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  1. This rally is for ME, to try and keep my Liberties This rally is for YOU, to try and preserve your Rights This rally is for Our Law, that has not been fully implemented as of yet and lastly, This rally is to Show them, I am NOT a CRIMINAL, and beleive in this Law as writen. Everyone living a better life because of this needs to attend this rally. If only 50 show up, then I will be with 49 Friends. Santas_Helper
  2. I am going, and I hope to see all of us there. Santas_Helper
  3. Welcome to the site Miss Jen!!

    We stand for the Rights of Patients and Caregivers, thank you for joining our family.


  4. I can only hope that there will be many more to fall from the offices they hold. To rule with the Iron Hand is to "Do as I Say and not as I Do" or the "I Make the Law" or the ever so recent "You may not use or even speak of this Law", sends chills thru me. Many folks right here on this site have felt the slow wheels of Justice, and in the end, this justice was so unjust. I sorrow for the many folks and family members that were harmed by a Justice System, tarnished by corruption, and the judgement by opinion and not by Law. Karen Plants was just one PA, along with 2 Police, and one Judge, there
  5. 2 for 2 here in this household for Dr. Paul. I Pray that many will follow his Wisdom. Santas_Helper
  6. A Prayer answered in your post 1Toke, great news that will surely bring a smile to all. Hold strong in knowing that this community cares about all of it's family members. Let the healing begin, and pay no attention to weather it's 1, 2, or even 3TokesOverLine. Blessings Your way... Santas_Helper
  7. We do the duff caps here, and works quite well to say the least. A kind of light mellow body buzz, with a warmth from within spreading outward. Never once made us sick, glad to say. I'd say, look elsewhere for the reason for sickness. Darn Right, Life IS DUFF!! Santas_Helper
  8. Thank you for all the support at the rally and at the Loft.

    A cold wet day, but, most enjoyable. Thank you for being there. Santas_Helper

  9. SilverBlue, If by chance you read this, Please accept my apology for one and all if needed. I for one heard your lovely voice singing, and I heard all but few words of your speech, and to say that you inspire me with your Spirit. I will remember holding your hand and speaking with you face to face. You hold a fire, and I am attracted to your outspoken warmth. Through all that noise, don't think for a minute that I didn't hear you. I too, know what it's like to try to talk to someone in a noisy surrounding. I've found that if I lower my tone in a softer more quiet almost whisper, you'll find
  10. Kingpinn, I stand with you in this fight for freedoms and rights given us by this Law. However I must back off my stance with you when you spout those words of stepping down to a Leader so devoted to this community and cause. I could see at the rally the effort put forth to bring it all together. Some things didn't quite work out, but I came away stronger, colder, wetter, but stronger. I'm sure all this has taken it's toll on BB's strength, he tires from have such a Compassionate Heart in a pain filled body. I Love him for the Man he is, and will follow him for his path is mine. Kingpinn,
  11. You amaze me Joe, you cast such a huge shadow, yet Shine a Brilliant Glowing Light. Thank You for filling me with this Wonderful sense Pride. You and Miss Shawn will always have a place in my heart and a safe haven in my home. Please, spread my Love.


  12. Thank You so much for being there. Cold, wet, and wonderful. Met so many ppl, hope you were one of them, would hate to think I missed someone? Santas_Helper
  13. Thank You to all who shared a smile, hand-shake, or some wonderfully warm hugs with me today. I still feel the pride, and a new found closeness with our family up in the north country. Our family grows faster than the names that I can remember, and for that I am sorry, and will try harder. Be safe with all you do, I pray all make the trip home safe and sound. As family goes, you folks are TOPS! Santas_Helper
  14. My friend, that's just PERFECT. Congrats to you Sir, and Thank You for the Light that You shine so brightly upon us all.
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