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    Wild Bill

    It's midnight and it's legal!

    I have been reflecting on all the damage done over the years due to the drug laws. Lives ruined, lives lost and all of the associated hatred and violence. There are now three generations of citizens who hate the police and government and rightfully so. The die hards will be looking for ways to circumvent the law so they can continue to harass and rob people for possessing a piece of nature. The battle has been won but I'm afraid the war is ongoing.
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    Help with question!!!

    Bump; Basically the same for me. I use an ounce of quality bud and make 2 cups of coconut infused oil. I use a magic butter appliance. Those 2 cups gives me enough for 120 cookies. (I make 60 at a time) I'm not sure of the mg. per cookie but they do the trick for my severe MS leg pain. And the good thing is the consistency. Every cookie is nearly the same strength. If the pain is too bad on any particular evening, I just vape about 3 to 5 hits. This works for me, results may vary... : )
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    microbusiness questions...?

    The $6000 application fee you speak of is for a med license. The micro license will be a rec license. LARA will be charged with coming up with rules and regulations for the rec side of things and they haven’t done that yet. It will be a while before any solid info is known. One thing we do know is the state has a year to come up with applications for rec growers.
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    mishigami bear

    Genetics Exchange

    I've got blueberry X white rhino seed stock, that originate from the now defunct Irish Rose Seed Co. (through Marc Emery's catalogue in 1998). I'd like to get indica dominant strains primarily to treat anxiety. Something knock-out strength.
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    Yes, tourists can also have 2.5 ounces. Not supposed to take it home with them though.
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    Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    Since cannabis will become legal again in a few days I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a genetics exchange day. No money would change hands it would be strictly trading cuttings and or clones. This would hopefully provide every one an opportunity to get some new strains without spending an arm and a leg. Particularly some of the clone only strains that are going around. We would need to decide on a location and some ground rules. My main concern would be making sure there are no mites etc. on the plants. We would need some volunteers to check for bugs and eggs before the plants were allowed in for the exchange. We don't want a state wide cannabis plant plague. Any takers?
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    mishigami bear

    It's midnight and it's legal!

    Congratulations Michigan!
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    Canna Coco A&B

    I used Canna Coco A & B and I really liked it, I had problems with my girls, who had yellow spots on their leaves. Changed the light, water, but this fertilizer eventually helped!
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    Natural marijuana used for medical purposes is a great helper for humans. Of course, using large quantities of it will not give anything good, and vice versa, it will only take your health. To many, it helps to cope with moral pain and exhaustion, and this is already harder and more serious at times than physical pain, as it lives somewhere inside and can lead to terrible consequences.
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    It's midnight and it's legal!

    One thing for certain, the races will mix, someday we will not be identified by race.
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    Lupus sufferer gearing up to try hand at cultivation... GG#4 has been what I've responded to best (by far)... I need clones or seeds along with any tips from those more knowledgeable than myself to lend me success... Thanks in advance....
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    Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    If it's only three of us it should be simple.
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    Rookies! I remember when the med law passed and I had all my stuff by now.
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    In my opinion, nothing beats slow burning a skinny joint. I sometimes enjoy vaporizing flower in a Pax, as it allows me to taste all kinds of hidden terpenes. I do not enjoy vaping wax or using glycerine cartridges. I quickly reach a ceiling high after like 2 hits, and everything after that only cashes out my lungs. Smoking simply gives me greater pleasure. I like the taste, smell, and visuals of the smoke. I quickly find my desired high plateau, and my lungs generally feel good from smoke. Wax or cartridges are just too "sticky" in their impacts on my lungs.
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    Vaping gets you higher than smoking.

    Volcano? Lasts longer before it tastes like popcorn but I get more medicated off a couple of hits in a pipe. I get more 'effects' quicker smoking than vaping. What I grow only takes a couple hits though. What I felt was wrong with the study is I always feel less medicated from vaping than from smoking. So I feel that I have higher blood THC from smoking but I don't check it with a blood test. And I know that smoking burns the THC off in a higher ratio to the other cannabinoids than vaping does.
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    You have to do it in person. After you are registered you get to go into the main room where you can ask a tender if they would like to buy your cannabis. They will ask you if you are a caregiver and they will want to see all of your cards to show them you are legal and have the right to carry the amount you want to sell. They will tell you it will have to be tested. Take it from there.
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    If they get the three quarter vote I am declaring WAR
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    Michigan legislature attempting to subvert the will of the voters once again...
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    Wild Bill

    Bud porn !

    This is a freebie from Canuk Seeds. Their version of White Widow. A very pretty plant.
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    Bud porn !

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    "low odor" does not equal "no odor" Even Northern Lights would be give off a detectable smell. And fragrant plants like lilac will not properly cover up the smell of bud. The only thing that will really do the trick is activated carbon/charcoal, and you need to dehumidify below 75% rh for it to work. Nothing else (ozone, ultra-violet light, fragrance coverup) will do the trick. Please take odor control very seriously.