the money and control. I don't think I will be testing any more products unless something highly interests me. Stock up now and get what you need while you can. Go to CASAA http://casaa.org/and help Support HR2058 - If you are a marijuana user/patient and you like vaporizing your buds with a table top unit, you will want to support HR2058. There may not be any more table top bud vape units in the near future. This is not just about cannabis oil, it is about flowers. This could also effect essential oils as well. What other UN laws are they going to push on us next? Obliterate freedom of speech? There is a new study recently released that says vaping is 95% more safe than smoking tobacco. Yet vaping receives the most heavy regulations and tobacco does not.
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    I want to fully master the Griffin and other RTA units for the benefit of cannabis. I switched to sub ohm vaping with my e-cig oil. I chain vape and never cared for sub ohm when it comes to my e-cigs. The only way I will be able to master the sub ohm vaping cannabis oil is to sub ohm vape my e-cig oils. Also I will be building my own coils. Right off the bat I have learned that it does not matter how well the coils are built. What matters most is how well the wick cotton has been installed. Different methods work differently for all people. With thick oils and sub ohm coils, the cotton needs to be free and not compacted. Since sub ohm vaping uses more heat and more of the liquid is consumed, the cotton cannot be restricted on the quick uptake of fluid. The Griffin has made me learn (since I am using super thick pure VG with my e-cig oil) that not just the cotton must be free, the oil wells must have an opening for just liquid. The cotton cannot block the hole up or you will not be able to chain vape. I have also learned that if the cotton is not installed just right, the unit can leak and flood real easy. When it comes to super cloud puffing vapes, which is great for e-cannabis, the Griffin can do it, but it is difficult, it must be wicked perfectly. I have watched many different videos that were very convincing. The methods worked great for them, but not for me. I use similar methods, but for some reason, I give the wicks a bit more of a "hair cut" and using a toothpick instead of needle nose tweezers to open the oil wells next to the wick on the post side of all 4 wells, it made all the difference. Suddenly, my vape began to work perfectly when it came to my chain vaping e-cig juice. It took about 3 tries, but I got it. It did leak a few times, but not horribly. I do recommend the Griffin, but it is not for a beginner. Pros: It does work and can work great with e-cig juice and e-cannabis oil. So far, the best I have tried for both, especially when it comes to getting a large, clean draw. It is affordable. Cons: It is difficult to get it working just right. It can lead to a lot of frustration and losses when working with cannabis oil. I wish the wick wells were a bit larger, there is room. I think the deck could be 1mm smaller so the automizer would not be as close to the glass and the juice flow would be more smooth (faster acting) when it comes to the thicker oils. Going by what I have heard recently, you need 2.5mm wells or ports to handle thicker liquids more conveniently. That is what we need for potent cannabis oil. I did order a differently designed unit that has 2.5 mm ports. The Aromamizer Supreme. According to the super cloud puffing e-cig enthusiasts, this is considered one of the best. I am thinking it will work the best for e-cannabis. It is a bit expensive, but I just have to try it. The reviews have impressed me. For me, it is all about e-cannabis. I can't imagine why someone would want more vapor than what the Griffin offers, but a big thumbs up to them, I am thanking you guys out there. The bigger cloud puffing stuff works awesome with e-cannaibs. That is what it needs to work correctly. If it wasn't for the big cloud vaporists out there, I wouldn't be able to experience this. I did receive some clapton wire. I have a super vape device that goes to 200Watts, theWismec Reuleaux RX200 for home use and testing. They have really come down in price. It is kind of big and bulky, it takes (3) 18650 batteries. Just what I need for home testing. I can work on a coil build and not have to be concerned with it tipping over. I can fire the coils from 1 to 200 watts with full confidence that there will be no lack of watts. I believe it will come in handy since I am going to start using custom wire, which may require a higher wattage than what my single battery vapes can handle, for my coil builds. New vape and wire for coil building. I would like to compare the 26 gauge stainless steel, and 26 gauge kanthal, see if there are any differences. Clapton wire, which is 26 gauge wire wrapped with 32 gauge wire. When taking spare batteries along with you it is good practice to keep them in a cover or case specifically made for the batteries. I wanted a case that can carry 2 batteries but they were out of stock , so I got one of the $0.95 gel slip cover cases. You never want to carry these or any battery for that matter, loose. If you carry it loose, unprotected in your pocket or purse and anything metal causes it to arc, you become a disaster waiting to happen. Again, I am still getting accustomed to the sub ohm vaping. let alone doing it with a super cloud puffer like the Griffin. I think I may begin to prefer it. On the downside, giant clouds in public can be annoying for others. I don't blow giant clouds like they do in the videos. I can, but choose not to, considering the fact that I am using 100% VG, which does produce more vapor. I have noticed since building my own coils, and using the same flavors, vaping seems to have a different taste, like it is more clean after getting used to it. Now that I have been using the Griffin with dual coils, it is a whole new step in a different direction. I just may start to prefer it.
