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  1. lemons have been working i think haven't been sick, I got put back on blood pressure meds blood pressure is lower, also got ginger root extract. Have a carbon monoxide detector and no sewer gas, sleep apnea yes as a kid but my girlfriend says i still do, got a new doctor hopefully this one is better than the last one
  2. Thats a good idea, i went though lemon eating phase about a year ago, one lemon a day and i dont remember getting sick when i was eating them. gonna get some ginger root candy also thanks Restorium and tpain
  3. Just hanging in there. It's cool your still on here made me happy to see
  4. Never feel sick after smoking, smoking makes me feel better when i'm sick but if i keep smoking after I get sick its a everyday 4 to 6 hours of being sick when I wake up ,It always starts in the morning when it happens. I'll try to describe what it feels like it's a stomach ace with nausea and what feels like high blood pressure and hard core anxiety symptoms heavy breathing, then comes the thowing up, and hot showers help useally takes a week to feel better. I didn't know what was wrong for years, every time i'd end up in the hospital i'd wish they'd find something and do surgery. Ive had lots of cat scans and a camera put down my throat they couln't find anything but the hernia i got from thowing up. I'm gonna smoke less and see what happens.
  5. Hey Bob hope you are doing well almost 10 years
  6. Thinking ill try not medicating everyday use to have a high tolerance this might be rough though
  7. Finally got some Zofran from a different doctor in the building. I stay pretty hydrated no opiods, I've herd about the benafits of ginger for chs drank lots of cannadian dry last few years. I do suffer from acid reflulx and have a heladial hernia. How much is to much to smoke in a day I'm wondering I smoke maybe close to an eighth a day sometimes less like 3 joints. I've gotten sick from vaporizing to but way worse after it hit me took a little longer than smoking joints.
  8. Ive been dealing with chs sense 2012 was in the emergence room last night for dehydration nausea vomiting. Theres nothing they can do about it. It causes me to have sever anxiety nausea vomiting and hours in the hot shower. Ive devoted so much time into medical use of cannabis but its time for me to hang it up. Ive been in the hospital more times than i can remember this time the hospital and my doctor refused to perscibe me nausea medication. CHS IS REAL I've had all kinds of tests for other stuff they try to make me go to mental health for the anxiety but that's it.
  9. Yea Barrny Fife pulled me over the other night serched my truck with no concent to serch foind some meds in a airtight bottle I don't smoke in the car and didn't even smoke that day. Any way he ended up being ok he baisicly told me he could f me over if he wanted take me to jail for druged driving knew about the Koon case and everything told me to be carefull. I get serched every time I get pulled over ive made cops get dogs they always serch the veical with out concent also, last time I checked Im not a piece of bunny muffin.
  10. jason j

    New Job...drug Test!

    One time I used crushed up mega man vittamin just ran it through a wash cloth a few times to get the chunks out worked fine kept it in my sock and made sure it was warm never droped a dirty
  11. I'm surprized it took this long for you, I've been burned out a few times. Stay strong your diffinentlly a fighter and have helped many thanks
  12. I'd like to be banned seems like to much work
  13. jason j

    About The Digitalnomad

    Your a valuable person to this community thanks for the support you gave me when I was in court I think you were Soundless back then
  14. jason j

    The Defense Of The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act

    i loved the pic of you medicating