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  1. I read and process information rather well thank you. I understand well enough that coconut oil is more of a protectant and has a low absorption rate. That's fine, cannabis absorbs just dandy on it's own. I am not sold on Emu oil as being superior. I find no conclusive evidence that is worthy of the additional cost. I am not going to take my information from a company that makes $$ selling the stuff either. Do you have stock in "The American Emu Association"? There are people who take issue with using animal fats (vegans, vegetarians) so, the Emu oil just isn't a viable solution in those instances. I felt that gary was legitimately trying to pick your brain and ya blew him off... that is why I was offended. He also directed his question to highlander yet you felt compelled to reply. I'm not sure what you mean by "What happened to you two?" And I sincerely don't even care. I'll not be back any time soon... so no reply is necessary. carry on.
  2. This is rather amusing and almost not worthy of response. Instead of attacking me for disagreeing... how about telling me just how this legalization will end prohibition et al? Never mind, I'll not be returning. I choose to spend time with people who think for themselves and see beyond the hype. Some folks apparently are happily drinking the koolaid, whilst I instead will abstain. This sort of behavior is how we have a president trump.
  3. I oppose and I am neither uninformed nor ill informed. Lot's of disinformation being pushed by legalization proponents through the media and the gp is gobbling it up with out doing any of their own research. Sad days to come. This initiative will neither "end prohibition" nor will it "stop" any arrests/ prosecutions/ incarcerations.
  4. Wow mal, really? People come here for information and discussions. Why bother being here if you do not want to "spend time answering stupid questions..."? What an insult to gary and all readers. This kind of attitude is why I rarely come here anymore. Shameful. On a personal note; Emu oil is uber expensive and in my research I find no conclusive evidence that it is worthy of the extra cost. I also prefer not to smear bird fat on my skin. I'll stick with coconut oil for the win.
  5. I was speaking with a cg who brought flowers into one of the shops I was visiting and in our conversation they mentioned one place having a buy one get one on concentrates that they were going to as said cg makes medibles and never has enough oil/ concentrates. I would think that if this was said that IMO at least that CG did not tumble the flowers PRE sale. I feel it is the dispensaries doing so after the acquiring from CG's.
  6. It makes sense that they are mechanically tumbled. I mean the bottom line is $$ and time is money. Mechanical is indeed quicker and saves on time. Thing is... ALL the flowers I've scoped so far @ 11 local shops are too super smooth on the surface. Calyx's broken off and trichomes missing. Beware of the tumble weed at dispensaries peoples.
  7. I do not watch television so... I have no clue what was said on 60 Minutes. A link would have been helpful. --- I have spoken with many mothers who hid their cannabis from their children and kept the 'safe' pharmaceuticals in the medicine cabinet. These children stole the easily accessible pharmas and now are battling opiate addiction. Unfortunately one of these children is my nephew. We (collectively) MUST end the war on drugs (cannabis).
  8. Kinda not cool to manipulate another persons post in a quote. Please do not perpetuate your opinion based on your very limited experience with moldy buds. These accusations are dangerous and are just the thing the commercial folks used against the pt/ cg system.
  9. I've had tightly hand manicured flowers, lightly hand manicured flowers and mechanically trimmed flowers. With lightly trimmed and mechanically trimmed I finish them out to my preference, removing sugar leaves down to the stem. I save those in the freezer until I have enough to make qwiso. One observation is that once the excess is removed the smoke is less harsh. I have also shown others how to remove these leaves and their opinion is the same... less harsh to smoke. As has been stated previously ... if cg and pt communicate and agree... that's all that matters. --- NOW... seeing "top shelf" (lol) flowers at a disp being sold at $100 per 1/4 that have dam sure been tumbled... BUYER BEWARE. Take a loupe and scope the buds if you must get your meds from a store front.
  10. The term "croppers" sounds kind of negative imho. I know caregivers who do not run a perpetual garden and I don't consider them 'croppers'.
  11. Yeah bax, I really thought I had posted it weeks ago. I was unable to attend this year unfortunately. Anyone go?
  12. I'm thinking there will not be many folks feeling the need to take bs.
  13. Welcome. I'm sorry to hear of your suffering and hope you find relief with cannabis. I personally do not want the Colorado model in MI. Looks like it's coming anyway, sigh.
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