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    Just wanted to say hello. I'll stop by every now and then to check new contents. Still dealing with life-events. I hope to be at A2 the weekend of the 6th, if so, hope to see you. Hope all is well.
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    I'm 55 years young. I spent 20 years in the Air Force, 12 years in operational and 8 in support. The change from operational was determined by my PTSD, not my choice. Thankfully, I was mis-diagnosed and able to finish my 20 years of service. Sadly, I was mis-diagnosed and it took me 11 years of struggle with the VA to get the proper diagnoses. I never thought of myself as disabled. I never sought the PTSD diagnoses. I struggle with the "label" of individually unemployable ... I know the truth of it ... but how does one accept it? My future is still unwritten, each day still brings the promise of hope, my faith keeps me going forward ...
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