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    This is why I try to keep tabs at this site. Does anyone remember the 9&10 news story about the young man selling chocolate and gifting flowers online out of Detroit. What's that follow up story I truly hope a happy one. No B.S. I just wish it could be transferred like a roadside veggie stand it would be the biggest job creation in History and a Dime on time if You ask Me
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    glued gorilla

    Savvy Patient

    If you already grow your own, and you just want protection of a medical card, why not just pay the $40 to the state and keep your card? Are you just greedy and want someone to pay your way and give you an ounce a month? Will you be donating for meds outside of that ounce? Just seems like you want to take advantage, good luck finding a sucker!... Oops I mean caregiverūü§£
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    We pay the piper because of the lobbyists that legally bribed the politicians to make it legal. Go around that and find out what they have dreamed up to keep their cash cow. If you keep in mind what the businesses pay to be able to grow and sell you realize why everyone doesn't get to sell. It all has to add up and make sense. It doesn't make any sense for one person to pay a huge amount to sell and another does it because they want to.
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    ive recently seen a bunch of websites that sell weed and other products online. none take debit card, credit card or money orders and only take western union, bitcoin etc. Are these real legit websites? I would love to be able to buy online and have it delivered. Is this even possible? one of the websites i was looking at was 4 (no links to outside sales sites allowed in forums ) BUT im scarred that its a scam!!!??? ARe their legit websites you can buy online and have it mailed to you? if so, can you recommend any? Thank you everyone!
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    Perplexed? The people who get legal bribes and sell grow licenses would have to pass it. You think you can bamboozle them Bozo? They pay close attention to their cash cows. People have been trying to bamboozle their way into the cannabis market puffing smoke about hemp for a long time now. It's soooo old. The costume is tattered and doesn't hide anything anymore.
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    Where Can I find thc/cbd cartridges

    lol They are at over a thousand dispensaries here in Michigan. Be American, Buy American. Here in America our carts are tested and clean.
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