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    ☝️☝️🤯 Why i stopped visiting dispo and started my own. I noticed a while back that unfortunately i and others of the community know more abt the product than the people selling us the product..
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    you literally have no idea what you are talking about. I can actually finish faster with LED but I'm not getting into a pissing match with you. I couldn't give a sh1t less what you think or say. I'd actually prefer if you left your trolly banter off of my thread. You've noticed with YOUR sh1tty leds you've been trying to sell on this forum that it takes LONGER. The only picture of a bud being held is a harvest bud and its not possible to tell how far along the trichs are in that photograph. These buds are exactly where I want them 20% amber. 60% cloudy and 20% clear. tinkle off somewhere else dude.
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    I picked up the 240 watt driver for $35 on ebay. It can power 2 boards at near their max capacity or 4 boards at half their capacity.
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    The boards need a driver to fire them up correct? Either way you got some killer results from your setup kudos .
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    600 watt / 1200 led comparison

    Nope. Or I wouldn't still be using the cheap ones. It's all about PAR. You can set up these cheap LEDs to give you just as much or more light the plants need. They are more modular and flexible. All the expensive ones have is hype from sellers and the consumers who spent too much. I thought maybe the cheap ones wouldn't last long. Nope, they are very dependable too. There's really no down side if you buy the right ones. Watch out for the folks that spent too much being crabby about it. LOL
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    you going to grow monster 30ft sativas this year? i hope someone starts a challenge, who can grow the tallest tree....
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    That's what I'm seeing. Not hearing about anyone getting busted at these places. Not hearing much about anyone getting busted at all for cannabis anymore.
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    Basically, unless some real crime breaks out there the cops let it be.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    Going to try the bush stuff tonight.
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    No argument. Just suggestions. Once you run a bunch of cycles you start to experiment. First few runs with LED finished early. Figured I would see what happens if I let them grow longer since the calyxes were still getting bigger. I went longer and got a better harvest, better quality effects. Patients can tell it's better. Just passing on what I have found from experience. Take it or leave it. No argument. I like the way you point out solid observations and not just personal cutdowns. That's how a normal person reacts to something they don't agree with.
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    Cannatonic my winter grow

    My yield for the bush plant after drying 6 oz and 14 grams. So it was actually 2 grams less and more difficult to process. Won't be doing the bush indoors again.
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    I truly feel you on this. It’s pretty pathetic how dispensary’s look down on CG and Patients but they’ll gladly sell you some BS they have no idea about.
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    I dont recall asking anybody for advice.
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    Yes they require a driver. You can push one board anywhere from 50-150watts and get excellent output. I build a small 240 watt version using 4 boards. It covers a 2x4 area VERY well and the light output is 4x greater than my 8 bulb 4' T5 while using half the power.
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    Nice room and set up. Great job!
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    Update with the new lights. Had a few issues in the room but kept stats dialed in 95% of the time. AC died a couple weeks into the run. Exhaust fan fell from the ducting 6 weeks in. Had a few days get up to 90+ but quickly fixed it. 10 plants in the room Pulled 1.5 grams per watt or around 900 grams per light. One plant, Nasa bruce yielded 666 grams. Average plant yield was 450-550 grams.
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    This post caught my eye. I was recently in a dispensary to acquire some full spectrum cbd oil to make edibles. I showed them my ID and card, walked inside for my first time. Within 3 minutes of conversation with tender he referred to the caregiver patient system as some sort of back street drug dealing black market! I was floored! This was the first time I had been talked to about it . I felt so betrayed by an industry that is supposed to be based on helping the sick. I can not support in anyway a shop or individual who resorts to stigmatization to profit. But ssdd. I will now be looking for cbd through a good caregiver source. Not some street hustler or any business involved in this degradation of character of Michigan's caregivers. Thank you.
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    Naughty neighbor

    And what kind of nut are you?..lol..where do i say anything about wanting him busted, yet alone narcing on him.all i wanted to do is find out what fine he,d be facing should he get caught, a $ 10, $100 or a $1000 fine with community service.he,s my friend. I,ve been a member of this site forever and now i remember why it is that i haven,t posted for so long.because of members who just don,t think before they post.
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    I usually don't post but this is an issue we should all get behind. Yes - But those protesters should not personally attack the person like saying they hate children and the elderly but should provide factual stats and reasons to start a boycott of these businesses that try to monopolize. Besides what Green Peaks is saying - it's not what was voted for. What was voted for was to have a choice not to be fed more corporate regulations and laws. Those who want certified top shelf product should be allowed to have it and pay extra just like any other commerce. Those who don't should be able to sit back with what they produce and enjoy it (just like home made beer) Can't wait till the billion dollar tobacco corporations try to take over as soon as the feds take it off. It's going to be a never ending struggle. Start a forum for this subject.
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    Dont know what you all are growing but ive grown W Ryhno for a year yes the first couple times it wasent up to top shelf standards but once you get it down it is a large bud and hair producer but not a very strong smell but high THC crystal production. ive attained more strains and will deffantly keep the WR going I HAVE FEMINIZED SEEDS 10 SEEDS FOR A $20 DONATION
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