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    new law

    About all you can do is be self sufficient. Grow some plants. Offset what they would make if you had to buy it. That's winning.
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    new law

    Better yet, start some plants. Some dammed LEGAL plants! Filthy pigs have had us restrained for decades under false pretenses just for job security. If the shoe don't fit then don't take offense to my filthy pig comment. You know who you are.
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    Wild Bill

    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    You aren't required to grow 12 plants. If you're concerned about weight then only grow a couple at a time.
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    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    One or the other. You can't add the totals together. Both laws are 'total possession' of the one person. Pick your path and stick with it, keep your story straight and true. Keep saying that you can't stay in compliance with the plant count too high and they will fix it. Just stay quiet and happily keep your harvest private.
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    Wild Bill

    new law

    It's not discrimination. You get what you pay for. Go out and invest in the purchase of a few politicians. Your life will be so much easier after that! 😊
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    Cannatonic 4

    What is the reason for growing a low thc strain then mixing it with more thc? How is it different than just growing a well balanced strain and not mixing? Ever since the 70's everyone I know who smoked low thc cannabis got a headache. That's nothing new to the old school real folks. Been watching newbies catch on to the fact that high cbd doesn't do much but give headaches. They hardly ever listen to the experienced and need a headache to understand. Can't argue with a headache can they?
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    Recreation - 10oz or more?

    Looks like I was misquoted. I was referring to two different people growing in the same household. One being a medical caregiver the other not. Both grows being separated, in different rooms, and behind locked doors. It is mostly just a curiosity question. In other words, since a caregiver has a medical grow, does that mean another household member cannot grow their own recreational crop in that residence? Basically, would that residence be "banned" from any recreational grow as long as a medical grow was on the premises? Again, just out of curiosity, nothing planned in my world for something like this, but am guessing there are others that would consider it. Currently my medical grow is for 3 patients, I do not have room for any more plants than that, never did. If the legalization does go through, I will probably downsize and only grow some personal. Getting older and more tired! It would be awesome to have the freedom to take a real vacation and more overnight trips. It has been a long time.
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    Wild Bill

    Patient Grow Rules

    If you're discrete no one will ever know you're growing at all.
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    No caregiver card needed for a supplier license. This is what you do need; Even for the entry level lowest cost grow license you first need to prove to the State that you have $150,000 in free assets to run your grow. You have to give the locals $5000 for the application. The State wants another $6000 non refundable application fee. Then if you are approved the entry level yearly fee is $10,000. That's how it will roll after the emergency situation is over. Looks like the emergency rules will be in place for quite a while as the State drags their feet approving applications. From what I have been told (at the dispensaries) you do need a caregiver card to supply them now under the emergency rules. They also want to see your patient cards to prove how much you can legally possess.
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    Wild Bill

    Help getting started

    Here's some info to help get you started. http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/ This one in particular will get you started for very little cash. http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/Marijuana BUDS for Less See More Buds.pdf
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    Further; From what I have heard there's really no State sanctioned grows in Michigan other than a caregiver grow right now. So caregivers are the most legal suppliers of the dispensaries until they start issuing permits to non caregiver grows.
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    For your future reference; When I say 'CAN' it means legally 'CAN' (In MICHIGAN). You 'CAN' let your 2 year old ride in your lap in the car, just like a lot of other foolish things you 'CAN' do. Make sure you get all your duckies in a row if you are going to transfer to a dispensary. Don't be lazy and drop some pounds. Fill out the official LARA paperwork. If your dispensary doesn't have it then find one that does.
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    You are just out of the loop because you are not involved and are guessing. BMMR/LARA has been working with dispensaries to keep them in compliance and supplied in an orderly way like with the acknowledgement for sale form BMMR/LARA made for this purpose. I mean it's right in your face (form) and you can't see it? Get out and find out if you want to be in the loop.
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    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    Of course you can drop pounds, just like always lol. It’s still illegal but so is selling to anyone that is not your direct patient i.e. a shop. As a patient or caregiver you are bound by the MMMA not the MMFLA.
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    The form you put up is enough back-up at face value. The State is way out of compliance or the emergency rules would already be over. There's plenty of backup for a caregiver to sell to a dispensary as long as the correct procedure is followed with documentation. You can't just go there and drop off poundage.
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    The problem is there is no backup documentation on the LARA/BMMR website to indicate that you as the caregiver/patient are ok. Kind of like a transaction with you as a patient buying from the corner drug dealer. You are ok, but not the drug dealer.
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    Yup. The dispensaries know the procedure for it. Just ask them.
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    This is a curious subject. Reminds me of the old "Marijuana Tax Stamp" There does not seem to be any LARA/BMMR documentation on the fact that it is legal to sell to a dispensary yet there is a form for it... https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Acknowledgement.for.sale_634773_7.pdf
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    Per the emergency rules ALL caregivers can sell to the dispensaries until their official supply is up and running. The State has been slow to get the licenses out so the emergency rules are still in effect. Dispensaries will want to see your cards to make sure you qualify to have the amount of overages you have for sale are in your possession legally.
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    Proposal 1

    Felons can vote! Don't be fooled by the propaganda that they can't vote. Get registered.
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    How to become a Licensed Vendor

    You need to get a MMFLA growers license.