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    Question about genetics

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    Visitor can't be involved at all.
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    I grow top-shelf, organic flower and also provide concentrates and CBD products at prices well below the dispensary. I currently have one spot available, PM if interested.
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    The test a prosecutor will use is; Did you make it so someone could be around more than 12 plants in their life? Anyone could have 12 at home so you have to start with that. If you enabled someone to be around more than 12 in their life then you have broken the law.
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    My advice was for people who actually live in the home with the plants. They can be around 12. It's legal. Only a specific 12. Visitors need to be kept away because they could have their own at home. That's where they could be by 12, at their home. Only 12 in their total world. If you need a contractor to enter the room just stand watch. That's a different situation. The caregiver guards them.
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    A person can only have access to 12 total unless they are a caregiver. They would have to pick the 12 they have access to and all the rest they have to be denied access to. The reason for this is that a caregiver is the only one who qualifies to have access to more than 12. They have went through the process to be qualified for this with the background check by LARA. That's how Reddin was charged. Because two patients comingled and made it so they had access to more than 12 each.
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