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    So I ordered an accessory for the Griffin. A top airflow piece. All I can say is WOW! I poured out the remaining oil from the Griffin, about 1/4 at the most. Then I removed the original top and installed the new top airflow piece. This new accessory takes up more space in the tank to accommodate for the extra airflow. That is actually good for us e-cannabis users. The tank now holds less liquid and may even be less likely to flood when filling. When I filled the Griffin with the new top, I only filled it half way. When filling, I left the top airflow vents open, the bottom ones were closed. I encountered no leaking. The Griffin, in its original state, is the best hitting rig I have had for e-cannabis period. With the new top airflow, when it comes to e-cannabis, it is even better yet. This is not for beginners, but for the do it yourselfers. There's no going back for me now, I am hooked. Here is the Griffin attached to a SmokTech mechanical vape (left). It operated just fine using an LG 18650 3000 mAh battery (the brown battery). The vape on the right is the KangerTech mini The Griffin with the top airflow attachment
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    Update on the RBA for the bottom and top feed mini. With my e-cigarette oil there have been no failures, it is working great, but it is just too intense for me with the sub ohm coils. I will have to start building my own coils, which I am happy to do, it will be fun. Now for the cannabis oil and the RBA: it failed kind of quickly. After taking it apart, cleaning it, and analyzing why it failed. I discovered that I had too much cotton, I should have cut it a lot shorter. I over packed the RBA system and it was too tight. Next time I try it, I will use only half the amount of cotton, maybe even less. Since I use thick oils, over packing the cotton can surely cause dry hits and burn taste, and that is what happened. Other than that, I am really impressed with it. There is potential in it, just need to give it another try. I have heard one or two people mention the nano leaking. Now, it has leaked once for me, and I use it a lot. When it leaked, I noticed that I left the airflow wide open. Never did that before. Now I know better when it comes to the cannabis oil, from now on I will close the airflow when not in use. What to try next..... I am going to try a Coil Master 521 Tab with the Coil Master DIY Kit V2. These are for building and testing your own coils. Trust me, these items are a must when building coils. It can be difficult to do a build when it is attached to the vaporizer. Of course, I need a new tank to test the kit out with. I am used to the term RBA (rebuildable bottom automizer) now they are calling the newer devices RTA (rebuildable tank automizer). Then there are the RDA (rebuildable drip automizer), but I am not in to those. What I am looking for is a nice rig that can handle dual coil that has a good rep for not leaking, and enough space to build exotic coils (like using tiger wire and such). Here is the tank I am going with: The Griffin by GeekVape. It is super cool that you can close off the oil inlet holes from outside the tank. You can also turn off the airflow. This should be great for transporting. I will assume with the oil holes and air holes closed, the unit will not leak. Originally I had a video up by RIPTRIPPERS, but sadly, they have sold out the vaping community. They are willing to say anything (crazy talk) for a buck, even if it is against the vaping community and lies. So I have switched the review on the Griffin tank to Zophie. She is far better skilled anyway. She will build coils on video, not just talk about them. Keeping in mind with the reviews, most are first impressions. After first impressions, problems could arise. What works for one, may not work for another. When I can test it I will report back. I just ordered one so it will be a week or two. I am no sure when the ceramic coils I ordered for the mini and nano will arrive. As soon as I can test them out, I will follow up with the results.
