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  1. that is the guy who I heard talking about it, and on other grow sites, maybe there was a link to what the bill was before it made it through passage and it got changed during the process?. It is so dumb to go about this and change the law permitting outdoor grows, and then make you put a top on a fence. Why would they list chain link, slat, etc? How do you put a top on a chain link fence? If you are out in the boonies like me, it is stupid and a waste. But if that is what I have to do, I'll do it, love the free sun! It looks like I'm buying another greenhouse. I'm sorry to have st
  2. Sorry this is so long, but I have experience..2 summers ago I had the experience of helicopter and then 8 cops at the outdoor grow. (some bayanet, some state police,)..They all waited there for 2 hours until I got there. Since my grow was in the middle of nowhere on very remote land no neighbors, the only way anyone would see it would be helicopter, so at least a helicopter can't get me this year, because it isn't stationary. I had grown 51 plants (caregiver for 5, so under limit in numbers) I had about 9 cut down and in my pole barn..they were wet so they didnt charge me with overage...
  3. Now that the legislature has okayed outdoor grows as long as your neighbor cannot see it from their property and it has to be an enclosed fence that doesn't need a top...does anyone know if a 5 foot chain link fence would be ok? they said chain link was ok, but didn't say anything about height, just that you can't dig under it (I will put fencing dug in the soil so animals can't burrow) I have 40 acres and my only neighbor is 20 acres away. My driveway is 1/4 mile in the woods, so very remote. I currently have my greenhouse surrounded by an 8' tall chain link covered in black landscape
  4. To all Ron Paul people remember this, he IS a republican, and even though he calls himself a libertarian, he isn't on women's reproductive rights. I love how this religious zealots go on and on about the constitution but forget about separation between church and state. Vote straight democratic ticket and get these crazies out of our bodies and lives.
  5. I signed up on your website, but it doesn't have a date for your canna market. I'm interested too
  6. They all are pretty fast. I hate stuff that takes forever. For starters, I would recommend white berry, as it is a short strain that is easy to grow, resists pests, finishes in approx 55 days. It depends on your grow room. Height/width, etc. white berry is short & bushy, the church & cole train is larger but very bushy and productive, takes 60 to 70 days. og's are tall & thi...

  7. oh so cool im , of course , looking for some fast strains ... i have a tremendous vault of seeds!! alot of bogs gear and resevoir ,ganash, etc....but just starting up and will have 36 plant limit for first round...

  8. I responded to your message, but not sure if it went to you as I'm not too familiar with this site yet. Just let me know if I need to re-send.

  9. HI, Do you know what kind you want and how many? I have cole train, og kush, og kush 18, twilight, the church, white berry available to clone. I use a hydroponic cloner, so I can keep it hydro, or transplant to a soiless mix so you can put it in whatever medium you like. My cloner makes awesome roots to get you started right.

  10. hi fluffy ! will be interested in some clones jan 15th or so when my card kicks in!!!!! pm for info if available

  11. I'm in the tricities. I have og kush, og 18, cole train, the church, white berry in the cloner now with super roots, need to be transplanted. Pm me if you are in the area.
  12. If you haven't found any yet, I have white berry, cole train, twilight, og kush, the church, violator kush. Organic bug free. Guaranteed to be what they say they are, as I started their parents from seed. Tri city area
  13. So these Republicans all lied saying they would create jobs, but all they have done while in office is to bust unions, enact abortion legislation & calling our medical marijuana law "chaos". Now Shuette has gone way too far. He wants the caregiver to have a separate locked facility for EACH PATIENT. He has made a brief allowing prosecutors to bring criminal charges against any caregiver who grows more than 12 plants in one facility. AG: 'Michigan Ought to be a Place Where We're Building Jobs not Pot Shops' permalink ---------------------------------------------------------
  14. You can definitely get ductless a/c cheaper than $6000. I got a 24,000 btu inverter model for $1000.00 and it had a 17 seer rating (very energy efficient). Do a search for mini split Or ductless air conditioner. You want the inverter style that works in low ambient temps. (so when it is cold outside, it still works) That generally means a seer rating of 16 or more. You also get tax credits for those too. If you are going to pay $6,000 and want true ease of installation and removal, go for the excelair stealth plug and play model. It is 5 ton, and you can install yourself. You can al
  15. please send info to tricitycaregiver@gmail.com Thanks
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