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    The panel recommended that director Mike Zimmer add autism to the Act a couple of years ago, but he denied even after the panel approved 4-2. This is the second time we have run an autism petition. On this petition, the vote was 5-1, and we flipped one of the members that previously voted "no." I have a good feeling about the final determination.
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    Wild Bill


    I've been noticing that the topics here are a little more encouraging than they were a couple of years ago. I'm seeing more "caregiver looking for patient", "patient looking for caregiver" etc. than we used to have. I'm also noticing fewer posts about "legal and arrested", "assets forfeited" and "child taken from home". Things are looking up!
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    RSO-CBD-CBN oils

    Might as well give some anecdotal evidence; A person very close to me got addicted to opioids. Taking all kinds of those pills. His life was spiraling down and down, out of control. For years and years this went on as we watched in horror. Nothing seemed to work to get him back on track. Then one day he wanted to try some cannabis oil. I gave him a capsule and something changed. He wanted oil and not the opioids. He wanted oil every day. Small amounts. For about a year. Then one day he just quit the oil and decided he just wanted a little cannabis to smoke to take the edge off. God gave him back to us now. I can't express how priceless this is.
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    Med card if MI Legal?

    You would have better protections with your right to drive with a positive blood test as a patient. You can make a better case that a patient isn't impaired due to their chronic use. In most cases before a judge, having a necessity defense would be better than a recreational defense. I think that even if you didn't renew after theoretic legalization, having a long line of cards shows that you have done your best to stay on the right side of the law. So patients will always have the upper hand in a defense. There are situations where having a card helps with employment issues. Also, child custody issues. There's a lot of issues that being a carded patient will make easier to explain and handle.
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    Just FYI, new fed scam they are running is $280 dollar tickets to patients for marijuana use or possession on public land. We've had three of these in the past year, including one today. When I was talking with the Bay City federal court yesterday regarding the case, the clerk said they had a bunch of these marijuana tickets on the docket for this morning. Just remember, even though it seems really private out in the woods or on your boat, it may be technically public, so don't get caught smoking - you lose all protections under the act for smoking in a public place because of section 7(b). You are covered for possession and other kinds of use. On these tickets, the narrative usually goes something like this "USFS Ranger Smith spotted two males in a boat smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette." It continues with a flagging down or boarding, a full shakedown with threats and lies like "federal law doesn't recognize state laws about medical use," seizure of the possessed marijuana, and a ticket like this. Though it has not yet been fully litigated, at this time, patients and caregivers are protected for medical use even under federal law, as long as they are in compliance with their State Act.
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    Thanks. Back in the day when I was young and inexperienced I thought I would either get rich or busted helping people with cannabis. I eventually realized that if you do it right you get neither. With the grace of God you help a lot of people. We all have different paths to follow and different loads to bear.
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    Need a new Doc

    FYI.....I went to MMJ Certifications in Wixom( they have 3 locations Grand Rapids ,Wixom and Rochester Hills) back in the end of August for certification. I was nervous seeing a new doctor because ever since I joined the program (October 8, 2010) I was certified by one doctor but health reasons forced him to close his practice. The Wixom office is in a nice building and MMJ Certifications office was also very nice. I didn't want to say anything until I got my new card just in case MMJ Certifications was not legit. The only thing is I paid $75 not the $70 advertised which to me was very minor because $75 still seemed like a good price. Based on how everything went there for me personally I can recommend MMJ Certifications. Check and forms mailed 11-1-17.....check cashed 11-7-17.......received new card 11-29-17 that is good until 1-1-20. Just thought I would put this out there in case someone else needs help finding a certification doc....http://www.grmaryj.com/. Have a great day everyone.
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    Insomnia & medical marijuana..

