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    Sunny dale trailer park in canada would be good
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  1. Just hanging in there. It's cool your still on here made me happy to see
  2. Yea Barrny Fife pulled me over the other night serched my truck with no concent to serch foind some meds in a airtight bottle I don't smoke in the car and didn't even smoke that day. Any way he ended up being ok he baisicly told me he could f me over if he wanted take me to jail for druged driving knew about the Koon case and everything told me to be carefull. I get serched every time I get pulled over ive made cops get dogs they always serch the veical with out concent also, last time I checked Im not a piece of bunny muffin.
  3. jason j

    New Job...drug Test!

    One time I used crushed up mega man vittamin just ran it through a wash cloth a few times to get the chunks out worked fine kept it in my sock and made sure it was warm never droped a dirty
  4. I'm surprized it took this long for you, I've been burned out a few times. Stay strong your diffinentlly a fighter and have helped many thanks
  5. I'd like to be banned seems like to much work
  6. jason j

    About The Digitalnomad

    Your a valuable person to this community thanks for the support you gave me when I was in court I think you were Soundless back then
  7. i loved the pic of you medicating
  8. jason j

    Help, Where Do I Go From Here.

    Ed Czuprynski is a excellent attorney he's in Bay city
  9. jason j

    Life Without My Daughter

    I guess so hopefully they can take care of it. one day at a time
  10. jason j

    Life Without My Daughter

    check your email
  11. jason j

    Folks I Finally Won One!

    Nice to hear your luck is changing I was just thinking about your cases today good luck on the rest
  12. jason j

    People Vs Redden - All Noted Court Material To Date

    Let me know to I'll be there I have a vehicle now
  13. jason j

    People Vs Redden - All Noted Court Material To Date

    Time to make Bob Redden and Torey Clark are Medical Marijuana Patients T Shirts to wear at trial darn you've been in court too long