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    GrowGoddess told me about sub ohm vaping being a game changer for cannabis oil so being a vape enthusiast I had to try it. I ordered the Kangertech Subox Nano Kit on eBay and made some fresh juice while I waited for it to arrive. Just make sure it's authentic. KangerTech vapes come with codes you can check online to verify authenticity. I've heard that even the clones are pretty good but they are made with cheaper materials. I start out with just under a gram of homemade BHO. This was some Skunk #1 made from buds. When I make ecannabis oil I winterize the BHO to remove any remaining waxes. This does lower the amount of material but you are left with some very pure and potent shatter. I use a shot glass in a hot water bath to melt the shatter and mix with a half milliliter of propylene glycol. I use an IR gun to make sure that the water does not go above 120 degrees. You can add more or less PG depending on how strong you want it to be. This tank is rather large so this small batch filled it just under half way. One full gram after winterizing would be enough to fill the tank most of the way after flavoring and hash oil are added. I add two drops of a PG based flavoring per refill. The result is by far the best vaping experience I've had with an ecig. You want to make sure you use the 0.5 ohm atomizer that comes with the tank and not the 1.5 ohm. By opening the air holes all the way, using the 0.5 ohm coil, and turning the wattage up to 20 or higher you can get bong like hits. Usually two hits is enough for me. There are many other sub ohm tanks but the Subox Nano is one of the smallest box mods and tanks available. It's a great deal for sub ohm vaping. Ecigs are a very convenient and portable way to medicate.
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    Don't know till you try.... I will follow up if I do!
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    Thanks for the detailed and informative response! The batch that I referred to was a cold wash (200 proof Kleen Xtract) ND Sap per your method. The importance of the Terpenes makes sense to me. Careful handling too. My sap turned 180 days back in April. I'm putting .10g in a gel cap and get buzzed for 4-6 hours as I mentioned. Last night, I took one at 8p and then again at 10. I slept much better. I'll continue to experiment and will be making some new nd sap soon to get rid of all my sugar leafs/trimmings from the last grow. Are the directions the same? Any new modification since January? Thanks again!
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    I recently posted the following on a different forum regarding my experience and theories to naturally decarbed oil vs. heat decarbed oil. ​I think I may have figured it out. It has been shown on some graphs in the PDF document I left the link for above, that shows at 110F and above can start causing the terpenes to evaporate without a doubt. I do have other documentation to support that. In my herbalist books, it says that the terpenes are very delicate and to avoid evaporating them off, they recommend using a double boiler and keeping the temps between 95F - 110F, no higher. If the temps go higher, they recommend to add fresh terpene extracts. What I think I figured out: I mentioned that I thought the heat was causing the THC to oxidize during heat decarbing. I no longer think that is the case, I believe there is no damage to the THC when heat decarbing, when done properly. Going by this document, it appears that with the full amount of terpenes, (I believe using heat to decarb it seriously evaporates the terpenes based upon the research I have done as well as my experiences) it alters the blood brain barrier and alters the THC and much more. http://www.medicinalgenomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Chemical-constituents-of-cannabis.pdf Here is an excerpt from the document: PDF Pg. 24 "It has been suggested that the terpenoid constituents of Cannabis modulate THC activity, for example, by binding to cannabinoid receptors, modulating the THC receptor affinity, or altering its pharmacokinetics (e.g., by changing the blood–brain barrier;..." Another excerpt: PDF Pg. 12 "The typical scent of Cannabis results from about 140 different terpenoids. Isoprene units (C5H8) form monoterpenoids (C10skeleton), sesquiterpenoids (C15),diterpenoids (C20), and triterpenoids (C30;seeTable 2). Terpenoids may be acyclic, monocyclic, or polycyclic hydrocarbons with substitution patterns including alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, and esters. The essential oil (volatile oil) can easily be obtained by steam distillation or vaporization. The yield