Letter From The President

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA) is engaged in the medical marijuana movement more than it has ever been. In this past year we have been involved with representing several patients and caregivers pro bono who have either been arrested or charged. Daily we give advice, support and counseling through our office as well as on the forums. The moderator’s staff meets regularly so the forums will be a safe and comfortable environment for patients and caregiver to learn, educate and evolve the discussion about medical cannabis.

We have produced our own weekly radio show for the last 3 years covering the critical issues facing the community and the strategies for moving forward. We have also been lobbying on behalf of the community, educating legislatures, solidifying relationships, and advocating no change to the MMMA (act).

We are working diligently to push our organization ahead to provide better services for our members and the community at large. We are currently developing an online store, which will provide discounts for goods and services exclusively for the benefit of the MMMA membership. Soon we will have a legal defense fund and a pre-paid legal service available for patients and caregivers as well. We also plan to hold monthly meetings around the state, in person or via podcast depending on demand. Finally, we are working on a green slate voters’ guide that will list, recommend and endorse those candidates who have evidenced a pro medical cannabis position.

The Organizations that succeed are the ones that have community support. One of the biggest challenges facing the medical marijuana community is a lack of unity and funding. We have sufficient numbers to make a significant impact on legislation, but we stand utterly divided. If 1 penny for every gram transferred of medicine between every patient and caregiver since 2008 had been donated to the MMMA or “any organization”, we would have a war chest strong enough to impact every aspect of our community. Imagine if funds were available to donate to the campaigns of those persons voting on House Bills 4834, 4851, 4853, 4856. A mere 7 no votes and these bills won't pass. I am certain a solid donation to seven campaigns would have as much impact on their vote as anything else. We have learned that the Legislature in general is not that committed to their convictions. We have learned this and observed it time and time again.

The MMMA has always been the organization fighting and advocating for the protections of patients and caregivers. It has been a rough 4 years for the Medical cannabis community, and the same can be said about the MMMA. Throughout it all, however, the MMMA has remained a consistent force in this movement and will continue to be.

The recent Supreme Court rulings, and the Court of Appeals cases that have followed, indicate signs of a safer landscape for this community. There is a lot of work that still must be done and the plans for the MMMA moving forward are to be fully engaged in the process. Just as this community was prior to 2008 when we came together and participated in the process of the ballot initiative. By being involved in the process, developing relationships and being at the table where the decisions take place, we believe we will have a better chance of having a positive impact for the medical cannabis community. There will be a different make up of persons in our government come January 2013 and there will be many more critical issues that will challenge the medical cannabis community in the years to come. The MMMA plans to be at the table, representing patients and caregivers fighting to ensure that the intent of the voters is carried out and the rights of patients and caregivers are not compromised.

These are just some of the things we have outlined for our organization moving forward. We are open to suggestions, input, or volunteers willing to help in this time of paradigm change and we welcome your support. The MMMA appreciates and looks forward to working with the rest of the medical cannabis leadership and community.

Thank you

Michael Komorn
President of the MMMA.