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A Letter From the President

Eric Holder

In the weeks since our last newsletter, much has transpired in the medical marijuana community. The US Attorney General has called for a reduction in mandatory minimums applied to minor drug offenses, the high profile public figure Dr. Sanjay Gupta changed his beliefs about marijuana’s medicinal value, and more than seven dispensaries in Michigan alone were raided. Though the Medical Marijuna Community continues to ride the undulating waves of Federal and State conflict, it is impossible to ignore the fact that momentum is building for marijuana reform. More than 50% of Americans favor legalization of Marijuana, the country of Uruguay is on the brink of legalization, and citizens are voicing their displeasure at heavy handed police tactics used to deal with non-violent crime

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The only reason the state of Michigan has a medical marijuana act is because the people of this great state voted for it. When the voice of the people is raised, our elected officials must listen. What started as a plea by the medical community is turning into a wall of sound that the Federal government cannot drown out with raids, arrests, or archaic propaganda. There are now 20 Medical Marijuana states. Cannabis is legal in Washington and Colorado. What we must do is remain strong, and continue to grow stronger by the same methods we always have. The people of this community, through their bravery to speak out against the injustice of having their medication, jobs, children, homes, and lives taken away, are bringing the case for legalization to the front door of the white house by phone, car, email, letter, and even traveling all the way there by wheel chair. As Ghandi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” We believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana, we believe that our police are targeting us as enemies rather than the citizens they swore to protect, we believe that change is coming. Change is our destiny.

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