depends on the Cannabis type (drug, fiber) and pollination; sex, age, and part of the plant; cultivation (indoor, outdoor etc.); harvest time and conditions; drying; and storage (29–31). For example, fresh buds from an Afghani variety yielded 0.29% essential oil (32). Drying and storage reduced the content from 0.29 after 1 week and 3 months to 0.20 and 0.13%, respectively (32). Monoterpenes showed a significantly greater loss than sesquiterpenes, but none of the major components completely disappeared in the drying process." That would explain everything regarding the differences I have been noticing between heat decarbed oil and naturally decarbed oil. When using my fully heat decarbed oil I can't get a buzz to last any longer than 12 hours. With the fully naturally decarbed oil, the buzz lasts 48 hours or more and it is very comfortable. No anxiety at all. I am confident it is due to the presence of the terpenes that get lost during a heat decarb process. These terpenes can be easily lost in the grow room as well, should the plants not be in a perfect environment getting everything it wants and needs. These are the conclusions I have come to with the difference between heat decarbed and naturally decarbed. If it were me with a serious illness, such as cancer, I would want to use both types of oil and also include fresh bud. Heat decarbing does alter some of the chemistry and converts some of the cannabinoids into another medicinal form. That is why I would want to use both for a serious illness. When it comes to just staying medicated I would choose to only use the naturally decarbed oil because I feel more comfortable and it lasts longer. Also, it has topped heat decarbed oil when used for aches, pains, cuts, toothaches, etc. I can fully understand someone preferring the heat decarbed oil as it does offer a different buzz. This is just based upon my opinion and the experience I have had. I am sure it could be different for others.
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    Update: I am guessing you have an older 4" American steel well. In a way you are lucky, can't get good American steel anymore. I probably would have chosen a 4" steel well, but the steel pipe available is manufactured in China. I was right when I said a hand pump can be added to a 4" existing well, but it can be a pain. The 4" is the smallest that it can be done with when it has a submersable electric pump. If you can get a 1" pipe to go down your well, then you should be able to have a dual hook up. This website http://www.deanbennett.com/y2kemergencyhandpump.htmtalks about it. The link is to their emergency hand pump. It is the real deal and is quality. If I already had a 4" well, I would have considered the emergency hand pump. I do like the idea that my seperate property has its own well with an old fashioned look to it. This emergency well pump may be more than what you were hoping for. You may be able to run your house with it and pressurize your existing system. It may take some extra fiddling to get the 4" to work. Take a look at the Q & A at the bottom of the page link I provided. It should answer most of your questions, but keep in mind the questions and answers may not be complete and can be a bit deceiving. I would contatct them for your specific questions. Another solution, maybe going with a shallow well with a hand pump. You can filter and boil the water for cooking and bathing. The Baker company offers both types of well pumps. I trust the Baker Company products. They seem to really stand behind their products and answer many questions that other pump manufacturers do not. Make sure you check out their entire site. The page links are at the bottom. If I already had a 4" well like you, I would have put my hand pump on the 4" well and I would have drilled a new 5" well for the house. I am not really a fan of the 2" wells because you can't pump as much water from them and there are not as many options. My new hand pump is by Baker. It would require a minimum of a 10" diamter well to use the hand pump with a submersable pump. So for people like us with wells smaller than 10", the stainless steel emergency pump is a good option or go with 2 wells like I just did. I can even attach an electric or gasoline pump on my hand pump well to supply my house if I want. It seems that Baker is the heavy duty set up for hand pump wells with many options. Here is another page of information http://www.deanbennett.com/how-to-put-hand-pump-in-my-water-well.htm Make sure you take a look at the pitless adapter. You probably already have on on your well and you can install one yourself with the tools they offer so you can use the hand pump in the winter during emergencies.
