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    Walmart Answers To A Federal Judge

    In a significant decision that recognized a private right of action for employment discrimination under the AMMA, Arizona U.S. District Judge James A. Teilborg said last week that Walmart was not justified in firing the worker based on the company's idea that marijuana metabolites in her urine meant she must have been impaired at work. Read the full article here
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    Where To Find Seeds

    I've been straggling on starting my first marijuana plant I have no idea that planting would be this complicated, a lot of things to consider. I'm trying to grow this https://www.gyo.green/feminized-marijuana-seeds.html .I decided to grow my own just for personal use...
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    We do allow marketing for some grass roots and start up services up to a certain level. Start a blog...Be creative and informative while you slip in your services. If you are a larger company we take donations to help keep the site operating. We are going to have expos if you are interested in marketing your services. We do not allow selling, gifting or marketing "products" unless you buy an advertising donation package and then you had better be licensed by the state.
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    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3550641/ Click for full text and pdf. Abstract Effect of different photosynthetic photon flux densities (0, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 μmol m−2s−1), temperatures (20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 °C) and CO2 concentrations (250, 350, 450, 550, 650 and 750 μmol mol−1) on gas and water vapour exchange characteristics of Cannabis sativa L. were studied to determine the suitable and efficient environmental conditions for its indoor mass cultivation for pharmaceutical uses. The rate of photosynthesis (PN) and water use efficiency (WUE) of Cannabis sativa increased with photosynthetic photon flux densities (PPFD) at the lower temperatures (20–25 °C). At 30 °C, PN and WUE increased only up to 1500 μmol m−2s−1 PPFD and decreased at higher light levels. The maximum rate of photosynthesis (PN max) was observed at 30 °C and under 1500 μmol m−2s−1 PPFD. The rate of transpiration (E) responded positively to increased PPFD and temperature up to the highest levels tested (2000 μmol m−2s−1 and 40 °C). Similar to E, leaf stomatal conductance (gs) also increased with PPFD irrespective of temperature. However, gs increased with temperature up to 30 °C only. Temperature above 30 °C had an adverse effect on gs in this species. Overall, high temperature and high PPFD showed an adverse effect on PN and WUE. A continuous decrease in intercellular CO2 concentration (Ci) and therefore, in the ratio of intercellular CO2 to ambient CO2 concentration (Ci/Ca) was observed with the increase in temperature and PPFD. However, the decrease was less pronounced at light intensities above 1500 μmol m−2s−1. In view of these results, temperature and light optima for photosynthesis was concluded to be at 25–30 °C and ∼1500 μmol m−2s−1 respectively. Furthermore, plants were also exposed to different concentrations of CO2 (250, 350, 450, 550, 650 and 750 μmol mol−1) under optimum PPFD and temperature conditions to assess their photosynthetic response. Rate of photosynthesis, WUE and Ci decreased by 50 %, 53 % and 10 % respectively, and Ci/Ca, E and gs increased by 25 %, 7 % and 3 % respectively when measurements were made at 250 μmol mol-1 as compared to ambient CO2 (350 μmol mol−1) level. Elevated CO2 concentration (750 μmol mol−1) suppressed E and gs ∼ 29% and 42% respectively, and stimulated PN, WUE and Ci by 50 %, 111 % and 115 % respectively as compared to ambient CO2 concentration. The study reveals that this species can be efficiently cultivated in the range of 25 to 30 °C and ∼1500 μmol m−2s−1 PPFD. Furthermore, higher PN, WUE and nearly constant Ci/Ca ratio under elevated CO2 concentrations in C. sativa, reflects its potential for better survival, growth and productivity in drier and CO2 rich environment.
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    I watched a documentary about a regular farmer turned warehouse grower. He grew one strain, Blue Dream. That's it, one strain. He could grow that one strain well. Didn't realize it was a fail because he grew only one strain. This isn't corn. You can't summon Monsanto to your rescue. I bet that strain was weak and made huge buds because it's a BigBud cross. Try growing the old original grail strains like Headband, Chem D and OG Kush in your warehouse and see how you do.
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    caregiver & rec plant count

    I'm sorry if this has brought up before, trying to find out how the new rec law effects a caregivers plant count. Like is it ok for a caregiver to have his normal numbers and be allowed to grow another 12 per household? And does this extra 12 need to be separated from plants being grown for patients if the caregiver is only one tending them?
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    caregiver & rec plant count

    Definitely separated. If you are maxed out for your number of patients it wouldn't be very good to go above that. If a caregiver isn't a patient they should be able to grow their own 12 for their recreational use separately. I think you might run into trouble if you double dip saying these plants are my medical and these are my recreational so I can have 24 for myself. 12 per person max is safe. 12 per residence recreational. Most folks will not run into any trouble unless they are caught selling. Then they are under the microscope.
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    Dem senator introduces S. 420 bill that would legalize marijuana https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/429139-dem-senator-files-s-420-bill-to-legalize-marijuana
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    February 4th, 2019 OTSEGO COUNTY, MICHIGAN: A musician who was a finalist on “The Voice” has been sentenced to 1 year probation. Laith Al-Saadi plead no contest to one count of possession of a controlled substance. The charges came from a traffic stop in February 2017 when Al-Saadi was pulled over by Michigan State Police for an expired license plate. According to the trooper, there was a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. “I fully recognize that it was stupid, and I have attempted to use this to better my life in the best way possible,” said Laith Al-Saadi at sentencing. Honorable George J. Mertz of the 46th Circuit Court said he took multiple things into consideration during sentencing, including the fact that Al-Saadi is 41 years old and does not have a criminal record. “My point is that I don’t think that you are using these things recreationally, and that makes a difference to me in sentencing,” said Judge Mertz. “You do have a very successful career and from what I’ve read you’ve used that in ways to help the community which I think is important, and I think it’s important you continue to be able to do that.” Although the case has had an impact on Al-Saadi’s career, his attorney says they are satisfied with the sentencing. “This a situation where he [Al-Saadi] had a previous prescription for the narcotic that he was found with, and it had lapsed, as that sometimes happens,” said Attorney Michael Komorn. “Also, I think it’s important that the court recognized that he is under a doctor’s care, and most remarkable I think is that the court agreed with us that he does not have a controlled substance problem.” Charged with a DUI or Drugged Driving? Contact Komorn Law… 800-656-3557 While on probation Al-Saadi will be allowed to travel in and out of the state, as well as the country, if it is for work purposes. LAITH AL-SAADI His next performance in northern Michigan is a charity concert to support mental health will be held at the Traverse City Opera House on February 15th at 7:30 p.m. ‘Cure for the Winter Blues‘ Visit Laith Al-Saadi website For more information Finalist on “The Voice” sentenced to 1 year probation. Opioid Alternative Pilot Program in Illinois Michigan “The Voice” finalist Laith Al-Saadi sentenced on drug charge. Chronic pain drives patients to use medical marijuana study states The Michigan Supreme Court, Local Control and Medical Marijuana The post Finalist on “The Voice” sentenced to 1 year probation. appeared first on Komorn Law. View the full article
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    your forum is very helpful for those who are starting to using marijuana as a medically. i appreciate you.
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    I went to the cannabis club in kalamazoo. Ive never seen the place so busy. Must've been 100 people in there. Joints were being rolled on all surfaced and smoked everywhere. Very nice experience.