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  1. Truth is I did man up to my mistake ..... And I medicated cause my nausea kicked in and I wanted to enjoy the show not sit with my head down at a table. I know where I was wrong an I'm not tryi g to get out of anything ! What I am/was doing was simply trying to find out what may come of this. Also I'm a huge fighter for the cause I've been tommy protest and rally's and have educated tons of people about te benefits of cannabis so please don't put me in the category of abusing the law! My intensions where not to come on here and gather a group and fight but to try and find out what I may be fac
  2. I'm the card holder ...... Not him .....
  3. Since the officer couldn't get me for possession he got me for public intoxication ... Which apparently in the state of Mi is a misdemeanor ...... I dunno why it's so expensive .... And I've called several attorneys they are all in the same price range
  4. Spoke with an attorney today .... He feels he can get all charges dropped . That's a good thing ! Now to come up with $2000 fee for the attorney .....
  5. It's a misdemeanor ..... That's what it says on the ticket ..... And a mandatory court date .... The actual charge is miscellaneous misdemeanor violation disorderly person .... I also notice on the ticket it's marked as a violation of city ordinance
  6. Yes this is my first time ever being in trouble with the law. My biggest concern is there is no fine listed its a mandatory court date . Sadly I am usually very cautious just slipped up once . I would rather be honest and tell the truth but fear going to jail..... I'm a single dad I don't have anyone who could watch my son and what would my son think.... Any ways there's a million thoughts racing through my head . All I know is I'm scared no doubt an fear the worse and it doesn't help reading things online lol trying to do some research so I kinda know what to expect best I found is up to 90
  7. Thanks ...... I'm gonna call an attorney Mon before I call the courts . This stuff has my nerves bent .
  8. I'm not complaining.... I'm concerned .... I've never been in trouble before. Ya know I came on here looking for support ..... For advice. Not to be lashed out at. Thanks for that.....
  9. Yeah he got one also ... Exactly the same as mine Miscellaneous misdemeanor violation disorderly person ....
  10. I'm hoping it doesn't become a huge issue..... Like you said no evidence .... I'm just trying to get other opinions .... It's crushing my nerves ....
  11. Yeah he looked in my tin had a couple doobies gave it back... Buddy admired to smoking without a card .... No one was arrested he didn't see us smoking he searched me ... Wrote us both a civil sitation to appear in court ..... I gotta call Monday and set a date ...
  12. I just got a civil infraction to appear in court from a warren cop for smoking in the parking lot .....Miscellaneous misdemeanor violation disorderly person .... I was smoking with my drummer who I thought had his card..... I have to call Monday just wondering what am I looking at ..... He didn't arrest either of us and have me my stash back.... He didn't see anyone smoking just smelled it ..... My drummer jumped the gun and admired to smoking .... I just noded didn't answer any help or advice would be great I fear the worst
  13. I went through the same thing myself.... Was hire in ( no testing ) developed cubital tunnel in my right arm....my employer was aware I have my card Was sent to the clinic told them upfront about my card they made copies of it .... Week later I was terminated ... Said they are a zero tolerance company ..... Now I'm going through court battles over workers comp.... But reguardless I out of a job! And about to lose everything I have ... Even if I get a settlement it's so small it's only gonna pay the debt that's been created over the year I've been off work.... Oh and my doctor says I'm disa
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