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  1. @zapatosunidos ??? wouldn't these type adverts need to go in the Classified section? This is the 2nd one of this type I've come upon thus far. Where's the mods these days?
  2. Is this type of post allowed now? @zapatosunidos Is there anyone keeping house around here any more?
  3. I read and process information rather well thank you. I understand well enough that coconut oil is more of a protectant and has a low absorption rate. That's fine, cannabis absorbs just dandy on it's own. I am not sold on Emu oil as being superior. I find no conclusive evidence that is worthy of the additional cost. I am not going to take my information from a company that makes $$ selling the stuff either. Do you have stock in "The American Emu Association"? There are people who take issue with using animal fats (vegans, vegetarians) so, the Emu oil just isn't a viable so
  4. This is rather amusing and almost not worthy of response. Instead of attacking me for disagreeing... how about telling me just how this legalization will end prohibition et al? Never mind, I'll not be returning. I choose to spend time with people who think for themselves and see beyond the hype. Some folks apparently are happily drinking the koolaid, whilst I instead will abstain. This sort of behavior is how we have a president trump.
  5. I oppose and I am neither uninformed nor ill informed. Lot's of disinformation being pushed by legalization proponents through the media and the gp is gobbling it up with out doing any of their own research. Sad days to come. This initiative will neither "end prohibition" nor will it "stop" any arrests/ prosecutions/ incarcerations.
  6. Wow mal, really? People come here for information and discussions. Why bother being here if you do not want to "spend time answering stupid questions..."? What an insult to gary and all readers. This kind of attitude is why I rarely come here anymore. Shameful. On a personal note; Emu oil is uber expensive and in my research I find no conclusive evidence that it is worthy of the extra cost. I also prefer not to smear bird fat on my skin. I'll stick with coconut oil for the win.
  7. "Bernero said he wants council members to act swiftly on his proposed ordinance. Bernero's administration is expected to present council members a draft of the proposed ordinance on Monday night. Council's meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on the 10th floor of City Hall and is open to the public. "This is something we can move forward with and act now," Bernero said. In addition to Monday's meeting, council has two other meetings left this year: Nov. 28 and Dec. 12. The proposed ordinance would likely have to first be reviewed by council's three-member Committee on Public Safety and possibly t
  8. I have a sense that this will not turn out as his supporters expect.
  9. Go FL! Gee... imagine that... the people passed a constitutional amendment. Seems the people of FL don't have an issue with changing State constitution. But... the people of MI would never go for that (again), according to some agenda pushers.
  10. Maria Green 8th District MI Congress http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/50773-maria-green-for-mi-congress-8th-district/?p=560596
  11. Now, in response to the OP IMO... legalization... just say NO! Greedy scrumpin
  12. scrumpin haha... got it! It is the best cuss word replacement we have imho who who... who came up w/ that one? lol I bet we (members) could come up with some very interesting replacements haha. I have a few
  13. Haha, I have no post pertinent to the OP, I was testing the cuss filter lol. Since I'm unable to leave a blank reply... I was curious what @bax might have typed in to get 'scrumpin' Yeah, so sometimes I have to entertain myself Funny... f u c k e r s = guys with our filter, bahahahahaha.
  14. Wow, looks like another thread I'll stay out of. Before I bow out I must give accolades to Malamute and members of CPU. I can never thank you all enough.
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