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    Wow! I really appreciate your input. Your knowledge/experience with using bud is similar to my experience using oil. Well, the same really. I noticed all of the same changes with my oil over time when I was making RSO. I was making good size quantities so it lasted for months. Then all of a sudden I would take the same size dose and it would seem twice as strong and it stayed that way from there forward. With oil I have noticed that if there is no heat applied at all and it naturally decarbs, you can feel the difference with the additional CBDs and terpenes being present or whatever it is. It is strange that you get the same potency buzz, but it just lasts twice as long. I don't have that much experience with naturally decarbed bud or cooked bud. I tried cooking bud using a few different methods to decarb in the oven. Nonetheless, I was not happy with the results. It did offer a different feeling than what I was used to. I felt that it was a waste considering how much bud it took to even feel anything. That was just cooked for a decarb. I pretty much ate it right away. At that time I had no knowledge of naturally decarbing. Please do continue to document your experiences with consuming bud. I will admit it, I am pretty hung up on the oil and eating buds is not my preferred method. It does offer the same quality effects as eating the oil. Just easier for me to take a drop of oil per day vs eating a joint, even a half joint. I must agree with the unpredictable on the potency and the decarbing is more complicated than what I have posted. I am not sure if it is the natural decarbing, me, or if my oil is evaporating and getting thicker, but it does seem more potent right now. That makes my naturally decarbing oil about 5 months old at this point. I must admit, when I was eating the naturally decarbed bud, the Space Dawg being 6 months old, I had serious problems handling eating 1/2 joint per day. Like I said above, for some reason the naturally decarbed oil lasts twice as long so when you take one dose per day, it kind of builds up and you get more stoned. Looking forward to any additional information you wish to share. I really believe this helps patients as another alternative. Far more efficient too.
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    Heat? If you mean a furnace, yes. I have the bowls in the basement - space issue - where it's about 65º and 50% humanity. I'll just put a fan on them. Last time it evaporated so quickly you may recall It got to dry on me. Just have to watch closer. The other issue I had preparing this batch is that it takes forever for the extract to go through a coffee filter. Have you experienced this? When the "stream" turns to a very slow drip - a drop/5 seconds or so, I pulled the filter, gently squeeze it out, and started a new filter. Other suggestions?
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    Hi gg, Wow, a lot of interesting observations in your post! Can't wait for the follow-up. A couple of questions though: 1. it sounds like you are moving away from using EA for your cold extractions. Yes? Does that mean you're using ISO for the extraction? 2. wondering if you would consider making a spreadsheet (I'll help if needed) comparing your experiences with RSO, QWISO and ND Sap? This would be a way for you (and admittedly, me :-) and probably others) to have a comprehensive "view" of your experiences, both from a creation and use perspectives. IMHO, your "research" is invaluable to the community. Keep it up! Now, a personal update: 1. Harvested my second grow a few weeks ago. 7 plants, 5-gal pots in a SCROG. Trimmed, dried and cured came in at just under 7.5oz. A little over 1 oz/plant. Not great, but it beat my first harvest which averaged ¾ oz/plant. The 2nd grow did have a fairly bad Scale infestation, so they were under a lot of stress, which probably impacted the harvest. 2. My first attempt at making RSO, using trim, leaves, and stems and following your heat method turned 90 days yesterday. Guess what I did?? Took two drops around 5p last night. Not very noticeable. Some minor sensations of well being, things were brighter and a general calmness. Also, some pain relief. By 9 it was over but pain was still reduced. Today, I took 4-5 drops (not sure because by the 3rd drop my tongue was numb) around 9:30 this morning. Whoa, what a mistake. It's now nearly 11 and I'm sitting here buzzed to the nth degree stumbling my way through this reply (making good use of the delete key...) At the moment, it's a totally head high, my face is numb and my arms and hands are getting very weak as I type this. There's a slight sense of panic - a little anxiety I suppose, and I feel like I don't dare get-into-the-feeling or I'll succumb to it. Good thing I"m sitting down. Wondering now if maybe I did more than 4-5 drops? Have to get a mirror to see what I'm doing next time! This is one of those no talking on the phone and not going to answer the door types of highs. Too much! I find it interesting that there is such a fine line between a mild high (2 drops) and an over-the-top high (4-5 drops). I'm definitely going to experiment more with this and titrate more accurately to find that sweet spot. [grins]
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    I use to make RSO for myself, cancer gone. But only after extensive radiation and chemo wouldn't work and almost killed me. Now I save some of each grow ( I don't grow much) for other people. I recently made some for a friend with crohn's disease. I didn't even know what CD was till he got it. That is some nasty,nasty stuff to have. He took RSO orally and his nurse got some into his other end, not sure how that part works. Anyhow, he got more RSO from another person once he seen how effective it was. I'd guess that would be a year or so ago, I hadn't seen him since. A couple weeks ago I was in that area and stopped in, I didn't even know if he was still alive. Then "Bonk", I got hit in the head with an empty beer can, he was in his garage working on his car, drinking a beer and he looked great, gained about 80-90 pounds that he had lost when he was sick. darn, that was good to see.
