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  1. Can you grow in a dog kennel in your backyard yet ????
  2. This Guy is a real piece of work. He's the one that the Michigan Supreme Court had to slap down in my 5 year ordeal.Real piece of work
  3. I get nothing Matt blew me off. It was said right in court( And I had to do the saying) what I wanted and Matt didnt do anything . Must be he was looking out for Randy Hit and Run Colbry more that he was looking out for me. Not one dime did I recover
  4. Yeah let them take guys like me for 20,000 . And have a attorney blow me off then ask him to get me some damages for my dead plants .Nice little marijuana law we have here.Not to mention the grief they put upon me and my family.Its just a sad state of affairs
  5. I heard The Police are going to have road blocks and cavity searchs are in order. On a Michigan Road near you soon
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