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  1. For exact temperatures and remedies visit the following website: www.nk-inc.com/vape.aspx Notice the stimulant molecules release from 312F and to 348F; while, sedative molecules release from 365F to 435F. During the day you can use the stimulant properties; and at night you can the sedative properties.
  2. FYI: During the course of the day; I will start off at a low temp setting and never turn the temp back down using the same material. Depending how spent the molecules are; I may take a couple sessions at each temp setting. I usually take a single session; then I go back a couple hours later and start a new session at a higher temp.
  3. Titrate in medicine means "to continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or drug dosage)." Vapes equipped with an electronic thermostat make it much easier to measure, adjust and control the release of certain terpenes and Cannabinoids. SESSIONS & TEMPS: 1) During my first session with the plant material, I set the temp to 315F so it releases the first set of THC-Delta9 molecules. 2) The next session with the same material; I set the temp at 320F to release the CBD molecules. 3) Then the third and final session I set the temp to 349F; so it releases
  4. It's a sad state when Russian and Canadian cannabis laws are more lenient than ours.
  5. I believe you are absolutely correct; because, it appears greed is the main capricious force behind the tolerance by states. Schedule I drugs can't be prescribed since they have no medical value; so, even if research is conducted and certain compounds are found to be beneficial, the whole plant will never be federally regulated. Patenting certain compounds targeting specific ailments and fleecing people at >$10 each pill is how pharmaceutical companies make their profits. If an unknown plant was newly discovered in the Himalayan mountains having the same potential to cure and treat a pletho
  6. WHY IT'S SCHEDULE I: "Red Herring by the legalization movement..." The "truth" slips out after more than two hours of testimony Drug Caucus Senate Hearing on Barriers to Cannabidiol Research. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYOcDouVkG4&t=138m36s
  7. "just Say No" To CabbageRIP - Nancy - July 6, 1921 - March 6, 2016 (aged 94) Original Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nancy_Reagan Nancy Reagan launched the "Just Say No" cabbage awareness campaign in 1982, which was her primary project and major initiative as first lady.[11] Nancy first became aware of the need to educate young people about cabbage during a 1980 campaign stop in Daytop Village, New York.[114] She remarked in 1981 that "Understanding what cabbage can do to your children, understanding peer pressure and understanding why they turn to cabbage is ... the first step i
  8. Is NASA Probing Uranus? In 2015 NASA set aside $2 Billion dollars for plans to probe deeper than no man has gone before; yet, big brother can't get the lead out of its own empire. Flint is only the tip of the iceberg. The toxic polluted water people use to cook, clean, and drink would explain the visible atrophic decay seen throughout our cities and the surrounding areas. The health of the people of our great nation far outweigh the benefits of seeking signs of intelligent life within the deep bowels of the giant gassy void. Next time you get a complimentary glass of fresh tap water at a r
  9. SATIRE - TRUMPOLL: Trump leading Pope Francis by over twenty points The latest Trumpoll indicates Donald Trump leading the Pope by well over 20 points. His ego was recently measured by astronauts aboard the ISS and determined to be soooo H-U-G-E, really really H-U-G-E, it surpassed the size of the Catholic Church. In the end the latest political advertisements slaying the Pope were ultimately too effective against the will of the people. After his Holiness’s confessions were secretly recorded and leaked into the global media by anonymous Trump supporters, Papa Francis submitted his final r
  10. Feel free to checkout this interesting website I discovered while researching ways to create a DYI vape. This method is genius; but, it's steep learning curve only makes it practical for the technically inclined. Warning: Do not attempt to fabricate this device while medicated. RaspberryHigh - The DIY Vaporizer using the RaspberryPi Mini-Computer http://raspberryhigh.wikia.com/wiki/Raspberryhigh_Wiki
  11. To me, it is a lot of money; because, I am on a fixed budget. I feel the few health benefits don't outweigh the price unless it's substantially more efficient and I'm saving money by not combusting. I saw some cheaper used ones posted on eBay.com; but, the warranty only covers the original owner who bought it at the Storz and Bickel store. I think the cheaper ones listed as "New" condition are probably manufactured from China; and all the ones that I saw contained a no refund and no return policy. So either I get it at Storz and Bickel or I don't get it at all. I need someone who has used this
  12. Do you have Plenty Vape experience? I am considering a new vape in the near future. Please let me know what your experience was with the Plenty Vape by Storz & Bickel. PLEASE RATE THE PLENTY 1-5 (5 being the best) Flavor: Cloud Density: Draw resistance: Ease of Use: Warm-up Times: Efficiency (more/less than combustion): Craftsmanship: Maintenance (cleaning): Durability (repairs): Cost: Longevity:
  13. The only useful information I found on the web was @ the following website: ROOTS OF CALI | State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Advertising Regulations http://www.rootsofcali.org/state-by-state-guide-to-cannabis-advertising-regulations/#michigan The link states: Michigan: "There are currently no restrictions on advertising (although there are restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries) in Michigan. For more information, please refer to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program."
  14. ATTN: Legal-Eagles Is it illegal at the state or federal level to provide web design services for MMJ businesses in Michigan? I saw a youtube video where Bob Lazar, the UFO guy, was prosecuted for setting up a computer network for a brothel in Las Vegas; and, I'm curious if someone could be prosecuted if they were to provide a form of advertising such as web design or other computer services for MMJ businesses in Michigan. Bob Lazar Court Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkuhg1FryNU Thank you!
  15. I feel your pain with the doctors. I moved to Traverse City from Metro Detroit a couple years ago. I quickly found out all the doctors associated with Munson Health Centers in Northern Michigan can't write recommendations due to hospital policy. The only docs in Northern Michigan that write recommendations are those that travel from their main offices out of Lower Michigan. I was able to travel back to Metro Detroit to renew my recommendation. I find hospitals who descriminate against medical marijuana users are in violation of the Medical Marijuana Act and they should be prosecuted. It's very
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