A Note From Our President

      Thank you for reading our first official newsletter. We hope that this new platform will better aid us in reaching out to our members and friends. As you all know by now, the implementation and interpretation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act has been unbelievably dynamic. It is therefore extremely important for everyone to have access to quality and up to date information. We believe that this newsletter will serve our community well as one aspect of an evolving and informed conversation about medical cannabis.

      We have been busy at the MMMA implementing new policies to help protect our members from miscalculating the relative risks of various activities and behaviors. We are developing a new home page to help newcomers and regulars alike navigate through and interact with the various features of our website. We are building an online store and library to further provide valuable services for our members. Lastly, we are creating a membership program designed exclusively to benefit the medical cannabis community in getting discounted services and goods. In the months to come these new features will be launched. We look forward to your support and feedback to help us better serve your needs.

There is a lot of work to be done, but with your help we are confident in our growing ability to serve the MMJ community.

— Michael Komorn