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Sponsors of the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance

Our generous sponsors help us support, educate, and network the community by providing discounted products and services to our members. Many of the retail outlets below serve as public resources for the community, as distribution points for educational materials and petitions, communication and announcements for community organizations, and social and educational meeting points.


These persons, groups, and entities participating with and sponsoring the MMMA-LDA have created, for the first time, a centralized, multi-faceted platform that will provide affordable goods and services that cater directly to the needs of the medical cannabis and cannabis reform community.


Please consult this list when making purchase choices - these resources and discounts are an important part of your benefits as an MMMA Legal Defense Alliance member.


Komorn Law - 10% discount on legal services

G & S Private Investigations - 10% discount on all services

The Spy Shop Online - Discounted security bundles available in MMMA store

Grow Green MI - Weekly product raffles

Jeanette Warner Wedding Photography - 10% discount on all products and services

Jeanette Warner Real Estate Photography - 10% discount on all products and services

Rudoi Law - 10% discount on legal services

Massage Therapy by Amber Linoski, LMT (248-804-2494) - $10 off a $60 massage, or 10 extra minutes free


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Overview of the MMMA-LDA

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Why Become a Sponsor of the MMMA-LDA?