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    gg, getting ready to do a QWET extraction with new bud. Wondering if when you have the time if you would review my summarization of your instructions. Please note any errors or misunderstandings. 1. Good quality, bone dry buds ? do you just air dry the buds? My buds are in jars with a Boveda 62% RH pack. How do you tell when they're dry enough? 2. Place in mason jar - stick in freezer for a min. of 48 hours 3. Place solvent (190+ ET) in mason jar - stick in freezer for a min. of 48 hours. 4. Quickly pour solvent over dried buds about half way and shake. Buds should crumble. Shake for about a minute. 5. Pour into wire mesh strainer over bowl. 6. Put bud material back in jar, add fresh solvent, and shake again. Process two additional times (total 3). When you say "high quality" vs "low quality" do you keep the washes separate for the filtering/evaporating steps? What do you do with the filtered sediment? Is it usable? 7. Filter through a metal mesh or paper coffee filter. 8. Move to a pyrex baking dish. ​I'm assuming this should be covered with cheesecloth to keep unfriendlies out. 9. Use no heat. Use a breeze or low fan. 10. If white foam shows, add some more solvent and stir 11. Transfer the mixture to a metal cup, tip the cup slightly and let a fan blow over it. Cover with paper coffee filter. 12. Let evaporate until the concentrate is a think sap. 13. Move the sap into brown vials. May need to use a heating mat to liquify the sap slightly to suck it up. 14. Store in the dark for 90+ days. I have all of your various "colored" comments, but left them out to keep this short. I believe I have the gist of it (the process) but would appreciate your review before I begin. Thxs!
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    Well day three of eating the winterized QWISO that has naturally decarbed: It was winterized with 192 proof vodka. After winterizing it removed all of the flavanoids and probably other good things. For a medicinal oil, I do not recommend winterizing. The potency is right up there compared to RSO. I don't even know what I would call this oil really. I guess maybe ND SAP? Naturally Decarbed and SAP, that fits well because to maintain the medicinal properties of the oil it will have to stay at a consistency of runny or thick sap depending on the solvent and strains. Really I think I prefer 190 proof or higher organic or grain alcohol. Then you don't have to be so concerned with the product being fully purged and also keep it at a sap state. Then you will know for sure that all of the terpines and CBDs are in the oil. I am starting to believe that this is very important. Adding any heat that takes it above 100 degrees F can potentially degrade the product by evaporating all of the turpines and possibly some CBDs. With RSO, there are no terpines and much of the CBDs have been destroyed or lost in my opinion. Another great thing with this SAP that naturally decarbs is it will not require large amounts of marijuana to make a batch. This is great for people that just don't have the funds available to go out and get 1/4 pound of buds to make a batch of RSO. Also, it may not be possible. Like a non resident in CO is only allowed 1/4 ounce per day. With this SAP you can get by and make your oil. The biggest inconvenience is the three month wait for it to decarb. Maybe a little less time, but also it could require a bit more time. For someone in a situation where they need the usable oil now, they can make a batch of some QWET SAP and date it, put away some for the three month decarbing. Take what you need to decarb and do so by heating the oil using a double boiler, stove top, lighter and a spoon, or even a rice cooker, there are many possibilities. Keeping in mind the alcohol has already been evaporated out. The SAP is being stored in syringes. You can always squirt a little into a small frying pan, add a little bit of alcohol, turn up the heat a little (no higher than medium) until the alcohol bubbles out. Let it cool and eat it. The longer you wait, the more it will decarb. Like when I make a batch of RSO, it doesn't seem to be really decarbed until the next day. Basically what I am saying here is RSO is looking obsolete to me compared to this naturally decarbed oil I have discovered. I wish I had testing and proof, but keep in mind, testing does not cover all of the medicinal aspects. The buzz seems noticeably different but just as intense as RSO. I think I may like it better. It kind of seems like a cleaner buzz. All three doses I have taken, I could feel the effects for 24 hours. With my RSO and the same size doses, I think I usually feel the effects for more like 18 hours, but I am not 100% confident on that. The length of time may be the same. What is kind of unique here is I have been