    GREAT QUESTIONS! too bad no one asks these questions on their prescription medications! HAHA. 1. insomnia: Yes, marijuana is excellent for insomnia. The National Academies of Medicine reviewed all marijuana research from 1999-2016 and published a comprehensive report on cannabinoids and health earlier this year. There is moderate evidence that cannabis or cannabinoids are effective for: • Improving short-term sleep outcomes in individuals with sleep disturbance associated with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and multiple sclero- sis (cannabinoids, primarily nabiximols) (4-19) https://www.nap.edu/catalog/24625/the-health-effects-of-cannabis-and-cannabinoids-the-current-state 2. pain 79.99% of 218,556 MMMP patients were registered to use marijuana for “severe and chronic pain” https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Medical_Marihuana_Act_-_FY_2016_Statistical_Report_MCL_333.26426_and_Program_Information_Section_507_546675_7.pdf yep, marijuana works for pain. 3. liver toxicity many prescriptions can cause liver toxicity. marijuana does not have this side effect , even being on long term marijuana use at extremely high dosages. there were some badly designed biased research studies that pointed at marijuana causing liver fibrosis, but if you look at the study participants, they were all heavy alcohol drinkers. we know that alcohol kills your liver. stay away from alcohol! 4. 4 benadryll a night? wow! 5. does marijuana kill brain cells? no, it does not. in fact, thc and other cannabinoids in the cannabis (aka marijuana) plant are known to PROTECT BRAIN CELLS. The US govt owns a PATENT on using cannabinoids from marijuana to treat brain injury! http://www.google.com/patents/US6630507 if anyone is wondering about the side effects of marijuana, the minnesota dept of health did a survey of 1500 patients Adverse Side Effects: At this point, the safety profile of the medical cannabis products available through the Minnesota program seems quite favorable. Approximately 20-25% of enrolled patients report negative physical or mental side effects of some kind, with the majority – around 60% - reporting only one and 90% reporting three or fewer. The vast majority of adverse side effects, around 90%, are mild to moderate in severity. An assessment of the 30 patients reporting severe side effects, meaning “interrupts usual daily activities,” found no apparent pattern of patient age, medical condition, or type of medical cannabis used. The most common adverse side effects are dry mouth, drowsiness, and fatigue. Fortunately, up to the present no serious adverse events (life threatening or requiring hospitalization) have been reported. http://www.health.state.mn.us/topics/cannabis/about/firstyearreport.html
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    The best way to get Trump on board with cannabis is to somehow find a way he can insult someone by endorsing it. If Barrack Obama would come out and say cannabis is really bad then Trump would legalize it tomorrow. That's what we are dealing with. A policy born out of spite that can turn on a dime.
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    As the president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, I testified before the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel earlier today in support of the 21 petitions submitted by our patient and caregiver educational non-profit organization as well as other researchers, patients and caregivers, physicians and parents who combined resources to work on the petitions. There is another meeting for the panel to vote on these conditions NEXT WEEK Friday, May 4th ,2018 at the same location. I do not think there will be additional comments, but by being present you may sway the panel members. http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/04/michigan_considers_authorizing.html
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    Prohibitionists would use the predicted _possible_ harmful societal effects of marijuana as an excuse to continue the racist war on drugs that put hundreds of thousands of people in jail in the USA each year. Eventually, people realized that if you cried WOLF enough, and no WOLF ever showed up, that you were probably just a professional WOLF troll and that your predictions were false. As is the case here in reality. https://hightimes.com/news/legalization/five-years-marijuana-legalization-what-didnt-happen/
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    I have suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for over 15 years, in remission for the past 3 years....until this February when I was hit with a Norovirus which activated my UC with the most horrible severe symptoms that would not go away. My son gave me a dose of full spectrum extract oil suspension with no THC. Symptoms were stopped in their tracks, then started coming back after 2 days. I took a total of 4 doses of this medicine over a 3 week period, and completely reverted to remission again with no additional doses needed. My gastro doc is talking removal of my colon with a colostomy as the only option if symptoms continue. This extract literally saved my colon. The only "side effect" I had was that it also took away my hip inflammation.
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    Published on Apr 30, 2018 Michigan Mom Amie Carter details the physical and emotional abuse of her Autistic child. After trying all available therapies and prescription medications to no avail, her boy was transformed from a rampaging frightened punch-throwing self-injuring mess into a loving boy with medical marijuana.
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    RSO-CBD-CBN oils

