Solar Flares and Increased Radiation Levels

"The amount of research into and public knowledge about internal exposure to radiation is still limited because the United States "concealed" information about the problem for a long time after it dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Hida says.

A native of Hiroshima, he was serving as an army doctor there when he was exposed to radiation from the atomic bomb. He has since treated more than 6,000 survivors and worked as a director of the counseling center at the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations.

“Once radiation gets into the human body, it leads to long-term exposure to low-dose radiation,” he says. “That could pose a greater risk to human health, such as developing cancer and damaging the immune system, than short-term exposure to a higher level of radiation."

 I will be adding information to this article as more research is conducted.  I have no intention of listing potential problems without providing potential solutions.

 Radioactive fallout from the Japanese nuclear accident has been detected almost everywhere throughout the Northern hemisphere.

In the article published by the Japan Times, Dr. Hida talked about the consumtpion of food that has been contaminated with such materials. At this point, it is virtually impossible to avoid every single atom of fall out in our food.

 These radioactive materials are known to increase inflammation. Each one of these radioactive materials targets a unique area of the Human body. Some of these materials target the heart.

 A known method of sequestering these materials after ingestion of food is eating activated charcoal capsules.

 Charcoal capsules are commonly sold in drug stores over the counter.  Please check with your doctor about dosage and side effects.  Most notable is constipation. People with shortened gut may be most strongly impacted by these side effects.  So be careful, please.

 One material that has been sweeping over us in waves is radioactive Iodine. I-131. This one is a gas. I-131 targets the thyroid gland. The good part is that I-131 has a half-life of eight days. But there is more to that, later.

 A simple preventive measure to exposure to I-131 is the addition of Iodine to your diet. That limits the amount of the I-131 that your body absorbs. A symptom of thyroid damage is a lack of energy.

 Again, check with your doctor about doses and possible problems.


Everyone’s body is unique. There is no “one size fits all” solution to dealing with, or preventing exposure to radiation. Please ask your doctor about using Charcoal tablets or adding Iodine to your diet.

 Say that you were considering conservative preventative measures, simply being cautious. Ask things like "Would this likely pose a problem for MY system?" I'm guessing that for most people it isn't. 

 The solar event of a lifetime.

 On July 18, 2012, yet another massive solar flare was emitted.  When these flares go off they are first detected by their release of X-Rays and other forms of radiation. Excess X-rays aggravate inflammation in the human body.  X-rays are one of many forms of radiation emitted by solar flars that can increase inflammation.  As a result of these increased levels of radiation caused by Solar flares, Patients’ levels of chronic pain are increased.

A wave of various plasma materials accompany the X-rays emitted by solar flares.  These plasma materials are akin to the energy that makes the northern lights shows. This wave of energy can last for two or 3 days. I've noticed that many people seem to have migraines the entire time the wave is washing over the earth.

 These solar flares will be taking place over and over again through the rest of the year and into 2013. This situation is here for a long while. We need to deal with it. At this moment we are receiving that slower wave of plasma materials from as many as eleven flares at the same time.

 If you are a caregiver, you may be able to anticipate an increase in needs from your patients during these events.

 Preparations of cannabis have been greatly reducing these impacts. Many topical applications should provide relief.

 The 1,2 punch.

You can look at it as: The radiation from Japan weakens the body's resistance to the solar radiation.


The solar radiation weakens the body's resistance to the radiation from Japan.

Either way, there is impact on us from both at the same time. Here are a couple more articles provided by RadChick. Thanks!

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