growing these same strains for many years as well as producing the oil from the same strains for many years. So when there is some form of difference with my oil or one of my strains, I will notice it right away. Going by my first impression, this is the oil I will be taking from now on. I can't wait to make my next batch of QWET and naturally decarb it. Basically all organic with absolutely no heat and potentially all of the medicinal values of the marijuana buds. No need to worry about going outside with the rice cooker. Don't have to be concerned with blowing yourself up, well not as concerned, it still can be dangerous. Just blowing the fumes outside with a fan seems a lot safer to me than boiling it with a rice cooker. When you get done harvesting your plants you don't throw them in the oven to dry them out and use right away right? Right, because it will cause damage and degrade the medicine. Well, I am starting to feel the same way about oil. Trying to decarb it early with heat, you are ruining the potential of your medicine. Now that I know that the oil can decarb by itself and come out great, it gives me comfort to know that many more patients will be able to treat themselves. They can start off with smaller amounts until they get confidence. Yes, there will be a waiting perriod for the product to be ready. Small batches can be made weekly, dated, and stored until time to use. Patience pays off. I will follow up after taking more doses. My first impression could change. I will also discuss later on how I keep it in SAP form and use grain alcohol.
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    lol yes, I did google "grassmatch" imagining some other hole in my knowledge, then realised its the name of another member.... Easily done with tired eyes, no offense taken many standardised battery assemblies include a protection circuit within the battery. if the option is there we'd prefer with than without for sure! even that said normally you don't want to fall back on that day in day out, just my cautious approach On the plus side it looks like most of the mods are based around a rock solid looking metal enclosure. its either safer or half way to a pipe bomb I cant decide !! happy to chip in with any input along the way. I think the ability to tweak the coils and wicks should be very interesting, though once you know what works well the better electronics could be added... I don't think it will have any detrimental effect, just improve consistency. something you might enjoy, over a vape, my current project ; https://www.autoflower.net/forums/f28/diy-timelapse-camera-pi-lapse-25850.html http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5ZZkxRf6wtKp2t4eCiioA?feature=watch
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    Thank you so much for posting this.Thank you LORD what a blessing.Saving up buds now,
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    Keep Spreading the word everyone....let's all do what we can do be there. And bring a friend or 2 if you can. Each and every person makes a difference.
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    420Peace lostintime, The first meeting was enough to draw me to the second Great information, friends,food,medables and medicine. Medical Marijuana Fellowship at it's Finest in a relaxing venue... All this for only $13. This may be the best value for your MMJ entertainment/education dolar in Michigan The Hazel Park C.C. is compassion at work... I am a Steak lover I have enjoyed Joyces Steak dinners with Greens before. The Steak was delicious. I will trade my steak for your greens...
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    Hey Momma I Know The Weed Man...e 40

    I'm Your Friend...
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    Marijuana Ranch

    Cheboygan Dispensary Update

    420Peace Brad, Way to go bringing jobs, tourism and another really great reason to visit The SunRise Side. I am getting to Cheboygan Soon! And so could you...
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    Mister Mac 53

    Cheboygan Dispensary Update

    Good for U guys. I would have never figured Cheboygan would be one of the first communities to have a dispensary. How do you get around the issue of 5 patients per caregiver? Are there multiple dispensary owners that are caregivers, giving you the ability to have multiple patients? Or is a better question how do you sell to anybody with a card? Interested in how the whole process works.
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    way to sweet !!! I think I got a toothache from this!
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    PS - That's gonna be bad donkey.
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    United we stand!
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