    Cannabis oil helps a lot of people I know. I've seen it turn lives around. But to say it's CBD or CBN or "It has to be tested to do any good" really urk me because I know that those things are false. Cannabis oil is a really fantastic natural substance. I just wish folks would quit trying to get rich off of it by telling half truths and outright lies. It's shouldn't have someone's name attached to it (RSO), and it should be kept simple so it can help more people. It's comes directly from a plant just about anyone can grow. It needs no testing to work. When things start to get exclusive my BS meter goes off.
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    Future of Caregiver's

    Just to be clear, the MMMA of 2008 was an indirectly initiated statute, which does require a 3/4 vote to amend. If it were a constitutional amendment, a Legislative amendment would have to be put to the ballot - after the Legislature has already passed it by a 2/3 majority. A constitutional amendment is much more secure from the Legislature, but more difficult to get on the ballot (more signatures required), and more difficult to get passed (maybe - who knows - but some say that voters are more wary to pass constitutional amendments than other laws - I'm not so sure of that myself). Still though, the Courts of the State of Michigan will interpret whatever passes, statute or constitutional amendment, and they have tortured the MMMA into a shadow of the protective device that I think was intended by the voters, and turned it instead into a chance to hyper-scrutinize the activities of any patient or caregiver who has the misfortune of being caught in a situation without clear immunity, under threat of felony punishment. From the Executive Branch, the lack of education given to patients and their caregivers, followed up with felony prosecution by the Courts for breaking the rules, is really incredibly unfair, given how little the State did (nothing) to help educate patients and their caregivers regarding their protections. It is really a stark comparison to how much LARA is now going out of their way to educate potential business owners under the MMFLA. The state hasn't even started accepting applications yet and there is a library of information on the website. We really got the shaft from every branch of government. We have serious electoral challenges in Michigan in the judicial area due to the nonpartisan ballot for judges. The fact is, the judges themselves have parties, are funded and supported by the parties, but the ballot simply does not tell the voter which party they are supported or funded by. It is a completely wrong headed and deceptive way of trying to make the judicial branch non-partisan. Everybody on the site should join the Democratic Party and plan to be at the April 15, 2018 Party Convention in Detroit at Cobo Hall. Not only will you be able to vote for Dana Nessel as Dem candidate for AG instead of dumbass Patrick Miles, former US attorney for the Western District and marijuana know-nothing. You will also be able to attend the Judiciary Caucus, which is intimately aware of the problems created by this situation, and the likely first spot where a future solution will be proposed.
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    This is why it is so wrong to take our guns away.
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    Michigan Legalization Over the Top

    The 360,000 signatures were turned in today.
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    that one michigan state police guy said if you refuse a test the cop will ask for a warrant. yeah a warrant , with what evidence! pass the field sobriety test. screw this nonsense. how about getting texting people off the road or tailgaters or people doing 90 on the freeway?
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    Try growing your own. It's easier than you think, even with a disability. Many find the act of gardening to be very therapeutic. I really like the light and heat of the grow light in the dark days of winter.
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    Want to get elected in Michigan's 2018 election, you had better support legalization.
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    To right this wrong; any caregiver who has registered with the State of Michigan should have a moratorium on any limits at all. We have proven ourselves deserving by following the rules, in the face of rules being broken all around us.
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    Lux meter cool tube comparison

    After going into my buddys grow room and seeing how BRIGHT it was compared to mine, and all things being equal except my cool tubes vs his open hoods (and my yields being half of his), i purchased a lux meter. Results are shocking: 600 watt hortilux on a flat glass reflector was 88k lux with glass, 85k without meaaured from about 6" away. Cool tubes: new 1000watt hps hortlux 88k lumens. 600 watt hortilux hps 55k lumens. Cool tubes suck!
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    Wayne Student needs assistance

    1. dispensaries opened whenever they wanted (and some when they localities ok'd them), some right in 2009. the model they followed was the same model in other states. 2. dispensaries usually sell all types of products. although there was a short time when oils and extracts dissapeared after a court ruling 3. cash 4. probably the limit that the caregiver/pt is allowed to possess. 2.5 oz per patient. 5. they are in the business of selling marijuana. as there are only 250,000 patients, increasing the buying base to all adults could possibly increase their sales. 6. some dispensaries grow themselves, some buy from other caregivers. they detail some of the purchasing in the 'weed wars' and other type shows filming dispensaries in california. some products are made outside of michigan and are shipped in, like dixie elixirs from colorado. i doubt that the manufacturers ship themselves, more like enterprising independent transporters, making the dangerous travel through non-medical states with cars full of marijuana products. the state licensed dispensaries will only be able to purchase from michigan processors. 7. current dispensaries probably not. future dispensaries that will be licensed by the state will have to keep records, seed to sale. all of the growers, processors and manufacturers will also be licensed by LARA , if they want to supply to the state dispensaries. 8. i dont think it was an order. there are public meetings to decide the rules of issuing licenses. some of the board members on the panel to decide the rules gave opinions on not allowing any current dispensary owners to participate in the future dispensary licensing. there was also an idea to have them all close by december so that they could then still apply for a license in the future. 9. some communities have endorsed dispensaries, some have not. you can see editorials in various local newspapers all over michigan with pros/cons. also people complain or support them in various city council meetings all over michigan. just because 63% of voters approved medical marijuana does not mean 63% of people support dispensaries either. i would say for the most part, most people just dont care. for example in detroit, where a majority of dispensaries are, some people like that there are businesses taking over empty buildings and employing people. other people, especially church groups, have rallied to eradicate medical marijuana dispensaries from being in thier city/districts. 10. new state licensing rules on dispensaries are not formalized yet. city licensing rules for dispensaries vary from city to city. some cities licensed them for industrial zones or business/retail. others allow neighborhood dispensaries. most dispensaries have stayed away from schools, due to federal drug free zones. church groups have called for dispensaries to be zoned out if they are within 1000 feet of other dispensaries, alcohol stores, parks, schools and even churches. in other states where these types of rules were being debated, it has been shown that within city limits (like los angeles) it is almost impossible to have any dispensary that is not near one of those things. in the end, its medical marijuana, just like any pharmacy, it shouldnt be zoned out of anywhere. only people with state-issued cards (or paperwork) are allowed to purchase. 24 hour pharmacy? well then 24 hour dispensary. drive through pharmacy? well then drive through dispensary. no different. except that medical marijuana is safe and non-toxic with no overdose deaths. while a pharmacy is full of drugs that people overdose on every day in michigan. 11. quite a few dispensary owners / employees have been raided, arrested, charged, prosecuted and jailed. see people v mcqueen. or this press release from the attorney general bill schuette... http://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-164-46849_47203-294663--,00.html some dispensaries have been robbed/burgled (just like pharmacies), some dispensaries dont report it to police either. 12. a simple fact about the reality of what is going on. the drug dealer on the corner does not check for ID and will sell anything to anyone, including children. the medical marijuana dispensary checks IDs and state issued cards and sells medical marijuana to authorized adults. minors in the MMMP are forced to have parents be their caregivers due to the law, thus only the parents acquire medical marijuana for them.
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    Treat it like an employee that didn't show up for work. I often say that if you can't hold down a regular job for 4 months straight then don't bother being a caregiver. It's a job. You have to go to work every day. Keep your nose to the grind stone. Hire that kind of caregiver. A worker.